Brand Logos and What They Communicate

12 Famous Brand Logos and What They Communicate

Any major brand in today’s era strives to be the first choice among the consumers, for which they work on three major aspects: firstly, their product, their identity to the audience and their principles for which they stand for. These three aspects are the key ingredients in the formation of their Logos. A lot of thinking and creativity goes into making a Logo, so that the viewers can easily relate to the brand image, just by a mere glance at the logo.

The following stories depict how renowned logos have helped to build the renowned brand:

famous brand logos and what they communicate

8 Famous Brand Slogans and The Stories Behind Them

We live in this amazing universe of advertisements and marketing. Brands all over the world, regardless of how enormous or how little they are, are utilizing mottos to emerge out and be bigger. We are for the most part acquainted with surely understood taglines, for example, ”Im lovin it” of McDonald’s and ”Think different” of Apple, however, do we really know the narratives behind them?

We’ve assembled the accounts of some of the most celebrated brands and the history behind their notable trademarks.

mistakes avoid for rebranding

Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Rebranding

Depending on who you ask, rebranding can either be a roaring success or a disastrous setback (ask GAP). Many brands have transitioned successfully to a new avatar; Apple captured the attention of the world with its minimalistic approach, Burberry successfully moved away from its ‘gang-wear’ tag and now finds a place in Emma Watson’s wardrobe!

However, disasters are not unheard of when a company tries to rebrand itself. PepsiCo spent over a billion dollars to rebrand its flagship soft beverage, Pepsi. The results were, for the absence of a better word, lacklustre.

As GAP and PepsiCo learnt it the hard way, it takes more than tweaking the logo to rebrand a company successfully. The line between success and failure is a thin one, as there is no standard rulebook to follow. Rebranding mistakes are always around the corner, and they can prove to be costly.

So, let’s take a brief look at some of the more common mistakes that innumerable companies make while trying to rebrand themselves.

steps build brand identity

Steps to Building a Brand Identity

We live in interesting times. This is because on one side we startups around the world growing faster than ever, which is certainly good for society, but then there is also a massive competition in the industry which makes it difficult for the budding entrepreneurs to rise and shine.

You are a passionate entrepreneur who just wants to change the world with your innovative products and services. But you don’t know how you can survive the competition.

The truth is that you can do more than survive- you can establish a game-changing company. However, that’s only possible with a powerful brand identity.

What is a brand identity? How do you create one?

Brand identity is how your brand is perceived by the public. It’s comprised of a variety of things viz. logo, graphics, color palette, brand voice, etc. Even the interactions that your brand has with the customers define the brand identity. Thus, it’s important that you learn how to create a positive brand identity that support’s the organization’s growth and revenue.

building a brand identity

The following are the 8 steps to creating a strong brand identity: