how to use meme marketing

Meme Marketing: How to Use it in Your Brand Promotion

how to use meme marketing

If you’ve ever broken into a titter after watching a captioned forward from a friend on your social media feed, you have already become a part of the social media meme marketing movement.

Comprising mainly of videos that have the potential to tickle your funny bone and other ‘influencer content’ meme marketing on social media has become a common currency content on social media, observes a Forbes author.

And they need not always be funny. Brand memes or personalised memes are compelling pieces of content that have the potential to go viral across world wide web with a use of a clever caption. It thus has two main components –an image and an eye-grabbing caption. “They can be pictures someone posts that pick up interpretation and commentary as they travel the internet eventually becoming a running inside joke,” says the author of an article on wixblog.

challenges of marketing services

Challenges of Marketing Creative Services & How to Overcome Them

The number one challenge most marketers face today is to develop creative and innovative campaigns that make them stand out in the market. This does increase the demand for creative professionals; but it also brings with it, a sense of urgency and a need to collaborate with the clients, which is the toughest part.

The amount of incoming requests that come in and the strict deadlines associated with them make it very difficult for creative teams to manage their projects efficiently. This gives lesser and lesser time for creative companies to market their services efficiently.

Making beautiful design projects that impress their clients is not the only job of creative agencies. They also have to respond to emails, pour through spreadsheets and worry about their revenue.

They have quite a few challenges that they need to overcome when it comes to marketing their services.Here is a low down on some of these with ways to solve them:

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