Top 10 Best Wallpaper Brands in India

When it comes to the beauty and the interior of your house, you would certainly not like to compromise with any aspect of it. The walls of your house have a lot to say about your taste. Starting from the paint, the color, and the texture, everything tends to play a big role in enhancing the aesthetic value of your house.

Digital printing on the walls to give it a unique look has been so much on trend these days. But, since this might go a little heavy on your pockets, the best replacement can be ‘wallpapers’.

Wallpaper brands in India:

999 stores:

This is a very environment-friendly wallpaper brand. This offers some of the best-printed wallpapers with some rich designs. This brand will offer you all kinds of designs including abstract designs, geometric print or a serene scenery.

Here you will be spellbound with the variety of availability of the wallpapers at 999 stores. Moreover, the wallpapers are easily installable as well as removable. They are one of the best-ranked sellers of PVC resin wallpapers and you might remain spoilt of choices with this brand.

Additionally, the offer a massive price range for their products. The prices can be as low as 399 and as high a 49,500INR, inclusive of all taxes.



This is a well-known and one of the reputed brand of self-adhesive wallpapers. They will offer you plenty of choices to buy from their wide range of beautifully printed wallpapers. All the wallpapers that you will find to this brand, are completely moisture resistant and has some anti-oil attributes.

This brand offers you an exclusive range of lucrative wallpapers having some outstanding décor ideas. These wallpapers will also fit your stipulated budget. The prices that the brand offers may vary from a range of INR 269 to 299.

The various themes that you get here include abstracts, animals, kids and babies, botanical, floral, geometric, nature, romance, etc.


Kayra Décor:

This brand can definitely fit your choice and budget both if you are looking for some exclusive range of reusable brand of wallpapers.

The products that they offer might spruce up the interior of your home in an aesthetic way that will leave the visitors spellbound. The brand “Kayra Décor” wallpapers offer you a huge variety of styles and patterns.

The exclusive collection of wallpapers of this brand will let you give a swanky look to the bedroom or a new makeover to your living space. The price of the wallpapers from this brand can be anything between 1399 to 3499 INR.


100 yellow:

This is a very popular brand of designer wallpaper. The extra-ordinary collection of various wallpapers from this brand will give a whole new look to your living space.

The quality of the wallpapers that they offer is something that you can rest assured of. Their products are waterproof, durable and beautiful. These wallpapers will be free from any kind of lackluster over a prolonged period of time.

Most of the wallpapers from their collection come with a matte finish. These can be a perfect fit for your bedroom, office, restaurants, lounge, café, etc. The product price may vary from a range of 199 to 1399.


Happy walls:

This leading wallpaper brand comes with a popular brand of wallpaper that comes with a lot of variety and patterns, prints and designs.

The designs can be of anything like brick walls, abstract print, floral or botanical prints. Also, this brand uses some versatile themes and colors that is abound to add a tinge of extraordinary touch to your interiors.

This is a completely PVC free brand of wallpapers that help you remain kind to the environment. The price range can be anything between 199 and 399.



This is one of the highest-ranking brands in India when it comes to dimensional stability. This is a vinyl wallpaper brand. This offers some exclusive and amazing features of the wallpapers.

The wallpapers are flame-resistant, washable, and also are easily installable. These wallpapers lack in absolutely no aspect. These extremely durable wallpapers can easily last you 4 to 7 years. The exclusive price range that you may find in this brand is from INR 350to 1900.



This is a pioneering brand having an amazing collection of waterproof wallpapers. These easily installable and removable wallpapers have been superbly crafted by the reputed brand, “Saga”.

Eco-friendly PVC vinyl has been used to prepare this exclusive range of wallpapers. You can use these wallpapers in your kitchen, living room, bedroom as well as in your office space. The prices might vary from 149 INR to 399 INR.


Paper plane design: 

Decorate your home with the most beautiful collection of wallpapers from the most popular brand called the “paper plan design”. The paper pan designs the wallpaper in such a way that you will have a feeling like these wallpapers are exclusively made for your house.

Along with unique designs, vibrant colors and the use of various non-toxic materials, your office-space and your lounge area might get a whole new look. Another add up to its allure is the ‘easy installation’.



This renowned brand of wallpapers can be a perfect fit for the interior of your house, office, restaurant or café.

All the wallpapers that they make are made up of some non-toxic materials that can be a perfect addition to your home décor to make your place of living a better one. You will get an exclusive price range for its products. The prices can be anything starting from 499 to 1999.



You can give an exclusive makeover to your living room, bedroom, and kitchen and this will turn your home a beautiful place to live in. Ritzy is a well-known and pretty reputed brand that makes premium quality wallpapers that stick to your walls with absolutely no hassles. Also, if you want to remove it in the future for a replacement, it will leave no scar on your walls. You can rest assured that this brand will meet all needs in terms of both quality and availability.

All the above brands that have been mentioned above, are those where you will find some exclusive collection of wallpapers to meet all requirements, including budget and taste.

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