Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Wall Putty brands in India

Top 10 Best Wall Putty brands in India


Top 10 Best Wall Putty brands in India

Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Wall Putty brands in India

Everybody looks for the best quality of interiors for a better stand of living. And, for getting a decent paint on the walls of your home, you must have to apply the wall putty that offers an amazing finishing so that your paint does look like a perfect final touch.

Wall putty is dedicated to applying on the inner walls rather than the outer ones. Hence, for this, you must be looking for the best wall putty. We all have known that there are a plethora of wall putties in the market.

Wall Putty brands in India

However, you must go for the ones that are reliable. Hence, for this, we have come up with some of the best brands from which you can pick anyone:


Want to play the safe side? You are aware of the fact of how reputed Birla is. This brand is capable of providing access to an improved and enhanced performance on the basis of a number of factors. The major qualities of their wall putty are the coverage, water resistance, bonding, durability, and finish. Birla offers putty that is based on white cement. Moreover, the water-resistance property makes it more reliable. 

  • Performs well against water.
  • Resists flaking.
  • There are not any cons.


JK Cement

JK is one of the best brands that offer quality putty in India. As a matter of fact, wall putty from JK can be one of the best alternative solutions for all your problems. This putty is the best solution if you are looking for alkali-resistant primers and paints.

JK assures you with a smooth finish. It impresses with its quick and impeccable setting is capable of helping you with a fast process for painting. In fact, the performance is long-lasting. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of JK wall putty:

  • The shelf life has an improvement.
  • It is amazingly smoother and white.
  • It is difficult to clean.



Have you been looking for the most appropriate alternative solution for not only the internal but also external walls? Iris can be the best choice for this. Though you might not have heard of this brand, we assure you great satisfaction if you invest in this brand. We can say that it is one of the best wall putty brands in India.

You can get this putty in an amorphous state. In fact, it is the best choice for any kind of wall repair necessities. 

  • You will be getting a smoother experience.
  • It takes the least time to dry.
  • If you have walls that contain water seepage, it might not be a good choice.


Bird white

Yet another underrated brand that offers impeccable wall putty. It provides a cement-based wall putty that is synthetic. It is an excellent choice that can fulfill your needs. Moreover, the quality of the product is quite overwhelming. While there is some kind of difficulties you might face at the time of applying it on areas with issues regarding the water seepage.


  • Offers you an excellent smoothness.
  • Saves your paint consumption


  • An expensive price tag.


V V Paints

The best of the wall putty’s in India the brand has got to itself all what is required to make it large. V V paints come in a ready mixed-format alongside with a water-based construction.

The wall putty’s that V V Paints offers takes the best care of your wall as well as provide a great lustrous to it. It is the biggest brand of wall putty’s available in India and is reliable in taking care of all issues of your wall. These type of wall putties goes well with painted as well as plastered walls. The ingredients present in these putties is helpful in taking care of every irregularity in the wall.  



  •  It provides better space coverage 
  •  It reduces the consumption of paint.
  •  It engrosses your wall with much more engrossed shades and colors.


  • There are no such cons available for V V Paints


Asian Paints

This Indian multinational corporation ranges among the best of the construction material that could be available for any of the infrastructure. With its headquarters in Mumbai, the brand is the most engrossing in production of wall putties.

Asian paints are widely acknowledged for providing the best of the cemented putties. They work well both on painted as well as fabricated walls. Founded in the year of 1942 the brand has got revenue of around 158 billion dollars.


  • The wall putties of Asian paints fit any outlook and any structure.
  • It firmly reduces the consumption of paint 
  • It provides a wider space coverage 


  • As Asian paints are the most engrossing company since covering almost 50 years of trusted business there are no such cons of it.



This ranges among the most trusted brand in the manufacturing of infrastructures. The company was founded in 2006 and is now the best of the functional companies in India. The wall putties manufactured under Walplast is the best of the choices that any consumer could ever think of.

It is solely comprised of a whole lot of ingredients providing the best of the lustre to the walls. Walplast is widely acknowledged all across India by constructors as the most durable of the wall putties. Walplast engrosses in the best of the technologies and testing processes in the manufacturing of wall putties, 


  • It induces the best of the technologies into making wall putties.
  • Their wall putties are quite more durable.
  • It reduces the consumption of paint.


  • The only con of Walplast is as it is newly formulated brand the ingredients could have been of much better quality.



Another of the most internationally acclaimed brand creating exquisite architecture is none other than Dulux.  Dulux presents with the best of the wall putties with better quality ingredients as well as hard and fibrous.

Founded in 1931 the brand is best to acknowledge in manufacturing of infrastructure paint as well as wall putties. Dulux is one of the oldest brands and is the most trustable one when it comes to wall putties as well as wall paints.


  • Provides with the most durable wall putties.
  • The wall putties are quite lustrous as well as quite well designed
  • The wall putties reduce the consumption of paints


  • In-home service is not as efficient as it should have been.


Simco Paints

This belongs to another of the most trusted brand in the manufacturing of wall putty. The headquarters of Simco is in Maharashtra as well as in Khopoli. The wall putties under Simco are the most durable as well as quite innovative in strength and flexibility. The key strengths of the wall putties produced under Simco Paints are adhesive, durable and compatible.


  • Wall putties are adhesive, durable and compatible


  • There stands no In house service for Simco Paints   


Nippon paints 

This is another of the Japanese manufacturing company predominant in the production of wall putties and wall paints. Founded in 1881, its headquarters are in Osaka, Japan. The wall putties manufactured under this banner is best in creating durable and adhesive ones.  


  • The wall putties are adhesive and reduces the consumption of paints 


  • The wall putties are not as exquisite as it should be. 

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