Top 10 Best Tiles Cleaner brands in India

The days have gone when people were habituated as well as satisfied with their old black and white cement build floor. Nowadays people want to have jaw-dropping floors, as it may rise fanciness of their home.

For that reason, they decorate their home with beautiful decorative tiles. But the jovial state ends when the matter of cleaning comes in front of them.

Tiles Cleaner brands in India

Below mentioned top selected brands will help people to stains from the floor. Besides that, with the help of these tiles cleaner, they can turn their old tiles as new and fresh as it can be.


From the time when all the cleaning brands aroused in India, starting from that period, Dettol is one of the superior brands in India that offers all the cleaning items such as soap,  hand washes liquids, surface cleaning and many more. Thus they have one of the finest tiles cleaners in India. Customers are very happy and satisfied with the product’s service. 

They guarantee 100 percent germ-killing assurance, dust free surface. Moreover, they offer 100 hundred times illness-free hygiene in your home in comparison to early cleaning stages. In addition to that, they provide multipurpose benefits such as care for surface, aroma maintenance that can be useful for your whole life.

Several medical authorities recommend their products at an extended rate. Also, they have associated with many online platforms that can give you many benefits.



Are you the person who is a freak for cleaning? Then Lysol would be the best brand for cleaning choice for your flooring. Lizol is one of the top brands that offers a range of products for cleaning your floor. Most importantly, their products offer a guarantee to kill germs almost 99.9% germs.

 Also, it removes all the yellow and black stains from your house and they claim that their product is ten times more effective than other home cleaning products. Another benefit of the brand is that it provides a ten times thicker cleaning base than other products. Also, the Indian medical association recommends the product for blossoming your floors.



 Harpic is one of the top brands in India, which’s name now became synonymous with the cleaning product. When people imagine the cleaning of their house, they always remember the name of Harpic. Thus this has become one of the top measures to erase all disinfection from the house.

It also cleans all the deadly and old stains from your tiles.  In addition to that, those who use it very regularly, experience keen fragments in the whole house. Not only has that it given the unbeatable experience of freshness in your home.

Beyond killing germs, cleaning substances removes stains from your home. But before using this application into your floors, always distribute some spot check on your floor, so that you can get the absolute benefit of the product.



 According to the top cleaning experts in India Presto is one beneficial cleaning product in the Indian market. This product also offers a 99.99% germ-killing resilience. There are many old cleaning products that fail to remove thick and old cleaning base, such as the strains made by the coffee, soy sauce, ketchup, olive oil, etc. 

But, this cleaning item is able to erase all the deadly stains and turns your floor as fresh that you can’t even imagine. Another benefit of the band is, it splits the jasmine fragments and aroma in your house. Of course easy to use. Also, it keep safety for your hands. You can use this item in different kind of surfaces such as ceramic, granite, mosaic, marble



A massive, outstanding and wondrous product that cleans your house without any doubt. At a glance, it provides the five-step killing formula that cleans the floor in an extensive way. Beyond that this product kills 99.9 % of the germs of your house. 

Only brands that give the solution for tiles in a cost-effective and authentic manner. Until and unless you do not purchase the product, you will not be able to understand how much benefit you can receive after buying the product.

Especially, if you are beholder of the costly tile floors, then, their variety of the cost-effective range of products which are specially designed to glorify the costly tiles, which may lure you. On the basis of the customer experience, we can say that it is one of the topmost cleaning brand in the market.



Are you astonished after hearing that even the tiles can be made without acid and bleach? If yes, then we can say that, of course, cleansol is such a type of brand that is almost mineral acid-free and free from the bleach. More its powerful active foam formula removes the limestone very easily. 

Besides that, this formula is made with no fumes. Beyond killing germs, it removes the hard water deposit, soap scum, urinary salts, rust, etc from your home. It’s a chemical-free base with its mild composition secures your tiles grout and glaze in comparison to the other acid-based cleaning products.

You can get the best results when you keep the base undiluted for tough and hard scales tiles scrubbing. Moreover, it is totally safe for rough uses such as tap works, showerheads, bathtub works.



This is one of the top brands found in the Indian market that you can use for cleaning your tiles. Formally it is known for instant cleaning ceramic, with its strong formula base. Your old, destroyed and even unclean tiles are easily cleaned by this brand.

You can find this brand in various retail shops and also other places such as shopping malls, popup stores including many online sites. 

Another benefit of the product is that it is very cost-effective in comparison to other brands. Cleans all the tough stains from your ceramics and the tiles. Also, it is very safe to use on various kinds of surfaces. If you are frustrated with your heavy scale cleaning then it may relax you. It is an affordable product that can save your expense of cleaning.



You will be really astonished after knowing that even your tiles cleaning items can be organic. Kolan is one of the top brands which is made of all organic substances. It is the toughest natural tiles cleaner that can give you the organic essence for your home. 

This product is a total, chemical-free, rinse-free, multi-enzyme formula. It is totally biodegradable and totally noon corrosive, non-caustic, ammonia and chlorine, etc. free. This is very safe for your children, as well as yourself too.

This non-flammable item helps you erase all the dirt from your house. If you apply these brand’s products consistently in your tiles, then your tiles will be a virus, germs, and bacteria-free.



 Cif is another fruitful brand for cleaning your home tiles. According to some of the experts and the customers, it is the world’s one of the best leading brands that clean your surface with a profound responsibility. You can use this substance in your home, kitchen, bathrooms and dining rooms and many more.  Also it removes the dirt from your home without much effort.

 Cif, continuously cleans your surface, makes its silky and as shiny as it was at the time of making. Moreover, unlike other cleaners it will not damage the grace of your tiles. Whereas the other brand may not be able to give that kind of assurance for your product in terms of keeping your tiles grace.



 Roff is another massive tiles cleaning brand that gives the executive tiles leaning service to the Indian mass. People adored this brands’ product. One of the best reasons that people admired this product, as it gives a beautiful fragment in your house, which mesmerizes then.

Furthermore, very few brands can be compared with the cleaning capacity of this brand. Besides that, the brand is also very cost effective and you can buy this brand’s products with a limited amount of money.

  As we know, tile cleaner is an essential item if it is subjected to the cleaning aspect of our house.  It helps to maintain the hygiene of the house. In this article, we have discussed all the top tiles cleaning brands that make your tiles adorable. This articulated article helps to know about your tiles cleaning items also, may help you to select your home’s tiles cleaner.

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