Top 10 Best Tiles Adhesive Brands in India

It is one of the important aspects of choosing the correct title adhesive to install your tiles on the floor and walls. It is one of the most essential parts to build the interior décor inside the home choosing the right type of adhesive can result in better fittings in the interior.

Tiles Adhesive Brands in India

The article will help you to understand to choose the best tile adhesive brand. The following tile brand adhesives are given below: 

Roff Tile Adhesives

ROFF, the Tile & Stone Fixing Expert is from the house of Pidilite Industries Limited, known for its stellar brands like Fevicol & Fevikwik. The tile adhesive range from Roff has advanced technology developed with global proficiency and adheres to both latest Indian & European technical standards.  

With pan-India presence, Roff focuses on prompt service through on-site consultation and product recommendation. Roff also trains contractors and applicators across the country on the latest tile fixing trends, guaranteeing quality and durability of your Floors & Walls.     

Asian paints tile adhesive 

Asian paint is one of the famous paint brands and they sell tile adhesive in the market. Asian paint smart care tile adhesive made from a single element of cement-based polymer adhesive that helps in fixing and fittings of tiles on walls and floors.

The adhesive help both in the exterior and in the interior of the wall and floor. The adhesive takes one hour to dry out and hold the tile to the floor and wall together. The validity of the adhesive is for twelve months after opening the pack. 

Dulux tile adhesive  

Dulux is one of the famous brands and they manufacture tile adhesive and sell it to the market. It makes some working memories of 8 hours once blended, an inclusion of roughly 5m2 utilizing a 10mm indented trowel and can be grouted following 24 hours.

Dulux helps in quick setting adaptable dark glue reasonable for earthenware, porcelain, mosaics and normal stone, (for example record) in wet or dry parts of the wall and floor.  

Fevicol tile adhesive

Fevicol is one of the famous brands in India for its adhesive products. Moreover, the brand started selling tile adhesive as Fevi Seal in the market. Here and there called natural mastic or cement, tile mastic is a clingy tile cement that comes in premixed tubs.

It is best for applications in dry territories, for example, dividers in kitchens and living zones. Fevicol tile adhesive is a water-based acrylic adhesive that is not damp the structure and safe or warmth safe. 

Dr. Fixit tile adhesive

Dr. Fixit is a well known adhesive brand in the global stage it is also famous in India also. One of the major aspects of the adhesive is to hold the tile within a few hours.

Moreover, the adhesives are waterproof in nature it protects the tile fitting from entering moisture. The tile adhesive is a strong polymer of cement used by Dr. Fixit. The power use by the brand is powerful that helps in the fittings of the tiles. 


MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesive is a plant made cementations dry powder that blended in with water or unique fluid added substance to shape a glue.

MYK LATICRETE flimsy set of adhesive which has high holding quality can utilize for remodels without the problem of breaking the current tiles on the floor or divider. It has great grip impacts, solid vertical stream obstruction, and the development can be through.

Saint-Gobain Weber tile adhesive

Saint-Gobain Weber is a famous tile adhesive brand in India. The brand provides prepared blended tile adhesive that is perfect for inner activities for tiling onto dividers.

Our range incorporates items with more noteworthy protection from dampness, more grounded securities, and additional adaptability. The adhesive range includes mold grouts tile and silicon-based adhesive for the tiles. 

Fosroc India tile adhesive

The brand frameworks are handily applied, practical and have the demonstrated innovation to guarantee long haul strength. Regardless of whether it is artistic tiles or characteristic stone, inside or out, private or business, enormous foundation solid holding or significantly submerged fixing, you can trust Fosroc to convey the correct arrangement.

Our range additionally incorporates self-leveling underlay items for tiling applications in business, private and mechanical undertakings.

BASF India Ltd tile adhesive

BASF adhesive Tile 35 is an exceptional polymer altered, cementations tile cement with upgraded adaptability and bond quality, completely conforming to Indian Standards.

BASF adhesive tile 35 gives solid attachment to solidify/sand screeds, in-situ, pre-thrown, circulated air through cement and brickwork. The adhesive use for with artistic tiles and mosaics for fittings in walls and floors.

Tigonis tile adhesive

Tigonis Tile Adhesive is a prepared to-utilize premium quality cement with uncommon holding quality and is made of polymers and changed dark and white concrete for fixing a wide range of clay and vitrified tiles on floors, surfaces, and dividers.

It is generally accessible all over eastern India. Tigonis one of the leading brands in the current market in terms of tile adhesive. 

Huntsman Corporation tile adhesive

Huntsman Advanced Materials offers a total scope of elite glues for the mechanical and shopper advertises under the renowned Araldite brand. The brand glues have been the glue scope of the decision in an immense assortment of industry areas running from aviation to sports products.

In acknowledgment of the assorted variety of the present modern assembling and the numerous new materials accessible for item plan, Huntsman offers a broad scope of Araldite blocks of cement to meet you are differed and demanding needs. 

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