Top 10 Best Paintbrush brands in India

Do you love painting or you are a professional painter? But you don’t observe the specifications of paintbrushes. Or do you often buy the paintbrushes despite having the correct information regarding the paintbrushes? An interesting result says there are a lot of aspects of paintbrushes that creates problems in the landscape creations.

Paintbrush brands in India

While you are determining over it and to show you away, we have a word for it and here’s the top ten painting brush brand’s information through that you can gauge the brands very easily:


Faber-Castell, the much-famed paintbrush of India. Faber-Castell is India’s one of India’s reputed paint brushes, is a traditional, internationally recognized paintbrush, used by painters all around India.

This paintbrush city is known for its vibrancy in color texting capacity and rich heritage of sketching capacity. There are lots of reasons in this that are worth all the hype if you are wondering about the best paintbrush

Experience this paint brush’s natural flow of quilting and the drawing capacity around building a grip over the painting, design with an assurance to paint the classic paintings. Take a brush walk through white papers with the sketch or simply draw a glance of lifestyle and nightlife through this painting brush. Faber-Castell is never out of choice irrespective of any reason. 



The camel, a paintbrush market leader preserves an interesting collection of arts and other aspects that determines the goals of achieving the best artesian in India. The brand was established in 2003.

The camel brand was formed with an aim to encourage and display the objects and legacy connected with the history of Indian art culture.

Verifying the reliability of the past items, collecting relevant ingredients, contacting and informing the experts of the art and culture, art clubs and the community in general, its principal purpose was to present those basic items and techniques by which the people can learn about art and art’s connection with India. This brand was able to deliver these aims in front of the people. 



Snazaroo is unquestionably one of the most favorite means to craft the paintings in this time and age. Without a doubt, we practice numerous paints with the help of the brand each day in a cost-effective manner.

So, advancing with that conception of the brand, it is competent to say that Snazaroo is here to stay, and now a set of paintbrushes comes in the market with many new innovations.

A unique brush brand to purchase, the Snazaroo is a diverse brand better than from any relegated paintbrush that you might have been painted through. The brand unquestionably comes with fun and is ideal for everyone in these days. There are infinite attractions inside the paintbrush boxes that are made for amazing paintings. 



Basically an artist’s ornament, Kabeer is a paintbrush brand every bit interesting, especially so for kids and the young people. Here, you are required and inspired to use the assistance of the brush in any which way you want, and Kabeer is, of course, among the best things to purchase.  

However, this art process also needs some practice, thrill and expected to practice 30 minutes if you are by yourself with the help of the paintbrush of this brand, and during these moments if you will meet with another new artisan, that person will be none but other than you.

There is a collection of multiple sort of brushes, and bright colors, making artisan it really attractive.  With the help of the brand, you will find the final result with credibility and accuracy.


Asian Hobby Crafts:

Asian Hobby Crafts paints brushes are awesome! If you are preparing a journey to explore the painting industry any sort of artwork broader connects, then this article might just help you plan your itinerary of art and craft.

Asian Hobby Crafts add to the value and beauty of any artwork and the idea of cool breeze arts, portrayed art, watercolor arts, and gushing oil paintings appeal to every folk and every single audience.

Asian Hobby Crafts are the best time to draw paintings of waterfalls, Sunrises Rivers, and hills as it is quite interesting and exciting to watch the art flow in all its glory. Therefore, we have listed the brand as one of the top brands in India.


90 Degree: 

If you want to get lost in the art and craft, the 90 Degree is the best decision. The 90 Degree was awarded one of the best brands by the experts. It also has a connection with the best components. Almost the identical with paintbrush brand, 90 Degree continues to the best brand to give in the best result in the market.  

Due to the reason in spite of all the hardest competition, it still attains the highest level of profit, beating other dominant players of the market.

During the last decade, the brand developed its quality at an increasing level to get an upper hand and for that reason, thousands of the admired came on their brand to get the paintbrush option.



Uxcell has revitalized components as there are myriad interesting collections to draw some beautiful arts within even 2 to 3 hours and to experience the flawless artwork.

It’s a wonderful chance for everyone who wants to have the abundance of flawless artwork to explore some of the thrills of coloring and painting at lands scape whether it is the hills or the caves that are placed in your imagination nearby. 

Among these, some of the great paintbrushes are in prime importance. There are reasons for you to buy the paintbrushes around. Uxcell is one kind of that provides different types of paints which are useful for all types of painters whether they beginner or they are expert in that field.



This another and yet a massive brand that gives you many opportunities, if you want to draw your best paintings.

To avoid numerous complexities such as substance waste and ineffective composition which may create problems during painting or after painting, CRAYOLA, the paintbrush brand extends the protection to your paint base. 

This brand contains a Set of different colors and vibes. Furthermore, this brand’s brushes will not bleed through your paper. Also, this brand’s brushes come with the feature of a versatile tip that draws both thin and thick lines. Beyond that, the brand comes with the washable ink items so that you can easily able to clean the washable items.


Melissa & Doug:

One of the top paintbrush brands found across the quality and quantity of India, Melissa & Doug is one of the top brands that come in the market.

Indian consumer loves this brand as a whole. Available at an affordable cost, Melissa & Doug by comes loaded with thousands of designs of paintbrushes. What makes the brand is valuable is its niche composition and smoothness of the brushes.  



Deziine is a top notch paint brush in India that serves the Indian with many fascinating designs. This brand helps. With this brand even beginners are able to paint in a fascinating way.

Further, this brand’s items are so effective that it doesn’t spread across the sheets where you are drawing your pictures. If you are a buyer who is looking for the best paint brushes then Deziine is one of the best options that you can have for you and your small child.


The trend of applying the paintbrushes is not only limited to the school curriculums. A lot of people who actually love to paint, for them the paintbrushes absolutely important. Because a messy paintbrush can destroy the essence of the landscape.

Well, for that reason we have given a full picture of all the great paintbrush brands of India, which may give you a direction to buy the paintbrushes.


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