Top 10 Best Internet browsers in India

A good web browser is the need of the hour. For achieving the palatable search experience, people always tries out new ways. Indeed, some of internet browsers are helping people to get a convenient search experience to explore the internet world and to fulfill their motto. Also, these search engines are working as the gateways of successful Internet navigation.

 Here to mention, only a few people know all of the search engine options, we are coming up with a number of new details of various search engine platforms. Further, the Indian market is a large market and for that reason, many people use the same search Engine platforms in a single period of time.

Best Internet browsers in India

Therefore, sometimes they suffers due to the high traffic congestions at the time of using the top-notch browsers. Whereas people have the alternative search engines to solve this particular problem of congestion.

Which may give them a smooth and consistent help to the navigation process.  But eventually, they do not know about them.  Below are the best search engines of India.


Google Chrome: 

Nowadays Google has emerged as one of the topmost search engines in the world. Even we can say that it is the number one visited search Engine in India. Not only in India but also, it is the most used search engine platform in the whole universe until today.

Till 2008, it was not too famous like today on online in comparison to other websites such as internet explorer or Mozilla firebox. Back then it has developed its software system meticulously and brought several technical changes that have changed the whole world’s navigation process of internet.

Today, when we talk about any search on the internet, we say that ‘Google it’. That means Google is successfully able to portray their image as customer-friendly as any platform can be.

The search engine is basically written in C++, which is very user-friendly.  Google database, Google map, Google map, help for Web kit, security, CSS3, HTML5, and the web-standards are the best offering of this search engine that helped thousands of people all around the whole world. This is the reason why people admire this platform.



 Following the chrome, Firebox is the second most used as well as a popular site in India. Typically this is a freeware developed by the Mozilla organization.  The first time it came into the market in 2002. And that time it was commonly known as “phoenix”. As far as the popularity concern, after entering the Indian market it was very popular.

It enticed Indian mass, as well as the whole world’s population by its secure, fast and smooth navigation performance. But after the rise of Google Chrome, its popularity is down-trending in every place. However, till today, it is able to preserve its old craze at some extend at a same level.

All the testers and the supporters apprised its performance. Mozilla Firebox is compatible with all kinds of operating systems such as Android, Linux, Windows, OSX, and Firebox OS. After 2015, it became the number two searched platform in the whole world along with countries like India.

A few specifications likewise auto-correction, extensive browsing, spell check, live bookmarking bag are offered by the site.



 Safari is the top-notch platform that provides immense benefits to the Indians. Safari typically a web-based freeware browser that typically designed by Apple Inc. This is the reason it remained as third most admired site in the whole of India.

Apple Inc designed the Safari for its Mac computers, iOS, and OS X operating systems. Apple Inc released this product in 2003. Also, they have developed a special version of Safari for the Windows operating systems.

People love this product because Apple Inc. designed the product. Besides that, it’s Air Print and MDI-style help comfortable navigation in iOS operation. For that reason, most of Indians, who have I phone and MAC computer generally uses this search engine optimization.


Internet Explorer:

If you are a regular user of the windows computer, then, you might have seen the icon of internet explorer at the top of your computer’s screen. Internet Explorer is the default browser that comes with the world’s most popular operating system that is Windows operating system.

As it is the default browser that associated with the windows, it got exaggerated limelight in the whole world. And thus it became the fourth most popular search engine tool in India. Here to mention, this search engine is not free, everyone have to purchase the product. We get it free with windows system as windows has purchased the sole right of the search engine. 

Also, this platform is not compatible with UNIX and MAC. This search engine has also its old popularity.  The reason behind to fell in the market is that the developer of search Engine did not upgrade their platform to a greater extent. Whereas its competitor has readied many renewable and advanced features to serve the consumers.



Opera is one of the best search engine brands in the whole of India. Also, it is one of the old search Engine platforms in India.  Opera software launched this search engine platform in 1995. For that reason, the brand value of Opera is very high in the market. Beyond the geography of India, this is one of the oldest and pioneer search Engines platform in the whole world. 

The language CC++   builds this search engine tool. Moreover, this tool is available in around forty languages. The tool serves all the software like Windows, OSX, and UNIX. Moreover also uses the blink out layout engine.

Along with many other features, the tool comes with Symbian, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Maemo, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows mobile and. Opera is the introducer of many new features, that other search Engine tool developed by following their ideas.


Microsoft Edge: 

Microsoft has launched its new search engine tool for Windows 10. As of now, we have seen that Windows 10 holds the automatic updates very frequently. Similarly, like Windows 10, this search engine also completes its updates at the time of computer’s system update. This became one of the popular search engine in India, as Microsoft features them with their software. 

Meanwhile, some people argue that the edge is not able to capture the market. Even though it is one of the sole products of Microsoft. This is the reason Microsoft is redesigning from the product.

Hence, we have to wait for the new version of the product. According to the reports, it currently in beta under the process of coding. So, now we are waiting for the developed version of the Edge.


 UC Browser:

 UC Browser is a famous and popular search engine in India. This is commonly known for its fast service. In comparison to the other search engine websites, it provides fast service. This is the fast and foremost reason why the people of India showed their love for this search engine tool.

Additionally, this tool is mobile-friendly, and people find firm navigation and ease of convenience by this platform. 

A UC web, company that formed in 2004 in China, designed this website at first for their domestic use. Initially, the company launches this search tool to apply tools such as J2me. But after some time it added some features for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and many other platforms.

UC browser has the largest population of followers in China, following that, India comes in the second and Pakistan comes in the third in holding the subscriber base.


SRware Iron:

 SRWare Iron is a comparatively new search engine tool in the market. This tool is designed in 2008. This search engine tool efficiently operates in all kinds of operating systems. This is the reason, in this recent period, the tool has gained thousands of followers. 

The special advantage of this search engine tool is, it provides privacy securing options that gives opportunity to hide the navigation history. It also eliminates the option of tracking usage history. The history tracking option that is included in the Google chrome sometimes disturbs the users. As the other users can track their history.

Therefore if you do not like to compromise with that situation where there are chances of tracking your history, of course, in that case, you may opt this tool to navigate your sites. Hence in this way, this tool stands different from Google chrome.


Android Browser: 

As far as the mobile internet world concern, android mobile phones are the biggest market shareholder in a straightforward way. The craze for the android phone is beyond imagination. As a consequence, thousands of mobile companies have come with many new android mobiles. 

Also, they have developed their own android browsers. This is the reason the use of the search engine tool, android browser is far more reaching than other internet browsers.

Android counts most of the crowd in the market and hence, android browser uses Blink based engines- that promotes constant ease to the customer. Thus the search engine tool is grasping the mind of the customers, by bringing some exclusive options.



PhantomJS is one of the best emerging search engine tools in India, coordinates with many people, lists out the best results, portrays on top of its page. PhantomJS runs the optimization stands when people search for any things with the relevant keyword searches.

For instance, if someone searches for the best mobiles they shows in the top on the basis of the old customer experience. Thus, PhantomJS finds out the best suitable results for your search. 

 Also, PhantomJS provides various automatic navigation option that for the most special websites such as twitter, linked in and many others.

Common internet users who consume the internet on a day to day basis are not aware about the presence brand. But all the professionals, who require the automated service in regard to search the sites, they generally prefer this platform.


 This article extensively discusses all the top web browsers of India. 

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