Top 10 Best Extension Wire brands in India

In the modern era of technological evolution, our human life solely depends on different types of electronics. From the day starting to the ending we use different types of electronic items to pursue our daily activity.

Best Extension Wire brands in India

To continue all the electronic usage, there are many instances when we suffer many problems due to lack of plug points. In the meantime, to solve this problem, we can easily use the extension wires from the top brands. Below we are discussing all the top extension wire brands of India.



When the matter of the durability and reliability comes, then Bajaj is amongst one brand, which is unbeatable.

Undoubtedly, Bajaj is serving India by its supreme quality electronics items. If we talk about the electronic extension wire, then Bajaj extension wires help people in many ways. Also, Bajaj provides many sockets in its extension cord. With many sockets, it also ensures electricity savings as well as many other benefits.

That thing you may not find in other kind of extension wires. The extension wires are inbuilt with fuse protects that helps to get rid of the sudden surge. The item is not the only inbuilt with fuse protects, but it’s inbuilt cables also have the fire-retardant options.




 The buyers who are looking for extension cords to avoid the overload situation for them Havells will be a perfect solution.

Havells is one of the most trustable brands in India. Havells produced a range of electronic products that are very useful for the customers. Extension wires one of them which is providing the best service to the people.

Havells Extension wires are durable and also have the ergonomic designs. This product also has robust surge protection. Besides that, you can find many multiple plug tops with many replaceable fuses for overload protection.



 Hilex is also one of the top brands in recent times. This is yet another brand, granting the best service to the customers with their range of electronic accessories. By using their accessories people are very satisfied.

They provide reliability and durability to the customers. Besides this, their products are actually very cost-effective. If you are a customer, who is searching for a cost-effective electronic wire brand, then Hilex may the best brand which can serve you in an extensive way.

It provides a long power cord along with its lightweight compact design. 




Belkin one of the top-notch brand India that provides many benefits to the Indian customers. Like other many renowned brands, it is also manufacturing many electronic types of equipment for their customers.

The way the other renowned brand serves customers by some special benefits in this same way also serves the customers in that same way. Belkin’s major specifications such as multiple charging options one on, universal socket, durable body, etc. are serving individuals in various means.

Beyond that, its premium specifications such as highly durable ABS material keeps you safe from the electricity fluctuations and electric surges.




Digiway is also a massive brand in India, which has been the production of electronic items for a long time. Digiway has a multi-socket, multi plugging option which is crafted for continuous heavy usage.

With sophisticated material and high-grade materials, it protects people from the electric fuse. As it was inbuilt with good materials, it emerged more reliable rigid and strong. Also, it comes with many breakage free specifications.

With too versatile features can very lucrative for any customers. It is a matter of the fact; this brand is very good in terms of providing safety and security to the customers.



Have you been finding new options for buying the new extension wire? Perhaps you have already applied a lot of Brands for that. But you are not staffed with that. Well, Appucoco has raised in the market by providing the best quality products in the market.

If we talk about durability and reliability then no product can compete with Appucoco. Besides that, it is in build with many other specifications that may be a savor for you.




 Skies is also a topmost brand in our market. Skies provides lots of service by bringing many cost-effective equipment accessories. This brand has many creative designers with multitasking extension and many switch light indicators.

Also, this spikes with surge protection which is suitable may other devices. You can easily charge your mobile chargers, computers, DVD s, cooking items through this. This brand is specially made by the Shyam system industries.

That’s why you must be aware before buying this because some of the duplicate items are into the market.


GM Modular:

 GM Modular, is another best brand of India, which has the ultra-smooth rotation with many international sockets and the indicator. Also, it is inbuilt with many cables guides that helps to avoid the damages too extensive insulation.

The ergonomic designs also make the product with an amazing look. Besides that, you can find this product with many colors along with many specifications.


Live tech:

 Live tech is one of the premier and the predominant brand in the India. The brand is more sophisticated in comparison to the other brands of India. The fast and foremost specification is that CE and ROHS is certified this brand as one of the best electronic accessories in India.

This product is extremely useful for high power consumption usages. The speciation likewise, high-speed charging, fire resistance, USB chargeable option, high-quality copper wire, heavy-duty power-consuming assistance equipment such as AC, Geysers, Refrigerators power support option differentiates from the other extension wires.



You have seen the extension wires becomes inactive after some time. They are unable to provide that kind of connectivity that actually you want. Do you know that a brand called Syska may give you that you actually deserve? Yes, this brand has indicated many programs like giving a minimum guaranty period to its customers. Beyond that, it has surged and fuses protection facility. Along with its multi-dimensional attraction, it astonishes the whole Indian customer base.

 In the above, we have enlisted all the topmost brands in India that can give the best charging experience.

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