Top 10 Best Dating Apps and Sites in India

It’s been quite an Indian thing where society criticizes casual dating and meeting people to find the right match for themselves. However, the youth of the nation has been breaking these boundaries and busting certain myths.

Best Dating Apps and Sites in India

Online dating sites have been helping them find the right partner and many of the people have already got their “someone special”. The craze of online dating has resulted in numerous dating sites. From which, finding the best one can be perplexing.

So, here we have brought you the top 10 dating sites and apps in India:


Quite popular across the globe, this app has made a tremendous impact on the Indians as well. The unique algorithm of tinder is capable of connecting you with a person within no time.

The app has got some excellent features like super like and mutual friends that deliver quite a social experience. Moreover, the key factor that keeps it apart from the other is the dating experience which is perfectly personalized. 



If you have sneaked around the internet looking for dating sites, Badoo must have appeared on the top. Launched in 2006, this app has been providing online dating services in more than 190 countries in 47 languages.

In the year 2017, the app got a new UI along with some changes in the design elements. In fact, it is one of the most-used apps on Facebook. 



One of the main highlights of this app is its face to face interaction feature. So, if you have got a match, you can directly connect with the person through video calling. In fact, Azar is able to deliver amazing video chatting experience. Users perceive it as a platform where shy people get to open up in front of a person who has swiped for video chatting. 

Currently, the app has stood out with more than 100 million downloads across the globe. Moreover, at present, the number of matches have crossed 30 billion. Apart from the similar services of most of the dating apps and sites, Azar stands out to be one of its own kind. 



The innovativeness of this platform has brought it to our list. Launched in 2009, this platform has led online dating to a new level. All nerds out there can get a match here. As per the reports, the majority of the users are degree holders either bachelor or master. 

While it has not been so long since its entry in the industry of dating sites, the company has been becoming a strong contender with its growing user base. Each month, about 160k people join. Well, everybody feels the absence of a partner, including the geniuses as well. 



Woo dedicates its services to educated professionals. So, you are looking for a match as per your desires, Woo is the ideal platform for that. It does not end with this feature, you can find some features that are unique. This includes tag search, direct messaging, voice intro, question cast, etc.

The algorithm helps you in finding the right match on the basis of the interest tags. In fact, you are able to search by using a single tag to connect with the person you want to have the same interest. 


Truly madly

Well, this one is from India. You can find it to be the best alternative for the Indians. It is quite similar to tinder. You can find your partner focusing on your preferences as well as your interests. 

However, it has got some features that differ from tinder. Your images will be safe so you do not have to worry about it. In addition, you can increase your trust score by asking your friends to endorse you. With this, you can have more conversation with your matches. 

Well, apart from conversations, you can do gaming with your match. Some of the games are Hocus Pocus, Foodie Funda, and Styletastic. It helps in knowing your match in a more entertaining way.


Here is another app that quite resembles tinder. It has got the same features as swipe. The right swipe indicates the same that you find on tinder. If both have swiped right, it initiates a conversation between the two.

However, female ones are able to start the conversation. If not started within 24 hours, the match will automatically disappear. The app is however available on the app store of Apple. So, it is one of the most used dating apps for iPhone.


Among other dating apps, Moco stands out to be in the list for a reason. Apart from providing a platform for dating, this app has led people to socialize and make friends as well. It has got exciting features to stylize and personalize your profile by adding images, music, videos and many more. 

Apart from chatting options, Moco offers a group chat as well. Additionally, you are able to find a number of exciting games on Moco making it an ideal place for fun. 



Well, there is something unique about this app. It is capable of allowing you in finding the match as per your preferences as per the sexual orientation. The algorithm works on the basis of how far people are. It might not have that kind of unique that you have expected. However, you are surely be going to get the perfect matches through this app. 

A-List is the paid version of OkCupid. With the premium version, you can enjoy advanced features like knowing the people who have liked you and people who viewed your profile. 

With the help of A-List, you can easily filter and find the match as per body type and attractiveness. Moreover, you can browse opening an incognito mode. 



Kama is one of the smartest dating apps at present. Well, the app not only focuses on Indians but also the large community of South Asia. With the algorithm that provides the match on the basis of distance and age, you can find your match without any hassles. 

In fact, you are capable of getting all of the controls which makes it the most reliable and secure. The algorithm did also follow their preferences and likes. In addition, you can set the preferences as per your lifestyle. 

These were some of the best dating sites and apps in India. Hope you find this article helpful enough to choose from the above as per your preferences. Do you already use a dating app? Did you find that app in our list? let us know which of the above you have used or been using. 

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