Top 10 Best Cafe Franchise in India     

Cafe franchise in India, with a plethora of emotion and memory that creates many love stories and bonds in the whole society.  The relation is being the part and parcel of life and cafes capture thousands of memories.

Best Cafe Franchise in India    

 Besides that, nowadays the cafes are also used for the purpose of business talks and business meetings. India is a country that has ample of choices beverages including coffee and it is safe to say that the average Indian consumer can’t think of their life without a coffee. This situation essentials the market presence of the cafe in India as Cafe binds many relationships as well as cracks the business deal.

Cafe Coffee Day: 

Cafe coffee day is global cafe chain in India, is one of the favorite hangout places for the Indian mass for having a luxurious conversation. Cafe Coffee Day is commonly known as the CCD, strives to offer the best experience to their customers. 

This brand involves thousands of peasants across India and provides the best essence of coffee to the Indian mass. This brand gratifies the involvement of the peasants into their process and says that “our small coffee partners made us we are today and also we are glad to be a part of their lives.

“This brand first opened its journey in 1996 and back then they did not look backward. Today, this has also able to expand their journey into overseas countries.


Indian Coffee House: 

Indian Coffee House is a giant coffee brand in India also having its historic relevance, it creates a difference in the market by providing the supreme service to its customers. And hence it gained historical success, which was founded by a cooperative worker when the Indian market is was under the grip of British colonialism and the British monopoly.

 After starting their journey this brand gained massive success and successfully expanded in the whole of India with over 400 outlets. Beyond that, this brand portrays the power of the Indian cooperative worker and this success story establishes that even a cooperative system can change the market.

Also in the British colonial era, it became the symbol of protest over the racism that is propagated by the British colonies.


Barista Cafe and Restaurant:

Barista is one of the reputed brands, on the whole, has been successfully operating their service in the Indian subcontinent and that is mesmerizing the people in an overwhelmed way. This brand headquarter is located in Delhi, also its operation in many countries like Srilanka and Maldives. 

Moreover, this brand oldest cafe and bars in India and said that it the second-largest coffee brand in the Indian market. This brand was established in 2000 and within a decade, it expanded it’s a journey with a hold of almost 197 outlets. The coffee internets are abstracted from the local coffee shops.


Costa Coffee

 Costa coffee is a leading international cafe brand in the world, yet another popular brand in the market of India. Costa coffee is the world’s topmost successful coffee cafe brand, which is usefully parenting it’s a journey in India with 90 outlets.

 Sergio and Bruno started this brand in London in 1971 and since they have expanded their journey into the many other countries including India. Expresso is the principal ingredients that are mostly used by the brand.

They offer many offers including the services likewise Hot drinks, Cold drinks –, Savory snacks –Cakes and pastries – and Reusable cups –, in which customers have expressed their overwhelmed love and appreciation.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Restaurant and Cafe: 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Restaurant and Cafe is also a massive brand in the Indian market which the customers appreciated and admired. Indian mass is always very much familiar with the coffee and yet being an American brand, it is successfully able to connect with the whole population by offering the best range of coffee to its customers. 

This coffee cafe chain was established in 1963 and it is acquired and operated by the International coffee @ tea, which is headquartered in The New York and Los Angeles. They provided Indian customers the best service and due to the fact the brand has grown vertically and able to establish almost outlets in the market.



 Starbucks is an American coffee company that is also serving Indian customers with its range of products. The brand was first established in the year 1971 and today they have almost 30000 branches in the whole world. 

This brand’s name is synonymous with ‘second-wave coffee’ and this brand brought the deep roasted coffee along with different types of artisanal coffee. This brand provides a strip contribution to the coffee market. People love this brand because they offer a premium combination of beverages to their customers 


Brewberrys Café: 

Brewberrys Café is one of the rising coffee brands in India that are offering options that making the journey successful. Besides this brand’s out are very funky and photogenic and those who love the alluring place they can easily and enjoy a light cup of coffee on that palace.

Even the brand has created an outside sitting arrangement for its customers. Basically, this brand is originated from the country of US and the first outlet is situated in the near of the Disneyland of Europe


Cafe Mocha: 

‘Cafe Mocha is a state of mind’ – not just a tagline, it is the state of this cafe Mocha. Now, this premier brand in India that is supporting the customers with their flexible offers and the ranges of the products.

Cafe Mocha is basically an American brand, which was raised on the concept of unique coffee beverages in Bicerin. They are famous not only because of the fact, they serve their customers with the best kind of beverages, but also for the fact, they serve their people with their premium hospitality and best service


 Cafe Amul Franchise:

 Amul is better known for the ‘white revolution’, which has miraculously changed the Indian milk market by facilitating the best milk products to the consumer of India. Now they are introducing the one-stop hangout coffee shops in the market.

Over the year that brand has preserved the glory of the Indian foods and now it is trying to change even the coffee market of India.


 Gloria Jean’s Coffees:

 Gloria jeans is an Americans coffee brand, that is also deeply admired by the Indian Customers. The brand grew from the small coffee retail outlet in Chicago city and very soon they expanded in a magnificent way by opening 50 outlets in the US only.

Today, this is a wonderful brand that is also serving the Indian mass with its premium service


Georgia coffee: 

This is a reputed brand in the Indian market, which serves the premium customers in India. The brand is originated from Japan and the brand came to the Indian market very recently. This brand has a very recent entry in the Indian market, but within very few years the brands have able to win the mind of the people.

 In the above, we have discussed all the topmost coffee cafe brands in India that has severed the Indian customers, can give you about the idea of Cafe market in India.

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