Top 10 Highest Wheat Producing State in India

You will surprise to know that India is the second wheat producing country in the world. Wheat is a significant crop used for the daily household requirement. Moreover, Indian wheat is famous for its texture and softness with high protein values. Maximum states are India produced a huge amount of wheat on mass scales.

Moreover, India produces wheat in a traditional method that contains a value that is more nutrient. The texture value of wheat changes states after state in India that it is variant in the production of the crop.

Top 10 Highest Wheat Producing State in India


Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the number one state in wheat producing among the other states. More than 36% of the wheat share of India produced in this state.

Uttar Pradesh has the most fertile soil to grow wheat the minerals are the soil that is the most appropriate to grow. Moreover, the state has massive facilities of irrigation and agricultural values like a river and fertile soil for mass production.

More than 98 lakh hectares of wheat out of 169 lakh hectares of agriculture and cultivated land. West and north part of the state produce the highest output of the wheat production.



Punjab is a famous state known for its agricultural activities. Moreover, the state soil for agriculture is highly fertile. Punjab also called the land of five rivers that is appropriate for the irrigation purpose of wheat.

Punjab is one more leading wheat manufacturing state in the nation and ranked at the second position in the list of top 10 leading wheat-manufacturing states in India. Moreover, Punjab has additional 60-lakh hectares of agricultural land out of those 35lakh hectares of land used for cultivating wheat. 



Agriculture is the main occupation of people in Haryana wheatear it is wheat or rice. The sate produces a massive quantity of wheat and another agricultural crop every year. Moreover, the state known for producing wheat in quality among all the states.

The state produces 118-lakh metric tons of wheat crop every following year. Haryana considered as the green state of India for its agricultural values. Moreover, the state has skilled farmers who produced a high quality of wheat even the crops exported overseas from the state.

Haryana is one of the few states who practice organic farming in wheat production.  


Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh known for its quality agricultural products among them is wheat. Moreover, the state is considered as the heart of India with wheat production values. The state contributes 8.9% of total wheat production in the country.

The famous verities of ears of wheat are produced in the Santa Durum region of the state. Moreover, other districts like Sehore and Raisen produce premium quality of wheat in the nation. The state also exports the wheat in the domestic and international stage.

The fertile soil with high mineral is the responsible for the high quality of wheat production in the state.



Rajasthan is one of the famous states for wheat production in the country. Moreover, the state is considered as the royal and ethnic value that reflects on wheat production. 

It is surprising to know that the majority of the land is cover with sand. The state has less agricultural and cultivated land though it produces a huge amount of wheat. Moreover, Rajasthan has the appropriate climatic condition to grow the crop of wheat.

Therefore, climate help to grow more wheat in the state. Moreover, the farmers in the state are hardworking and manage to grow the crop on 24lakh hectares. 



Bihar is one of the few states that have done a great job in the field of agriculture. The state produces 42 lakh metric hectares tones in the nation. Bihar has one of the highest fertile lands in the country and it is suitable to grow wheat.

The state has an overall 52 lakh hectares of agricultural land out of 22 lakh hectares used to grow wheat. Moreover, the quality of the wheat is best in nature and texture. Bihar produces 1800 kgs/hectares of wheat. Bhojpur and Nalanda are the main districts to grow the best quality of wheat. 



Gujarat is the following wheat creating state and record for over 4% of all out wheat delivered in the nation. In Gujarat, wheat developed in a huge region, which is in excess of 12 Lakh hectares of land.

Likewise, Gujarat has a decent wheat efficiency of multiple Tons/Hectare. Triticum aestivum is the wheat species, which developed in numerous regions of Gujarat that incorporate Kheda, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar.

The land in the state is full of rich minerals and fertility to grow any kind of wheat in the state. 



Maharashtra positioned eighth in the rundown of the top 10 biggest wheat-creating states in India 2016. Right now, dicoccum wheat is produced in the area, which developed in the valleys of streams like the Godavari, Krishna and Tapi.

In Maharashtra, wheat s developed in the territory of in excess of 20 Lakh hectares, which account for 4.2% of the all-out region of the nation in which wheat is developed.

Moreover, the farmer of Maharashtra is trying their best to meet their target to produce wheat in the annual stage.  



Recently Uttarakhand has joined the platform of leading the top ten wheat-producing states in India. The reason behind the success in the appropriate climatic condition for wheat production.

Moreover, the state produces nine lakh metric tons of wheat every year. Moreover, the hilly terrine is responsible for the best quality of wheat production in the state. 3.8 lakh hectares of land are contributed to produce wheat in the state.


West Bengal

The state is located in the northeast part of the country and that is suitable for wheat production. Moreover, the state has contributed a great amount of wheat production for the nation.

Tenth position conquered by West Bengal, which creates an excess of 8 Lakh Metric Tons of wheat. West Bengal has in excess of three Lakh hectares of land under wheat development and claims the wheat efficiency of 2,700 Kg/Hectare. Moreover, the land of the state is suitable for the mass production of wheat in the state.                                                             

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