Top 10 Best Washing Machine brands in India

Cleaning items of clothing has been the most difficult of the tasks in your regular lifestyle. Most prominently when it comes to uniforms or party wears. These are the spectacular items which require a thorough and deep clean.

Thus most prominently choosing the best of the washing machines on which you can solely rely on is one of the most hectic of the job. The best washing machine is the one which cleans your clothes with the best of the ingredients and scrubbed each and every corner of it.

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands

Thus the following article elongates on the best brands of washing machines that are worth for a buy.


Life’s Good stands as the most ravishing brand in the production of washing machines. LG is a Korean multinational brand creating a versatile market in the production of diverse electronics.

LG is best known for its outstanding productions and longevity of all its electronics. LG maintains its washing machines in the most modernized versions and thus customers find it as the most ravishing buy.


The South Korean multinational MNC founded in the year of 1938 by Lee Byung Chul stands large in the production of all kinds of electronics. The washing machines of Samsung are quite exquisitely built sustaining all types of modern facilities.

The headquarters of Samsung is in Seoul of South Korea and it has franchises all across 170 countries in the world. It was from December 1995 that Samsung has been operating in India and it was in the year 2000 that the brand launched its first washing machine.


Whirlpool Corporation

The Whirlpool Corporation stands as the largest of the American Multinational manufacturer which stands at large in the production of home appliances and electronics.

The headquarters of Whirlpool is in Michigan US and the brand has got its branches since 1996 in India. It was in the same year that Whirlpool made its first move in launching its first washing machines. At present Whirlpool washing machines are the best in the market with all kinds of modernized facilities as well as equipped with a better operational tactic.



The 1897 group of industries the Godrej has been making exquisite washing machines at large. The Godrej is an Indian Group of companies headquartered in Maharashtra and is at present enlarging its franchises with the manufacturing of household electronic appliances.

The washing machines of Godrej is exquisitely modelled with the firm and the best of the operational tactics. The washing machines are durable as well as has got the best longevity.



Bosch is a German multinational corporation engrossed in wide and outstretched business since the year 1886. The company has got its headquarters in Gerlingen and is operating in India since the year 1922.

The brand has inculcated all that it needs to make it large in the market of electronics. The washing machines of Bosch is quite exquisitely made infested with the best of the modern technologies as well as the latest operational tactics.


John Lewis 

This is another of the largest MNCs that has been operating all throughout Great Britain. John Lewis is well known for making home appliances like washing machines, mixer, grinder as well as geysers. 

The company has its headquarters in London and has been functional since the year of 1929. John Lewis functions the best when talked about washing machines as all its washing machines are quite widely known for ravishing technologies and an exquisite structure.

The makers of John Lewis has promised to launch their first franchise in India by the next year and this would provide tough competition for all the Indian based brands. 



The Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Osaka has made it quite large into the Indian market of electronics. Panasonic ranges among the best of the brands to opt while choosing for the latest of the washing machines.

The MNC started its operations since 13th of March, 1918. Panasonic started its operations in India since the year 1972. Panasonic ranges among the best of the brands in the production of exquisite washing machines.

Their washing machine is best in durability as well as inculcate the latest of the operational tactics.


Amazon Basics

The washing machines manufactured under Amazon is its sole products. More to the fact is that Amazon basics under the price tag of amazon produce exquisite and a large number of products for daily use.

These products range among the best of the washing machines as well as other electronic appliances. The appliances under Amazon Basics comes with the best of operational tactics as well as the latest of the modern technologies.

Washing machines of Amazon Basics is quite sustainable with long-lasting durability as well as suited with all modernized technologies.



Haier group of MNCs is the largest of multinational corporations of China. It develops, designs as well as manufacturers all types of electronic gadgets.

The brand has been founded on 26th of December 1984, has been operational with all its franchisees from January 2004 in India. Haier produces the best of the washing machines with the latest of the technologies as well as with modern outfits.

The company which has its headquarters in Qingdao, China has been making it large in the field of electronics since 1984. 



Last but not least this Dutch multinational company founded in Amsterdam has to be the lead in manufacturing a wide range of electronics and home appliances.

The company founded in 1891 ranges among the oldest of the companies in the production of exquisite washing machines. With its revenue currently featuring about 18.19 billion, the MNC has made a point in satisfying their vast number of customers through ravishing productions.

Philips has been operational with its wide range of technologies in India since 1930. 

Thus these were the most exquisite and the most trusted brands while opting for a washing machine. These brands are quite well known in providing then exact lustre as well as the best-modernized technologies into their electronic appliances. 

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