Top 10 Best Spectacle Brand in India

There is a huge demand for spectacles in India with varieties of brands. There is a number of potential brands in a market where you can choose any of them. There are various types of spectacles with features like casual wear or official ware.

Moreover, you can also have the option to choose trendy and designer spectacles. To keep your eyes sound and give yourself an architect look one ought to get a pleasant pair of marked, presumed and affirmed exhibitions. 

Top 10 Best Spectacle Brand in India


Titan Spectacles 

Titan eye ware founded in 2007 with a huge market in the field of spectacles. They have opened various Titan spectacles outlets in the major cities of India. Now the store is known as Titan’s eye plus they offer various types of spectacles for every age and gender category.

Titan eye plus offer free eye checkup in every store. The brand is famous for making spectacles frame, contact lenses and even sunglasses for the individuals. 


GKB Spectacles

GKB is one of the oldest brands of spectacles in India. It is one of the largest retailers of optical production and operated all over India over seventy stores. The company started in the year 1959 with a different range of spectacles offers to the public. The spectacles are mainly based on daily usage and themed on lifestyle. 

Now it considered a flagship quality brand of spectacles. Moreover, there more than a thousand range of frames where you can easily choose.    


Fastrack Spectacles

Fastrack is the brand of Titan Watches and one of the most developing design frill brands in India, offering best spending shades for women and men in India from dark, brown, dim and more verities of it.

Fastrack Spectacles are accessible in Rimmed frames, which makes them comfortable and stylish at the same time. The brand focus on the youth generation and their trending style. The brand offers verities of glasses to the individuals.  


Ray-Ban Spectacles

It is one of the most popular brands on the global stage. The brand offers a premium quality frame. You would now be able to tweak your Ray-Ban shades with restorative focal points printed with our logo.

It is right now unrealistic to add remedy focal points to your Ray-Ban eyeglasses. Shockingly, will hinder certain custom expressions. The brand has a high value in the market place. Moreover, the glasses are scratch proof. 


Tag Heuer Spectacles

The Swiss maker acclaimed for watches is likewise popular for stylish and swanky displays. Relatively, this brand is simple on your pocket. It comes essentially in two styles, rimless and semi-rimless.

The brand is highly famous in India also they have multiple stores in metropolitan cities. The brand produces fog-resistance and dust resistance glasses for individuals.

One of the major factors of the brand that they produce rimless frames. Moreover, they have an exclusive range of collections of spectacles.    


Dolce and Gabbana

The brand established in Milan the Italian design house is an extravagance brand. The brand is also famous in India. This eyewear is harmony among reasonableness and exotic nature.

The name of the brand composed on the sanctuaries unmistakably to make everybody around begrudges you. It comes in rimless, feline’s eye, plastic square, square shape and adjusted edges. This exhibition additionally has a whole scope of hues to browse.



It is one of the famous brand in India regarding spectacles. This brand established in 1987 and has been the most famous in the scene display from that point forward. It is a most loved brand among the superstars.

Made out of the most excellent material the Versace displays are an exemplification of style and pattern. Elaborately finished the Versace glass product is accessible in a palette of various hues and shapes.



Extravagance is emblematic with Prada and this is likewise valid with its eyewear. Prada comes in three distinct assortments, men, women and unisex.

It has an enormous range in outlines from details like dark, darker to out of control, and thrilling hues like red, green, white, yellow, pink and purple.

The range in shapes is additionally mind-blowing as you get scenes in all shapes and sizes. The glasses can suit any look or whenever of the day whether it is day or night.



Thomas Burberry established this extravagance brand in 1856. This assortment has numerous alternatives from rimless to completely rimmed metals and plastic.

It comes in refined hues like burgundy, dim, silver, red and dark. Focal points likewise are treated in fluctuated styles, similar to slope hue, streak reflects covering and tints. The brand offers a wide range of frames from which you can choose according to your preferences. 


Calvin Klein

The famous in the optical market is this brand. Most recent advancements and the best material utilized in assembling a Calvin Klein scene.

It has an assortment of plastic casings accessible in about every one of the hues. It is additionally built with metal casings and in all shapes and sizes. It accompanies different fashioner sanctuaries and is truly trendy and rich. 



Gucci is one of the famous brands in the world as well as in India. It has displays for a wide range of callings, from advanced business classes to out of control Hollywood entertainers. It has a whole scope of glasses for people in various hues and shapes. Spectacles from Gucci will definitely say something on your style statement. 

These are some brands that you must look for when you purchase a spectacles.   

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