Top 10 Best Male Shirt brands in India

The clothes we wear is a way to express our personality in the best possible way to the world. Whether a male or female, the clothing and dressing sense speaks a lot about our personality. The first impression that a person usually makes is through what he wears.

Thus, the clothes we put on are considered to be as the ‘style statement’ of a person. Just by mere looking at someone’s clothes, you can make assumptions about what occasion it is, who the person may be, and what kind of background he belongs to!

Top Ten shirt brands in India:

1.Allen Solly:

Allen Solly is one of the oldest and a leading brand in India. This company is very reputed for especially formal shirts. Apart from that, this also manufactures party wear shirts and other products of leather like bags, belts, etc.

It is a global brand thriving in many different countries across the world. This brand was established in the year 1744 and is owned by “Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited”. The price range of the products, manufactured by this brands, starts from 979 INR to 2499 INR.

This brand is best known for making quality products with convenient price.


2.John Players:

John Players is a reputed brand, known for its vivid range of collection of Men’s Shirts. This pioneering brand in India was established in 2002. The company belongs to the famous ITC. They are known for making amazing range of dresses for very affordable and reasonable prices.

Approximately 1500 or more stores of this leading brand is available all over the world. You can choose this brand for any special occasion as well as casual occasions.

This ITC owned brand can give you the best look by its awesomely designed men’s shirts.



It is a giant global brand that is known for exclusive collection of men’s wear. This brand was first built in Mumbai in the year 1925. Only the name of this brand is enough to ensure quality, comfort and elegance.

This brand is known for having a wide range of variety of colors and best quality of fabrics. Raymond is one of the most robust brand in India, and is thriving in many different countries across the globe.



This is yet another reputed and most popular brand that has created a remarkable position in the Indian Markets. This leading brand of exclusive Men’s shirts’ collection belongs to Mohan Clothing Private Limited.

In 1991, this was started in India and has been ranking in the top ten shirt brands in India since then. One of the biggest reason why often prefer this brand is that it provides shirts with best quality and style with a rich look.


5. Louis Phillippe:

This was launched in the world for the very first time in the year 1989. From the very time when this leading brand of men’s shirt has got established, it has been ranked as one of the top brand for Men’s luxury shirts.

Louis Phillippe is a pioneering brand that is known for the wide range of offerings it has for all its customers out there. This luxury brand belongs to Madura Fashion and Lifestyle that is a division of the Aditya Birla Group.

This brand is considered to be one of the largest brand in India that makes men’s apparel.


6. Arrow:

This is yet another luxury brand that has been established in the year 1851 as a part of Philips Van Heusen Corporation.

Since the time of inception of all of this, this brand has been there in the market. In the Indian markets, Arrow has a firm base and is one of the most preferred brands for Men’s shirts.

People those who once experience the goodness of quality of the products of the brand, do not usually turn up to any other brand. This brand has just nailed when it comes to fabric quality and fittings. 


7. Indian Terrain:

As the name suggests, this is an Indian brand that has been started in the year 2000. This exclusive brand of amazing men’s collection has become independent in the year 2010.

This brand specifically famous for great styles and most reasonable process possible. This pioneering band is sure to cater all your needs, budget and style taste with an international appeal.

The tagline of this brand is “men mantra” and it sounds so catchy that only these two are enough are enough to turn some potential heads towards it.


8. Roadster.

This brand is comparatively a newer brand that has been introduced in the global markets a couple of years back. But, being a newbie, it has produced a remarkable position in the market.

This brand is known for offering some of the best quality shirts with awesome fabric and styles. This is a stand-alone brand and it was conceived by Myntra. So, if you are looking for a good quality shirt with a reasonable price, this brand can be the best fit for you. 


9. Ajio:

Ajio is yet another well-reputed brand that thrives in India, having a massive collection Men’s collection.

This brand is presently owned by the Reliance industries. They are mostly popular because of the exclusive range of designs and styles of the men’s shirts they offer.

the most amazing fat about this brand is that it offers the products having the price range between INR 500 to 800, and that too with luxury quality.


10. Levis:

Levis is basically an American clothing brand that also thrives in numerous stores in India. It is a luxury brand for exclusive men’s collection and it known for manufacturing some of the best quality shirts for men.

This brand was established in the year 1853. The amazing range exclusive shirts that the brand manufactures makes it stand out of the crows in many different ways.

The major reason of the success of this brand is the comfort and the breathability that it offers to its customers through its vast range of products.

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