Top 10 Best Hotel Brands in India

Hotels are the heritage of a city as well as the pride of the nation. Hotels portray the financial and cultural health of the country. India also has multiple hotel brands that are boosting the treasure of India at the international level.

Yet some of them, have originated from India only, meanwhile, some of them emerged from foreign countries. But, all of them have been continuing to establish many new hotels and thus they are decorating our cities. Here are we will discuss the best hotel brands in India.

Top 10 Best Hotel Brands in India


Tata is one of the predominant names in the hotel industry of India. Tata holds the ownership of luxury hotel chains in the whole world, which is commonly known as the Taj hotels. Now, this privately founded brand turned into a subsidiary company that is working under Indian Hotels Company Limited.

Jamshedji Tata, first time incorporated the TATA group, in 1903. This hotel chain is part of the TATA group. TATA is one of the top conglomerates of India till now the date since the era of the British period.

 As being the top hotel chain of India, the Taj hotel has the end number of hotels, resorts, and luxury villas in India as well as the Outside of India. TATA group started these projects with the ambition and dream of establishing world-class hotels in India.



Radisson is a Top-Notch Hotel brand of India, originally it is founded in America. This American Multinational Hospitality Group provides many hospitality benefits to the consumers. They established luxury hotels all over the whole world. The brand was started in the age of 1994.

Back then, it is serving the Indian mass with supreme service with its hospitality industry. Without a doubt due to the premier service, it is rising as one of the topmost hotel chains in the whole world including India.



This is another top brand in the market of India, only a few hotels can beat the hotel, Hyatt. Basically, Hyatt is also a very good brand in the Hotel industry sector. These companies’ headquarter is situated in Chicago.

Since 1957, the brand is able to maintain its Excellency in the whole world. The hotel’s chain has been building luxury hotels all around the world and bringing many more new adventures in the Hospitality market.


JW Marriott: 

This is also an American Multinational company, which manages its chain of luxury hotels in the whole world including India in a diversified way. This company franchises a broad portfolio in the whole world. It is said that the institution is founded by the Willard Marriot, now his son is leading the company.

They offer diversified hotels and; lodging-related facilities. Now in the whole world, they have almost around 7000 thousand properties and also having a lakhs of followers in the whole world.



Yet another western brand that has a stronghold in the Indian market is Westin. The headquarter of the Westin hotel brand is situated in Seattle, Washington. You will wonder after knowing that, this very big brand was started with a small venture through a small discussion in the coffee shop.

Severt W. Thurston and Frank Dupar are the founders of this brand who decided to start the brand by using their personal land properties. They started these brands to tackle the Great depression of the American Economy. Now the brand has multiple branches in India too and Indian Customers also started loving the brand.



The Novatel is also a big name in the hotel industry. Basically, this brand is  France based hospitality industry, but it has lured all the whole world, by serving their elusive, modern and intuitive designs.

The flagship properties are also constantly raising the value of the brand in the market. The Novatel holds almost 492 hotels in the whole world. Till 1990 it was a small group of industries. Back then, entrepreneurs of the hotel spectacularly up headed the brans in various countries including India.



This is also one of the top luxury hotel chains in India. Over the years it has lured people with their divergence hospitality ideas. Another important feature of this brand is solely an Indian company, which is founded in Kolkata for the first time in the late nineteenth century.

During the last fifty years, this very hospitality brand chain flew in the Indian market with its excellence of service. The particular hotel chain has its units in every city, including the megacities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. They are best known for their luxury five-star hotels.



When talking about the hotel brands in India, ITC must become on the first list of hotel brands. This is a very popular hotel brand in the Indian market, which emerged during the period early twenties. They have extended its support system very strategically as the premium hotel players do in the Indian market.

Since then, they have to break many records in the hospitality industry. Thus, in this way, they beat all their competitor and now they have grown as the topmost brand in the Indian market.



Leela is the topmost brand in the Indian Market. The Leela brand was established by the CP Krishna Nair and he named the brand after the name of his wife. Initially, he brought 11 acres of land near in house in his own village, which was situated beside the outskirt of Mumbai, in 1986.

Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport is very nearby to the area. Eventually, it became the first luxury hotel near to Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport. Due to this reason, this brand got massive success in Mumbai. 

During the period of nineteen, it had opened many new branches in various cities of India. In Goa, also they started to build a grand hotel. The Leela designed their hotels in a particular way that includes styles Portuguese. Portuguese architect structure is very popular in the state of Goa as Goa was once ruled by the Portuguese. Keeping that aspect in the mind they have designed the hotel of Goa.

The main uniqueness of the brand is it entirely keeps up the heritage of the particular city, where they are building their hotels. Similarly in this way, keeping the idea of Mysore palace in mind, they designed another hotel Bangalore, IT hub of India. Thus by utilizing all these miraculous ideas, they are expanding the hotel business from the whole of India.



 Trident is a top-notch hotel group in India that is founded in 1934. This brand generally operates its service through a brand name that is commonly known as Oberoi hotels. It’s headquarter is situated in Delhi.

The Brand runs its operation by establishing various well build hotels and luxury resorts. The brand owns almost 31 luxury hotels in different countries. Beyond that, the brand has the two river cruises that primarily make the Oberoi group more powerful in the floating seashore hotel industries.

In 1934 Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi, founder of this brand holding a powerful legacy of the holding facilities in the hospitality industry.

 In the above discussion, we have compiled all the best brands in India. We are hoping that this article will give you a complete idea of the top Hotels of India. Besides that, it will help you to decide on where to stay on the days of your traveling.

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