Top 10 Best Guitar Brands in India

Playing the guitar is more than playing a musical instrument. Once, Jimi Hendrix said he rather played the emotions than playing an instrument. hence, in all kinds of mood, a guitar can be the best companion ever. So, whether if you are feeling low or having a high time, you can pick up a guitar and let the emotions make the symphony. 

So, if you are a guitar player and crazy about introducing new family members to your guitar collection. Hence, you got to be choosing your new guitar from the guitar brands that are reliable. 

So, here we have come up with top 10 guitar brands in India from which you can choose without any hesitation. 

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands in India


Undoubtedly, fender has been one of the most popular brands all of the world. Well, guitar players from India are also crazy about having a fender guitar for themselves too. Therefore, we have included this brand because of the fact that fender has been crafting amazing guitars whether it is electric or acoustic.

In fact, Fender owns one of the most popular guitar series including Stratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang and many more.  


  • Fender is able to provide you quality even in the affordable budget section.
  • Fender guitars are best known for their signature tone.
  • One of the best choices for playing rock and blues music.


  • Playing can be tough with long length
  • Single coil pickup can irritate you with noise generation.
  • Some of the players do not find the design appropriate for their playing.



Undoubtedly, Ibanez has been one of the biggest names in the world of guitars. In fact,  world-class players do prefer Ibanez for their amazing build quality as well as tone quality. Starting from a Japanese company that only manufactured copies of the American guitars, Ibanez has now flourished with its own identity. 

In addition, Ibanez is known to be the pioneer of guitars with seven strings. Moreover, guitars of this brand are suitable for a wide range of genres including, rock, hard rock, metal and many more. So, you won’t be hesitating going for an Ibanez guitar if you are versatile at playing.

Therefore, have a look at the pros and cons of Ibanez guitars:


  • You can play the high notes effectively
  • Ibanez guitars look awesome and elegant
  • Ibanez provides guitars that are valued for money


  • Ibanez does not impress with its entry-level guitars especially in the case of acoustic guitars. 
  • The build quality and tone of the budget acoustic guitars are satisfactory.



Gibson is somehow able to beat Fender due to the humbuckers. Humbuckers do not produce too much noise that we experience while playing a fender electric guitar. while in the case of acoustic guitars, Gibson does have a number of series that offer quality tone with sustenance.

Gibson is popularly known for its warm sound that is ideal not only for hard rock but also for playing blues and jazz. Gibson rocks with two of its designs that are popular in the world, one is Les Paul and the other one is SG.


  • The design is ideal for the world of rock.
  • Gibson is reliable as because of the use of the materials that are of high quality.
  • It provides ease of playing. Moreover, you won’t be experiencing any noise while playing.


  • If you look for a brighter tone, the humbuckers used in Gibson cannot provide you with that tone.
  • Gibson guitars are expensive.
  • You may not find it suitable if you are a beginner.
  • Gibson guitars are heavier that might not comfort you. 



Yamaha is a Japanese brand that makes numerous musical instruments. Apart from its popular pianos and keyboards, Yamaha does not disappoint you with its wide range of acoustic and electric guitars.

Yamaha’s entry-level acoustic guitars are considered to be the best choice for those who are picking up a guitar for the first time. Also, you can have amazing options for professional-level guitars. 

Yamaha’s F310 and FG800 are among the best guitars for entry-level and newbies. 

We have summed up with some pros and cons of Yamaha guitars, have a look:


  • Affordable models can sound like premium.
  • The materials used are of high quality.
  • Highly recommended for the beginners.


  • Those who are veteran do not prefer Yamaha guitars.
  • The brand is not as popular as Gibson and Fender. 



PRS (founded by Paul Reed Smith) is an American brand that manufactures guitar and amplifiers. It is known for its amazing design and recognizable tone that makes it one of the premium guitar brands in the world.

Many popular musicians play PRS guitars that are not limited to a single music genre. They are suitable for progressive music, rock, metal and blues. 


  • The design is brilliant.
  • Build quality is amazing.
  • Unmatchable tone.


  • You may not find the desired quality in a budget-friendly guitar.
  • PRS guitars are expensive.



Jackson comes under popular guitar brands in the world. It provides not only acoustic but also electric guitars. In fact, the metal players are crazy about Jackson guitars. In addition, some of the series are not only affordable but also provide a quality tone that you cannot expect in other guitars for the same price.

So, have a look at the pros and cons of Jackson guitars:


  • Can be the best choice for metal players.
  • Provides good tone quality for an affordable price.
  • Build quality is quite overwhelming for the price.


  • If you are a blues player, you might not feel comfortable with the guitar.
  • Not a versatile guitar.



Washburn is an American brand that manufactures stringed instruments. Top musical instruments include guitars, mandolin, etc. Moreover, in each of the sections, you will be able to find numerous products that justify the quality that they provide for the price. 

So, here we have come up with the pros and cons of Washburn guitars.


  • Build quality is amazing.
  • It offers a quality tone.


  • Washburn guitars are expensive if you look for the quality tone and build quality.
  • Washburn is famous for manufacturing mandolin.



ESP is a Japanese guitar manufacturing company that mainly focuses on crafting electric guitars as well as basses. While the brand is renowned worldwide, it has been gaining more popularity in India.

While for the acoustics guitars, they have their another brand known as Takamine that manufactures quality acoustic guitars. Most of the metal artists play ESP electric guitars. It has got one of the most popular series in the world including Ltd., Arrow, eclipse, etc.


  • It offers guitars will killer looks.
  • The fret is ideal for soloing and shredding.
  • Notes and chords are easily recognisable in the distortion.
  • ESP guitars do no detune easily.


  • Difficulty in playing while sitting, especially for V-shaped guitars.
  • Reaching the higher frets feels like struggling.



Epiphone has been popular for providing a similar feel of a Gibson guitar. However, at present Gibson acquires Epiphone. So, people who love the Gibson tone but are looking for an affordable guitar can blindly go for Epiphone. 

So, if you love the warm tone of Gibson, Epiphone is the best choice if you want a budget-friendly guitar. Therefore, if you are a Les Paul Lover, you can go for Epiphone Les Paul that can give you the feel of Gibson Les Paul. 


  • In fact, Epiphone guitars are affordable.
  • Also, it can provide you with the essence of tone that Gibson has.
  • However, the design is somehow similar to Gibson.
  • It uses advanced humbuckers that can give you an amazing yet unique tone. 


  • As it provides you with affordable guitars, you cannot match the quality with Gibson.
  • It fails to copy the guitars made by Gibson.
  • It uses electrical components that are cheap. 



Schecter Guitar Research is an American brand that manufactures electric and acoustic guitars. Well, this one fits perfect for metal lovers. In fact, one of the finest guitar players play Schecter guitars and have their signature models.

For instance, Sinister gates and Nick Johnston are two of the totally different genres who have their signature models. So, it is clear that apart from the metal genre, Schecter is also focusing on other models too for different genres.


  • If you are looking for a guitar suitable for metal, you can go for a Schecter guitar.
  • The tone is ideal for almost all of the metal subgenres. 
  • Schecter guitars are affordable.


  • This might not be the smartest choice if you are looking for other genres.
  • The fretboard is not that good for ease of playing. 

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