Top 10 Best Gaming Consoles Brands india

The virtual world has taken up to the peak of mankind and thus gaming has been quite an important platform for the youngsters. Most prominently youngsters opt for gaming as they find it the best place to relax their mind.

Nowadays gaming consoles each and every bit of a youngster’s life as the virtual world is filled with insights of a larger than life image. The heave of fantasy has raised with the agendas of gaming as modernized games synchronize to itself everything. Thus the article elaborates on the top ten gaming brands in India. 

Top 10 Best Gaming Consoles Brands india


The Japanese Multinational Corporation has got to itself all what is required to make it large in the virtual world. With its headquarters based in Tokyo and founded in 1946, the brand has been operating in India since 1994.

The launch of PlayStation 2 created heaves among youngsters as the gaming platform infested everything to build it large. PlayStation 2 fantasized on more than a life’s image and came at quite an affordable price with double joysticks.



The American multinational corporation has been creating the greatest of the heaves in the world of gaming. The Xbox series of Microsoft was among the best buys of that particular year of its launch.

The brand headed by Bill Gates and founded in 4th April 1975 with its headquarters in Washington DC has been operational in India since the year 1990. The Xbox series though maybe quite costly has been the most exquisite platforms for gaming. 



The Japanese multinational corporation has been making it big since its launch of the Nintendo switch series. The company has been founded in the year of 1889 and was the first to launch games like Mario and the Legends of Zelda.

The headquarters of the brand is in Kyoto, Japan and since its recent launch in India it has been making hikes among most of the youngsters. Nintendo Switches are the best known for its strategic and mind-blowing games and is appreciated by people of all ages.



Specially featured in Amazon, the prime version has got to itself a set lot of nostalgias. Though it may be a child’s play yet Zrose yet features all those games that we used to play as teenagers.

Infesting with games like Spiderman, Batman and all other superhero versions, Zrose finds its place straight to the minds of children between 5 to 10 years. Besides games, Zrose gaming consoles feature with exquisite music and engrossing videos.

As Zrose stands as a prime product of Amazon little has been known about the manufactures yet Zrose will be the best buy among kids. 



One of the best brands into gaming consoles is none other than Atari. Founded in 1999 by the parent organization Ker venture, the Atari 2600 gaming console was the first of kinds of gaming. The headquarters of Atari is in New York and the first of its products Atria 2600 got discontinued in 1992.

Atari also came up with its innovative launch Atari 5200. Another of the fact about this brand is that after the distortions of many of its products Atria completely focused on modernized gaming. Currently, the stock price of the company is more than 30 billion.



The Japanese MNC is the oldest of its kind in the manufacturing of video games. The company was founded in 1960 and it has its headquarters in the United States as well as in Honolulu.

SEGA built the first of its gaming consoles SEGA Genesis in the year of 1988 scoring heaves and making hikes into the world of gaming. The operations of SEGA made its first halt in India on 21st of November 2000. SEGA will be upheaved for manufacturing exquisite and ravishing games.  



The American multinational corporation founded in 1932 was the first of its kind in producing exquisite video games. The Coleco Vision was quite remarkably designed and forfeited into action after getting massive responses.

Coleco will be recalled back and again as The Connecticut Leather Company founded by Maurice Greenberg making the first of its moves in the production of video games. Coleco gained grounds being kids most favorite of the platforms where they would seek for a larger than life image. 



Most commonly proclaimed as the Japanese toy shops manufacturing plastic models and toys have made it a point to make a mark in the production of video games. The company was founded on 5th of July in 1950 with its headquarters featured in Tokyo, Japan.

Bandai came up with its true innovations of video games by manufacturing Wonder Swan the latest of its kind. The handheld portrayal of the video game mastered true innovations and gave consumers a remarkable taste of the virtual world.


Hudson Soft

Another of the Japanese corporation in the manufacturing of video games is none other than Hudson soft. Founded in the year of 1973 this brand is the oldest of its kind in the production of video games.

Hudson soft came up with several new innovations in the platform of gaming as well as portrayed graphics to its best level. With its headquarters featured in Tokyo, Japan this gaming console was the first to launch TurboGrafx-16.

This brand has continued in making hikes in the virtual world bringing about specialized and modern features with changing times. 



Last but not least this Dutch multinational company founded in Amsterdam has taken up the lead in the manufacturing of a wide range of video games. The company founded in 1891 ranges among the oldest of the companies in the production of exquisite gaming facilities.

With its revenue currently featuring about 18.19 billion, the MNC has made a point in satisfying their vast number of customers through ravishing productions. Philips has been operational with its wide range of technologies in India since 1930.

The best of the versions of Philips launched into the world of gaming is none other than Philips CD-i and Magnavox Odyssey.



Thus these were the best of the gaming consoles that are available far and wide outstretching its wings into business and giving an insight to a larger than life image.

Though gaming has been at large into this modern era dominated by technology yet there remains certain pros and cons of it. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned brands take the best care of each and every corner of a person’s taste tries to provide the best of the services as possible.

Thus this truly has enlarged their scope into the virtualized market and was certain to keep up with the expectations of all their customers.      


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