Top 10 Best football brands in India

Football is one of the most popular games played, seen and enjoyed in India. Kerala, West Bengal, Goa inculcates football in their daily life. Not to forget the North Eastern parts of India, wherein places such as Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Meghalaya, Nagaland and others.

In India, from children to adolescents to older people, enjoy their life out, while playing this sport. Both, males as well as females enjoy playing this sport. This sport is played, without any discrimination. Individuals of all strata, all castes and all religions, in India, play this sport and enjoys it.

Football was, at first, introduced in India, by the British soldiers, as a means of entertainment/ enjoyment. But today, this sport is also made into one’s career. Today, at a large, citizens of all the states and countries, play football. In India, football is also considered to be the national sport.

Top brands of football in India.

As the national sport of India is football, there are a lot of brands that support and work for the sport.


Adidas has taken the full ownership of manufacturing and the selling of Messi footballs, that come in multi colors and almost in every feet size. In India, Adidas is known to be one of the leading companies, when it comes to athletics, sports or gymnastics.

This company is one of the most standardized and well known companies in India and also to an extent of going to have it’s branch, all across the world.



The company cosco is better known by the name of Cosco Mundial Footballs.

This company holds a monopoly in the Indian market, for these cosco mundial footballs, which, by professional players, are considered to be one of the best manufactures football in India.

Cosco even manufactures and distributes tennis balls, cricket balls as well as fitness equipment, sports equipment and also exercise equipment.


Nike Strike Pl Football:

The Nike Strike Pl Footballs are one of the leading companies in the zone of football, in India. Nike is a high standard but best affordable company in India. Nike not only manufactures and sells footballs, but it also deals with sports wear, equipment and also sport shoes, jackets, hoodies, t shirts, cap, gloves, socks, woolen caps. Nike is one of a kind brand.



Nivia is a sole leading, Indian brand that manufactures and circulates sports equipments.

The genres of football, hockey, cricket, badminton, basketball and tennis are taken care of, by this company in places like Jalandhar, Punjab, India. This company also shook hands with few national level sports events that happened throughout the past few years, in India.,


Freewill Pvt. Ltd. :

Starting from football jersey to all the necessary sports equipment are manufactured and sold by this very largely spread company. The roots of this company lies in Jalandar, Punjab, India.  This is a sports infrastructure company and has it’s hand capturing the arena of sports in almost the whole of India.



Introduced in the market by TK Sports Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2009, is a sports equipment and sportswear brand. This brand has joined hands with a lot of football teams in the past years. To track it to the recent times, it has also taken over, if not the whole but the partial market of cricket in India. This brand also sponsors the United Arab Emirates national cricket team.



This German MNC has taken over the sphere of sports, almost all over the World. This MNC designs and manufactures sports as well as casual footwear.  Since 1986, this brand has taken over the whole casual and sportswear market in India as well as across a lot of countries and states around the World.

According to a survey in 2017, it was seen that Puma the brand, has around 13,000 workers worldwide and distributes it’s products in over 120 countries, all over the World. Puma offers products for basketball, running, golf, training, fitness, motor sports and so on.


Reebok International Ltd.:

This is an American apparel and foot wear company. This company manufactures, circulates and sells out a lot of running, training, fitness and sports, sports wears and foot wears. This company also manufactures and sells clothing, both for sports as well as for casual use.

Liquid Factory is a new innovation house created by Reebok, the company, solely. A robot will extrude liquid polyurethane and “draw” shoe components without the use of traditional shoe molds.



Starting from footwear, ranging across-track pants, trousers, jackets, sweat shirts, wrist watches, underwear fragrance, socks, back pack, laptop bags, wallets, caps to sunglasses. None of these products are left out to be a part of this brand called “Lotto”.

The specialty of this brand is it’s foot wears, soccer clothing and wristwatches.


Campus Sutra:

A group created by few young and brilliant minded young individuals, giving out and selling their brand to the young generation of the nation. Sweat shirts, track pants, track suits, hoodies, shorts, jersey, t shirts, women’s crop top, bags, mugs, caps and slippers are the pre-dominant supplies of the company/ brand. It provides products that are for both, males and females, boys and girls, men and women.


Few other companies are:

  1. Fila ;
  2. ASICS ;
  3. Columbia ;
  4. HRX by Hrithik Roshan ;
  5. YepMe ;
  6. Prettysecrets ;
  7. Proline ;
  8. Under Armour ;
  9. Kappa ; 
  10. Dida Sportswear.

These brands/ companies sell their products on their own websites as well as on different online shpping places such as Flipkart, amazon, myntra, shein, jabong, snap deal, paytm, AskMeBazaar . com and so on.



Football is a game, which, in every passing minute, takes the breath out of the audience. In India and also around the world, this sport is played and enjoyed by all strata of individuals.

This sport is also very interesting because the move the next moment is unpredictable. Thus, it keeps an individual hooked to the game, till the very last minute. On the other hand, just like any other sport, playing football keeps the individual playing it, fit and healthy all through his / her lifetime. Yes, you read it right. Football is a sport for both, men and women.

The soccer affects North American nation beat profound ways that. whether or not it’s by serving to to develop new reflexes or long-term memory whereas we have a tendency to play with it, by dynamic our perceptions of manageable area whereas we have a tendency to play while not it, or by merely assuaging stress as a past-time.

soccer is seen as a hobby, a sport, associate obsession. however we all know soccer to be over this. It is, attributable to its distinctive nature as associate activity of the feet, associate act of rebellion, of liberation, and of declarative identification. though it’s troublesome to check within us., soccer is that the true esperanta – a language that the complete world speaks.

Thus, be it be football or any other sport, training or exercise, an individual should be engaged in them, in order to stay healthy.

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