Top 10 Best Cricket Ball Brands in India

Cricket has always being a lavishing game to enjoy and contemplate with and the main kits of cricket comprise of the bat, ball and the stumps. Cricket has always been a fascinating game to enjoy while watching it in the stadium as well as at your home.

Though the fans of cricket as well as the cricketers are huge in the largest democracy of the world and moreover not only by witnessing the game people are fascinated though it also people are more craze in playing the game in gullies, streets as well as in large barren fields. Thus here the page brings about the top ten cricket ball brands that are available all throughout.

Top 10 Best Cricket Ball Brands in India

Kookaburra Cricket Balls

The kookaburra has been the most widely ranged cricket ball brand that has its roots since the 1980s. The balls are made by fine striped leather with almost 7 round stitches around it. The balls of kookaburra are very durable are fine inelastic.

Kookaburra has got a wide range of variety of balls that can really be trusted while the match goes on. There are almost 30 balls in a pack with the cost amounting around Rs10650.




The company itself caters the need of the most demanding cricket requirements to be available in the grounds for the legendary cricketers like the bat, gears, protective pads as well as the fine coated leather balls centred with the toughest and the finest substances available to play the game with. Each SG ball cost around RS 320 and a pack of four costs around RS 2299.


 COSCO Cricket Balls

Cosco has been the leading brand in the production of both crickets as well as tennis balls tracing its roots back to the 1980s. 

Cosco has always been the most trusted brand whenever it comes to sports gear and other sports equipment and thus Cosco balls have a wide range of variety in them. Each pack of Cosco balls, a box of 12 costs around RS 780. Cosco is the manufacturer of lightweight yellow fluorescent tennis walls   with a straightaway discount of RS 409.


 AVM Paxton Cricket Balls

AVM ranks among the well-branded cricket manufactured balls in India. AVM Paxton balls have the most exquisite hand-carved way of styling balms are hand stitched for effective performance.

These balls are lightweight and feathery and always handy for well effective performance and moreover, these balls hardly wear out and are quite beneficial for cricketers during their practice session.


 Spartan Sports Cricket Balls

Spartan is the finest cricket sports gear balls available throughout the sports manufacturing factory and thus is considered quite reliable by the manufacturer as well as players as it offers quite a different variety of balls including cricket as well as tennis balls.

The leather balls have 4 different varieties: Test Cricket ball, Club cricket ball, County cricket ball, and a League cricket ball. These cricket balls are durable and are quite flexible for junior training and thus the cost varies between 

Rs 330-600.


DSC Cricket Balls

DSC cricket balls trace their origin since the 1970s and provide the finest core of cricket balls available in the country today, the company produces some of the most high-class sports gear and equipment in India that are exported globally.

DSC cricket balls comprises the most authentic alum and the most authentic synthetic and are the most durable cricket gear producers in the industry.


Hans Rubber and Sports cricket ball

HRS is an Indian sports gear company with its branches in Meerut. The company produces fine sports elements with ranging around super cheapest prices they have good quality centre construction and a seasoned inner core.

These balls are produced with linen hand stitching and good abrasion resistance. HRS cricket balls are available for RS. 260- RS. 1150.


Acorn Cricket Balls

Acorn cricket balls are the strongest and the hardest cricket balls and they are the most durable and the most popular among their customers. It is a hard linen product and is also the finest available in the market.

They are 100% pure wool and are also seasoned with super quality, spin, and bounce. Acorn balls range from RS 135 for one ball to RS 250.


Tima Cricket Balls

Tima is one of the most favourable and the best manufacturing company for cricket ball in India. These balls are used in gully cricket, school cricket as well as tournaments.

The balls are made from superior quality leather with a high-quality centre construction having layers of treated hide. The balls have a sturdy outer casing that offers a better bounce on the field. 

You can own Tima cricket balls if you shell out RS. 300 for one ball to RS. 2000 for a dozen balls a pack. These balls are made up of fine quality leather as well as high-quality centre construction.


Aver Cricket Balls

Aver is a renowned market for cricket goods available in the Meerut market. Aver cricket balls are made of high graded leather and are durable. The balls are produced for beginner’s training as well as for professional players.

These balls are made up of Portuguese cock for finishing to your sports kit. Aver balls are available in a price range of RS. 2400 for 12 balls a pack.

Thus the sports gear companies have been quite autonomous and quite variable in the production of any sports gears and sports cricket balls and one can always rely upon them for better task and performance.

The range varies from kookaburra the largest producers to aver the last but not the least. Indian sports gear has always been vulnerable and varied from the rest of the others into this particular industry and thus summing up the best and the affordable into the business.

Let’s admit we all are a fan of cricket matches and we all are hungry towards the game either to play or to witness our favourite player in action and thus there has been and will be a great appetite towards sports gear and sports kit depending on their availability and price. These brands mentioned above are the most famous cricket ball brands available in the nation throughout and thus they are more depended and reliable to play with.

All of these brands have their origin in the Indian market of industries and witnessing their scorching revenue these brands would soon dominate the foreign sports gear market.

It has been in our childhood we used to play with Vicky or Coorg balls and only professionals used to play WITH SG balls but now everything is available in the cheapest cost possible for everyone so that future dreams should last beyond thought and knowledge and cricketers should emerge from each gully, each state as well as each house to render and redeem their dreams.   

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