Zara Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name- Zara.
Founder– Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera.

Zara is one of the leading clothing brands. It is globally very popular and severs thousands of customers.

Zara is one of the largest clothing brands is owned by Inditex one of the world’s largest distributor groups.

Zara is now one of the best global brands listed in 2018.

How it all started

Zara started its journey to provide high-end quality clothing at the best prices. Zara aims to upgrade the fashion trends as clothing is an important part of any culture or community.

Zara wanted their clothes to represent today’s world in the 21st century and they have been successful in doing so.

Zara’s customers are spread all over the world and have embraced their fashion clothing over the years.


In 1975, Amancio Ortega Gaona opened its first Zara retail shop in La Coruña. The store was originally built, simply to have an outlet for canceled orders but slowly their venture into the fashion industry started.

The brand had 6 stores during the year 1979, then the brand established retail operations in all the major Spanish cities during the 1980s.

Then in1988 the first overseas Zara store opened in Portugal then next in New York City in 1989 and Paris in 1990.

Then the foreign expansion took place during the 1990s when Inditex entered 29 countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia and by 2002 Inditex had opened 1284 stores in 39 countries.

Zara Brand Marketing strategy and its successes

Variety and quality of the products

Zara focuses on the design, material, and appeal of the clothing. The main aim of Zara is to be relevant in today’s fast pacing and changing world and changing fashion trends.

Zara’s product lines for women, men, and children, and they have a special dedicated creative team consisting of designers, sourcing specialists, and product development personnel.

The creative team works on products for every season by creating constant variation in the design and material of the clothing.

Zara aims to provide top-quality products at reasonable prices. For quality control, every item goes to one of their 10 logistics centers in Spain to be inspected before reaching the shelves.

In most companies, if the shirt is manufactured in Bangladesh and has Japan as a final destination they would be shipped directly to Japan, so Zara’s model seems counter-intuitive.

However, this also serves another purpose, which is linked to their low inventory strategy.

Not every store will sell the same type of clothing, the goal is to control what each Zara shop will receive, from clothing lines to colors and types of fabric.

They have a variety of products from casual wear to fashionable statement wear, bags, dresses, jeans, trousers, tops, skirts, and a variety of accessories that are to be found under the same roof as Zara.

Not only women but men are great fans of Zara. Zara is known for its varied products for women the cut, design, and material of the clothes are top-notch leading Zara to be one of the most desired brands by women.

Zara surprisingly produces 1000 new designs every year as they promise its, customers, the best and the latest clothing.


Zara’s pricing strategy is to provide fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. The prices are set according to the locality and the country and demand for their products in that area.

Zara reduces its cost as it doesn’t spend money on advertising and raw materials. They produce their clothes depending on the target market and then sets a budget which helps them to choose their materials and continue their production.

These factors help them to earn profit depending on each market. They also tag their products locally depending on the country.

Zara has huge competition in the market but they only give discounts once or twice a year.

Zara believes that customers buy their products not because it is Zara but their products are sold depending on the quality and the fashion statement which the customers focus on.

Global presence of Zara

Zara started its journey with only one outlet, but gradually it took over the world rapidly. They have their retail stores in more than 90 countries and have over 10000 retail stores and every year minimum of 100 stores are build.

Zara has control over the aspect of design, production, distribution, sales, promotion, and feedback are given by customers. In every Zara store, the manager sends orders to the headquarters depending on the demands on that particular locality.

They take the shortest time possible to produce a product and their production team is efficient in handling pressures.

The efficiency of Zara has helped them to reach new heights in every county and every market around the popular.

The global presence of Zara showcases the increased brand value among the varied markets and customers worldwide.


Zara is not into the aggressive promotion of their brand. A brand needs to promote its products to its customers but Zara differs from the traditional companies.

For the campaign, Zara targets social media as it has become increasingly popular as a mode of communication between consumers and companies or institutions.

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and other blogs or discussion groups can also provide companies with a unique platform to raise awareness of their products.

Zara has millions of followers on their social media handles but interestingly they don’t put their brand logo in their products. They aim at reducing advertising costs and in return build new stores.


Zara is a brand with a difference they have been successful in their vision and their motto is to provide the best quality products to the customers at affordable prices.

Zara’s unique approach to not spending much money on promoting its products has been a successful one. The products of Zara have created a lot of buzz over the years.

The customers believe in their products and always look up to Zara for any latest fashion trends.

It is the reason for Zara’s success and the brand is popular worldwide giving huge competition to the rival companies.

They also take part in creating a better eco-friendly environment by using paper and bio-degradable plastic to pack their products for the customers.

Truly, Zara can bring a change in the fashion market and sets new bars for its competitors.

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