Whitetone Brand History & Marketing Strategies

Brand name– White tone powder.
Founder- Darshan Patel (Vini Cosmetics).

 White tone powder is a product marketed by Vini cosmetics in the Indian market. It has become a popular product just like their perfume body spray Fogg scent.

This product is basically for young women who want radiant skin instantly with minimum effort. White tone power is one of the top-selling talcum powders for face application in India.

How it all started

Vini cosmetics is known for its innovative ideas and unique products they bring into the market. Fogg sent is a big hit in the market with a unique idea of combining perfume and a body spray that lasts longer throughout the day.

And currently, the Indian market is full of cosmetics face cream, concealer, foundation to lighten the skin tone.

Vini came up with the idea to use specially made talcum powder to apply on the face which would lighten and brighten the skin tone and give an oil-free natural look. With all these revolutionary ideas Vini launched this product in the Indian market.


Vini cosmetics group with the help of its founder Darshan Patel came up with this unique idea of infusing talcum with the giddiness to be suitable for any Indian skin tone. White tone powder was first launched in April 2012 in the Indian market.

The company saw the benefits of talcum powder on any skin, and the instant results it gives to the face was one of the primary reasons for the formation and formulation of the white tone powder.

White tone Brand Marketing strategy and its successes

Vini cosmetics have been in the Indian market not for a long time but they have created a lot of buzz in the market. Its famous product the Fogg sent has helped earn Vini cosmetics a huge amount of revenue and a good name in the market.

The company also created a lot of buzz in the market with its advertisement and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Fogg scent.

They ventured into the cosmetics industry with their product glam up and white tone powder and many others which followed them.

It is because of the trust and success of Vini cosmetics products that White tone powder can take over the market by storm.

Quality of the product– 

White tone powder comes in a beautiful packing a pink container the color typically suggests that it is a female-driven product. The packing is aesthetically pleasing which appeals to its customers.

The white tone powder is for application on the face specially made for women so the product is wonderfully crafted to suit any skin be it sensitive.

Talcum powder is one of the softest minerals found on earth, talc has a soft silky texture that comes in powder form.

The major benefit of talc is that it is inert and doesn’t allow any chemical reaction on the skin and gives the skin an instant oil-free feel. But talc has one disadvantage that it is not good for skin when used in excess quantity which results in blocking the pores. 

White tone powder has a sweet floral fragrance that women like and when applied to the face it instantly brightens up the skin and keeps the skin fair for a longer period.

The ingredients used in making white powder are Titanium Di Oxide, Alumina, Talc, Mica, Perfume Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Carbonate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccanate, Dimethicone, vinyl dimethicone Cross Polymer and Silica which makes women skin more radiant.

White tone powder is safe for face application and also can be used on the body without causing any harm to the skin.


The price of white stone powder is kept reasonable for the Indian market and the tremendous competition in the market. The white tone powder comes in packs of 30 grams, 50 grams, and 70 grams and costs not more than 150 rupees.

The price is an important factor in the market the brand chooses to keep the prices low to attract the customers to buy their products and choose over face creams, foundations, and other skin lightening products.

The makeup and cosmetics industry is a rapidly fluctuating market with the introduction of new products every day in the market. This pricing strategy helped the Vini group to push White tone powder in the market.

Presence of the product in the Indian market– 

White tone powder is an Indian brand and it is present in and around India. White tone powder is very easily available to its customers.

Vini group doesn’t have their stores around India but they have a strong and widespread network for distributing its products easily found in the Indian market.

White tone powder takes the help of its parent company Vinni group which already has an established and powerful distribution channel. White tone powder doesn’t need an exclusive outlet for selling its products.

Their distribution network has a massive amount of service from manufacturers, C and F agents, distributors, and retailers.

White tone powder is easily available at every other shop, grocery store, mall, and supermarket. They also sell their products online with the help of various e-commerce platforms.

Customer’s reviews- 

White tone powder is rated 4 out of 5 stars on the internet. Customers said that White tone powder doesn’t leave any whitish cast on the skin, it absorbs oil very fast.

The product has a light feel and gives a matte finish on the skin, by giving it a fresh glow. Such reviews show us the success of the product by giving customer satisfaction.


Campaigning is one of the most important marketing strategies. As advertising its products and making them familiar to the customers is needed to increase the brand value in the market.

Vini group took the help of different media, print, digital, electronic, and visual media in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, billboards, television channels, radio, and other mediums to promote white tone powder.

Using the taglines like Har din ka Nikhaar and ‎De goraa nikhaar, instantly became extremely popular in the market.

These campaigns were able to relate to Indian customers and the success of the product is evident in these years after its launch.


Vini group can bring a change in the market with the introduction of talcum powder for the Indian face.

Young Indian women are driven by the idea that their white complexion face likes beautiful and with the introduction of white tone powder in the market it has been accepted by the customers rapidly.

This showcases the success of white tone powder in the market.

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