Giorgio Armani Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name – Armani
Founders- Giorgio Armani, Sergio Galeotti

Armani is a luxury brand having a variety of products. Their products are a premium, unique, desirable, fashion statement and extremely popular among customers worldwide. Currently, Armani is ranked 8th among the most popular brands.

How it all started

The brand started with a desire for a vision to produce fashionable products and a luxurious style statement. They aim to provide customers with products that will give them a feeling of pride and honor. Their products are built to stand out from the crowd and mostly their target customers are affluent and wealthy people who would desire the premium products of Armani.


Armani was launched in 1975 by Giorgio Armani he is celebrated as the most influential and celebrated fashion designer from Italy.

Armani is known for its quality, sophistication, and timeless style of clothing ranging from luxury garments, apparel, accessories, and others.

Armani describes themselves as providing quality, sophistication, and style-timeless values with global appeal.

The founder Armani delve into the fashion industry in the 60s after a brief time in the military service and then started his career as a window dresser.

Later in 1964, with a profound knowledge of fabric and design, he was taken on as a designer for the men’s clothing company Hitman.

Then in 1975 Armani designed his menswear label and then a year later a woman’s wear collection was produced.

Armani was first to bring a change in the closet of working professional women by introducing pantsuits instead of floral skirts.

In 1980 he entered the American market and Hollywood stars wore his designs in movies and on the red carpet. In 1989 Armani opened the first of many restaurants.

By 1990, Giorgio Armani had 200 stores worldwide and about 2 billion annual sales. 

Giorgio Armani Marketing strategy and its success

Variety and quality of the products- 

Armani produces its products under several labels like Giorgio Armani Privé, Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, and Armani Exchange and has a wide range of products.

Their clothing line has the best quality of suits, dresses and every item is a piece of style statement.

Their products attract businessmen, celebrities and for them wearing their clothes is a sign of their class. Celebrities wear their products on the red carpet and Armani clothes give them the desired attention and set them apart from others.

Armani products are for the people who have a taste for ultra-premium apparel but for those who desire their products but cannot afford them, Armani has a different label with a much lesser price for them.

And maintaining the quality of Armani products is their priority. The clothes, bags, and other products give their customers a premium look and also comfort. 


The prices of the products are set according to product look, cut and design and mainly the brand value of Armani is an important reason for the high prices.

Armani products are premium priced as their products are a piece of luxury and fashion lovers to businessmen desire theirs produces.

The look, feel and quality of the products are top-notch resulting in the high prices of their products.

The global presence of Armani- 

Armani clothes are available all around the world to serve their target customers. As the brand’s target group of customers is limited and confined, their products are not found everywhere.

Armani has retail stores of more than sixty Giorgio Armani boutiques, eleven Collezioni, 122 Emporio Armani, and ninety-four Armani exchanges spread over 37 countries. Armani also sells cosmetic and perfume range online. 

Customer service- 

Armani strives to give its customers a wholesome experience in their stores which include Armani Boutiques (selected high-end stores and specialty stores).

Armani is known for its innovation and now they can combine some of those into their stores to enhance the customer experience.

Armani believes that the customer who wants to buy the products also wants to enjoy the experience of shopping which can be improved by providing better facilities and features at their store.

Their website has the same design features as its stores and has a beauty bar allowing customers to have a look at the products lined up in front of them.

Armani has an innovative idea of having a real-time model that allows the customers to see products, like lipstick, applied to an on the model and making an idea of how the product will look upon them.


The promotion of a brand is an important aspect of the brand’s success. Campaigning of the products is necessary to introduce their products to the customers and the competitive market.

Promotions also help the brand to maintain its brand value in the market.

Armani has taken part in advertisements and sponsorship to reach out to its target customers.

Armani promotes its products by having popular celebrities who represent their brand in high-end festivals and award nights like Academy award gala and Cannes film festivals.

This helps the brand to reach its target customers and make it a product of desire.

Armani also promotes its products in print media, social media, and TV ads.

The frames of your campaign in social media by Armani grabbed attention which inspired customers to share their life stories and how they have virtuously overcome all the hurdles.


Armani is a brand that caters to high-class society and their different tastes. The brand promotes the luxury feel that it would give its customers. Armani has been successful in raising its brand value in the worldwide market.

In recent times Armani product needs no introduction and customers have fallen in a term called ‘brand love’. Armani products are a symbol of class and identity which is hard to deny.

Armani’s varied customers to a footballer, celebrities to businessmen shows the popularity of the brand. Customers who wear their clothes are bound to garner attention and gain complements which helps them to create a style statement among the crowd.

The products are desired by the customers as an item of possession and Armani even offers customized products which are another factor for Armani’s success in the market.

Armani has served over decades and continues to serve its customers their innovation in the world of the fashion industry sets them apart from others.

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