List of Top 10 Best Sofa Brands in India

Everybody dreams of having a beautiful home with the best interiors for the attraction and create an ambiance in the room. Where we decorate our rooms with amities like types of furniture like sofas, beds and tables. The moment when guests enter your house and your living room the first impression of the guests will the decorum of the room so it is important to have best quality of furniture to create a positive mindset of the guests. It is important to have good colors of the sofas with the best quality of materials to create best ambiances in the surrounding. 

This particular article will help you to understand which brand of sofas will be the best for you and why you should purchase the product.         

Here are TOp 10 Best Sofa Brands In India



Best Sofa brands IndiaDurian is thirty-three years old experience in the industry of sofa and furniture expanding over the country. The brand has strong image in the field of furniture production market. Durian has multiple stores in the country where the customers can get easy access to purchase the product from the store. Durian has online business overseas also where another potential customer can buy their products. They do home delivery on the doorsteps of the customers. Durian has started an e-commerce business to expand their business in furniture marketing. 

They have their own factory where they produce handmade furniture with high-quality materials and best premium quality of woods from where beds, sofas and tables are made. Durian have wide range of sofas and other furniture to offer their customers which includes one-seater and two-seater sofas, they also have lounge sofas for big banquet halls and rooms with suiting according to the ambiances of the rooms. 

The finest quality of leathers, fabrics and crafting is used to make good sofas that can be sold in the market according to its quality with best possible services. Durian also offers a year warranty to its customers.



Best Sofa brands IndiaHome Town is a sub-brand of Future group which is famous for its offline business in the modern time though it has online business the brand is famous for its physical stores across every major city in the country. The store offers you the freedom to have specialists who direct you on the furniture that would work out in a good way for your home interior. The online stage also offers the design and build choice that means you can customize your own sofas. 

The sophistication of designs that defines the image of the brand. They have products like sofas with beds attached to it with the lining of brown fabrics around it. The brand also offers discounts and sells on the stores regarding any occasions and festive seasons to attract potentials customers. 


Royal Oak 

Best Sofa brands IndiaIt is one of the oldest brands that offer a scope of furniture and choice for home stylistic theme, Royal Oak is a noticeable online business which offers conveyance crosswise over significant urban communities in India and on the off chance that you are from Bangalore. The company also promise to deliver its product to its customer within seventy-two hours.

The sofas are made from the expensive woods of oaks trees which are considered as the best quality to craft any types of furniture. Customers can choose wide range of sofas from the stores according to home ambiances. 


Wooden Street 

Best Sofa brands IndiaCustomers can customize their sofa online or you can take help from the experts to build their sofas. 

The range of sofas they have online is comprehensive also yet on the off chance that you have something explicit as the main priority, they will just gratefully have it customize your product for you. They have lots of features in the sofas like inside drawers to hold glasses and stationaries. Sofas are made from Sheesham woods with L-shaped patterns and many more. 



Best Sofa brands IndiaEvok has a great scope of furniture intended for the present current home insides. From the place of HSIL, the EVOK stores exhibit over twenty thousand world-class contemporary items in home furnishings, delicate goods, home stylistic layout and frill, divider design, secluded kitchens and particular closets. The brand is famous for its home decor with sofas. 

Evok has both strong networking in offline as well as online marketing. It also offers free home delivery to its customers. If you are looking best decorative and attractive based sofas then you should invest in Evok. 


Urban Ladder

Best Sofa brands IndiaUrban Ladder is a well recognized brand on the global stage. There are wide verities of sofas where you can choose according to your interests.  Urban Ladder has been loyal to its customers with a variety of furniture that is not only extraordinary on stylishness but easy on the pocket budget-friendly as well. The sofas are for the high performances in texture and durability. 

The designs of the sofas are modern where premium qualities of fabrics are used which is made from white and dark ivory. The specialty of the sofas are the foundations of the three-inch layer of wide elastic band is used to make it thicker and durable. 


Couch Potato 

Best Sofa brands IndiaThe brand was formerly associated with highly recognized companies like Ebony Gautier and Hobby Ideas. The brand offers specialization on sofas and another furniture’s to its customers. Their lead store in Mumbai is spread over a monstrous space of five thousand sq. ft. however you do have choice to purchase online too structure their selective entrance. They will offer you with extensive ranges of sofas from where you can choose. 

If you want your living room to be royal and feel the leather fabrics on your sofas then you should go for couch potatoes. 





Best Sofa brands IndiaIt is a Mumbai based brand that has a strong online marketing presence. Though it is new brand founded in 1999 and making a strong market position in the field of premium brand of luxury furniture like sofas. You can choose verities of sofas with interesting features on the sofa like lighting system attached to sofas, art decors crafted in the sofas by the artisans which are handcrafted. All these high details in the sofas make it more premium.

If you are looking for modern as well as authentic touch in the sofas for living rooms and halls the Furniturewalla products are best for you.  



Ivory Homes


Best Sofa brands IndiaIt is also a western Indian based company which have online business marketing on furniture’s where customer can choose their sofas and they also got the features of comparing other furniture’s where you can choose the best. Sofas are made from the best quality of plywood, finest quality of latex is used for cover and wooden legs are used to give the sofas a perfect look. 

For the individuals who like to associate class and style, this is the perfect one seater couch with a sensitive print is an incredible decision. You can utilize it in a couple or solo with an announcement light and see your living or room space overflow with style. 





Best Sofa brands IndiaThe brand is associated with clothing though they have wide ranges of furniture products like sofas and beds. The brand is linked up with fifty thousand craft-based producers to the modern urban markets. The products are very budget-friendly to the customers, the brand targets the general categories of people. The sofas are mainly made from high qualities of carbon fiber plastics bodies. Customers can choose from the given options, the sofas give modern look to your living room. 

The customer does not need to worry about the maintenance cost because it is very low. Though sofas are machine-made but give premium quality looks. 

For the individuals who like to combine class and style, this flawless sofas and couches with a fragile print is an extraordinary decision. You can utilize it in a couple or solo with an announcement light and see your living or room space overflow with style.    


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