Top 10 Best Mirror Brands in India

A mirror can be considered as the true beauty of a space. A beauty mirror can spruce up a place in a very elegant way. The mirror plays an important role in decorating and in increasing the aesthetics of your home. Be it your bedroom, living room, or your bathroom, a mirror is a must everywhere.

Nowadays many varieties of mirrors are available in different sizes and shapes. Beauty frames and structures are also there plenty which can preen your house with beauty. It is thus, one of the most commonly used decorative accessories when it comes to decorating a house or any space. Mirrors can be of different types, hand mirrors, wall mirrors, standing mirrors etc. You just have to choose the best pick according your need and have to decide what would best suit your room space.

Below is the list of Top 10 Best Mirror brands in India:


  • 999store:

best mirror brands indiaAdd a beautiful and elegant touch to your house with the amazing collection of mirrors of the 999store that can showcase the aesthetics of your house. So you can impart a gorgeous and a swanky makeover to your rooms with this pioneering brand of mirrors. This can actually showcase your creative flair in a wonderful manner.

So you can add this elegance to your hallway, bathroom, living room, or kitchen by choosing the best suiting options from the wide range of varieties of mirrors. The collection at 999store will let you have no lack of choices when it comes to providing with some best designed mirrors. The prices of the products are also quite affordable pocket-friendly.


  • Brabbu: 

best mirror brands indiaBrabbu is a designer brand which reflects a kind of intense and aesthetic way of living, adding strength and fierceness to the living standard and to empower the lifestyle. The endless desire to discover the cultures from every corner of the world has led the designers to create the famous and amazing Kyan mirron, which is named after a tribe.

This Kayan round-shaped wall mirror created by the leading brand Brabbu tend to reflect a set of different emotions in modern homes. It will sum up the beauty, elegance, aesthetics and emotion altogether and will give your room a whole new makeover by its awesome collection.



  • D. Kumar Lamituff Glasses (P) Ltd.


best mirror brands indiaThis company was established in the year, 2011. This is one of the top most glass manufacturing companies in India. This is reputed and best known for trading, manufacturing, wholesaling various mirrors for all kinds of spaces. This leading mirror manufacturing company is basically Pvt. Limited Company and the product range offered by this company is amazing and you will have a plenty of choices to select from.

You will be able to get your hand on some of the best mirrors suiting the space of your house. You are sure to get lured by the elegant design, durable construction and the impeccable design of the mirrors. 



  • Artistic’s:


best mirror brands indiaArtistick’s is a pioneering mirror exporting company in India, and it was established in the year 1989. They are known to serve a huge number of clients across the world with some jaw-dropping designs and quality materials. This company has some professional artist, design team and a huge number of hands-one talented designers, artists, and gifted craftsmen.

They also claim that the design of their products are inspired by nature and they cater to all the aesthetic demands of the customers out there. The collection of brass classical mirrors of this company will just blow your mind, leaving you spoilt for choices.



  • Birkan Industries Pvt. Ltd.:


best mirror brands indiaBirkan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1988. This company manufactures, exports, imports and retails the comprehensive array of mirrors and glasses. They use the best quality of raw materials in order to manufacture their products. They are well known and reputed for provided quality products and these products are known to have enormous longevity.

Furthermore, they claim to be highly ethical in their in their business operation. Customer satisfaction is their prime aim and they value their customers’ demands and needs. In addition, their expert team comprises of best professionals who endeavor to provide various quality products in order to give you the best return of money.



  • Hosley:


best mirror brands indiaHosley is a global brand and is established in the year 1983. This is a great mirror brand which draws in many compliments from all the guests who will visit your house. This company manufactures unique designed mirrors having some exquisite shapes and patterns.

Another amazing fact about this company is that it is super affordable and has a wide range versatility. Mirrors manufactured by this company is sure to serve as a center of attraction point for wherever you place it. 



  • ExclusiveLane:


best mirror brands indiaExclusiveLane is a renowned and one of the most leading online craft brand. It was started in the year 2012. This company was basically started with a vision to promote crafts globally & to help small artisans out there based in different parts of India earn a living out of it.

By selecting some of the best picks manufactured by this company, you can showcase the rich cultural heritage of India along with the uniquely designed shapes of mirrors. The beautifully and professionally designed mirrors will elevate the aesthetic allure of your home. 



  • CASA Décor:

best mirror brands indiaCasa Decor is basically an entity of Sparkling Hues Gems Pvt Ltd. The amazingly designed products of this brand will make your house appear in a whole new way. You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house interior with the popular mirror brand that actually comes in both wooden as well as concrete variants.

The amazingly and elegantly built mirror structures can easily blend with the existing home décor. Another amazing fact about this brand is that the seller offers easy returns or exchange to its customers.



  • VarEesha:


best mirror brands indiaVarEesha is a leading brand in India that is committed to serving you with the best choice of a collection of mirrors of various ethnic designs and flair. With this unique mirror manufacturing brand, you can draw some inspiration from the tribal art of rural India. You are bound to feel happy and satisfied with the customer services of this company.

This company is going to provide you with professional craftsmanship, vibrant shades of color and some exclusive detailing which can bring out the true essence of Indian heritage to space.



  • Seven horses:


best mirror brands indiaSeven Horses is a well established and renowned brand of mirrors. All the products of this brand comes with some value for money products which can serve as a perfect fit for your bathroom, bedroom, living room and even for your hallways. This company also manufactures framed as well as unframed variants of mirrors that are sure to suit all sets of requirements in order to accentuate the aesthetics of your dwelling space. You can expect real amazing and budget-friendly products from this company that will suit your taste.

Mirrors can be of different types, hand mirrors, wall mirrors, standing mirrors etc. You just have to choose the best pick according to your need and have to decide what would best suit your room space. There are many companies out there in India that never fail to please their clients with stunning designs and quality products. By choosing the best one of them, you can bound the guests to fall in love with these ardently created mirrors.

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