Bajaj Platina History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name- Bajaj Platina.
Founder- Jamnalal Bajaj, (Bajaj Automobiles).

Bajaj Platina a product launched by Bajaj Automobiles. It is an extremely popular Economial bike sold in India.

The bike has had many versions and upgrades since its launch. Bajaj Platina has always given a tough completion in the market.

How it all started

Bajaj Automobiles is a two and three-wheeler manufacturer in India. They have been constantly dedicated to innovation in their products keeping in pace with the demands of the 21st-century riders.

They initially started with a humble effort to bring changes and develop the automobile industry.

Then they thought of offering something more advanced and innovative model for the bikers, who likes to own the road and the bike, on the other hand, adds to the personality of the rider.

One such bike is Bajaj Platina a moderate-priced bike for the common mass of India.


Bajaj automobiles are the 6th largest automobile industry in the world while being the 2nd largest automobile industry in India.

Bajaj’s popular two-wheeler Hero Honda and TVS Suzuki dominated the market and they took over 80 percent of the total two-wheeler market.

They have over 640 billion worth of market capitalization.

Surprisingly, it is the 23rd largest company in India. Bajaj Platina was first launched in 2006 with its first-generation model, followed by seasonal upgrades in the bike.

Since then it is a bike desired by most bike lovers as they add to the overall personality of the customer.

Bajaj Platina Marketing strategy and its successes

Specifications of the product- 

Bajaj Platina initially was launched in 2006, the design of the Bajaj Platina looks appealing to anyone is a matter of personal preference for men.

The Bajaj Platina motorbike remains in the lower-tier motorbike segment, the appearance of the overall bike may not of importance but the mileage and engine specifications had been.

The design of the Bajaj Platina is impressive for a motorbike in a medium range.

The bike has specially designed spokes on the wheels which has more gap than the most powerful bikes, that’s because this motorbike wouldn’t need very compact spokes for protection at a higher speed.

Other special attraction of the bike includes the cowling in front, domed headlight housing, protruding indicator stands, and the rearview mirrors are all kept in harmony to the main body color.

The build of the seat is sturdy and offers the needed protection to the rider. However, the customer can make changes to the seat according to their preference and making it higher or lower.

The weight of this motorbike is around 113 KGs, and the fuel tank holds 13 liters of fuel. The bike has a speed of around 91 km/h and can go from 0 to 60 km/h in 7.89 seconds. In city traffic, the bike can go in 72 km. On the highway, it can go up to more than 80 km.


Price in India is an important factor for any product to increase its brand name in the market.

Bajaj has been reasonable enough to moderately price the bikes according to the qualities and specifications of the bike. Bajaj Platina’s price could vary among different regions of the country.

In the regions where showrooms and plenty of third-party distributors are available, the pricing stays very close to the actual ex-showroom price.

Significantly they also offer online bookings that are available for customers in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore at the price of rupees 45,271. The prices fluctuate according to the company’s terms and policies.

They also have reasonable discounts for the customers to choose their bikes over other bikes.

Presence of Bajaj in the market- Bajaj has an elaborate distribution sector that is very organized and efficient. Bajaj deals in various types of products in the Indian market for its two-wheelers.

Bajaj has manufacturing plants spread around the country which is needed for keeping the cost low.

The cost of the product is kept in control because of the cheap labor in these regions. They have showrooms spread all around in the country in some of the popular metropolitan cities in India.


 The bike Bajaj Platina 100 cc was awarded the NDTV Profit Bike India-100 cc bike of the year award in the year 2007.


Campaigns are an important part of any brand to promote their product in the market.

Bajaj always understood the importance of advertisements they took the help of various communication mediums like televisions, radio, print media, and newspaper ads to promote their product.

The target customers of Bajaj being the young men of India between the ages of 18 to 35 are sure to attract this reasonably ranged bike Bajaj Platina.

The ad campaigns which came with the tagline Dumdaar sawari and the other tagline “Ek Litre Mein India Ki Khoj” garnered the attention of the potential customers.

Bajaj Auto products have been targeted at the regular middle-class Indian and the campaign “Hamara Bajaj” also connected to the Indian masses.

Also, campaigns were done on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube where Bajaj asks people to connect a social message for the present youth of India.


Bajaj is one of the oldest and popular Indian brands that have been serving since 1926.

The company has the largest subsidiary companies under the names Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Electricals, Bajaj Hindustan and Mukand Ltd, and others. Bajaj Platina became one of the reasonable bikes. A revolution for bike lovers.

This bike was a landmark bike for other rival companies. The popularity of the bike gave severe competition in the Indian market.

Bajaj is one of the topmost producers of the bike in India, they are constantly dedicated to the growth and innovation in the biking world. The bike lovers go crazy over their bikes.

And even with the slightest of changes in the bikes the customers get motivated to ride their bikes.

The customer service and longevity of the bikes are a sure thing to mention. The bikes have been able to earn their desired revenue over the years holding up to the legacy and good name of Bajaj in India.

Currently, Bajaj is at 1416 rank by Forbes Global 2000 list. 

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