Imagica Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name- Imagica.

Founder- Manmohan Shetty {Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL)}.

Imagica is an extremely popular theme park in India. It is a one-stop destination for children also adults.

Imagica aims at providing thrill, enjoyment, and refreshment all at the same place.

It is dedicated to constant innovation and growth in this business and wants to be globally recognized as the best theme park in India.

How it all started

Adlabs came up with an idea to create an entertainment destination with a theme park, Water Park, Snow Park, and a family hotel and is spread over an aggregate area of 138 acres.

It is seen mostly in developed countries that they have specially dedicated parks for rides like a roller-coaster, water rides, and many other adventurous rides. People like adventure and want to experience them all in a single place.

This is when Imagica comes into being with their extensive list of rides and rollercoasters for children as well as adults offering them an experience similar to rides in developed countries with their new and improved technologies.


Imagica is operated by Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL) and owned by Mr. Manmohan Shetty. He first started with Adlabs entertainment limited as an advertising film processing company. The company ventured into producing films like Ardh Satya, Chakra, Hip Hurray, Holi and a handful of other movies.

Then the company ventured into other businesses like film exhibitions and build the first IMAX in Wadala, Mumbai. The company builds the Imagica Theme park in 2013, this destination is located in Khopoli, 74 kilometers from Mumbai and 60 kilometers from Pune taking the Mumbai-Pune expressway. It is a big hit in India and one of the largest theme parks in India.

Imagica Marketing strategy and its successes


Imagica is sure to garner one’s attention. India is a diverse county and many people want to experience thrill and adventure in their lives. Imagica caters to these people with their jaw-dropping rides and roller-coaster.

They have a specifically dedicated theme park along with a Water Park and Snow Park that has been created with the best professional teams from across the world.

They have been built to provide a rich experience and made more attractive with their attractive designs and best equipment’s to give a wholesome experience.

Imagica Theme Park has over twenty-five rides like Rajasaurus River Adventure, a boat ride offering our guests to have a look into the pre-historic settlement and habitat of dinosaurs, Wrath of the Gods, a VFX show based on an archaeological discovery of an ancient Indian civilization, Nitro, is India’s largest without floor roller coaster,

I for India, a simulated helicopter ride over various sights and attractions across India. And Mr. India which is a ride for Bollywood movie buff and based on the evergreen movie Mr. India.

Imagica also has other entertainment spaces like they have live performances by acrobats, magicians, dancers, musicians, and other artists all day in various parts of the park.

Imagica is also a Grand Imagica Parade, which moves around the streets of Imagica every evening and wonderful sight for visitors. Other rides like Tubby, Wagon-o-o-Wheel, Humpty’s fall, Bump it Boats, Gold Rush has been very popular among the visitors.

Imagica Snow Park has many things to offer like basketball in snow, sliding down icy slopes in toboggans and rafts, climbing the rocky snowy mountains, also relish a cup of coffee at 5 degrees cold temperature.

The guests can also look forward to activities like snow hiking, snow rafting, dancing on the snow dance floor, or posing for some amazing pictures, with the breathtaking snow castle or the unique ice sculptures as backdrops.

Variety of restaurants in the park- 

Imagica is known for its variety and its diverse rides but caters to food lovers. People who visited the park can also relish the exotic food at the park, giving them a wholesome experience. Roberto’s Food Court and Armada offer vegetarian dishes from around the world also Spanish dishes respectively.


Price is an important factor in India. Imagine being a huge project they have spent around 1,650 crore rupees to build this giant theme park. The prices are reasonable for the guests, it is to attract more customers to the park.

Imagica can accommodate thousands of people and encourages people to visit Imagica in groups.

Imagica is mostly visited by families, group of friends as having fun with our close ones is the main motto of Imagica.

The prices are affordable in the sense that Imagica understands that for people who visit in groups the overall price could be very expensive so, the tickets are medium ranged. This also allows more guests to visit Imagica.

They also have special discounts around the year like Happy Tuesday and others, also sometimes gave a 50% discount on the overall ticket price.

Awards and recognitions- 

Imagica was awarded the Entertainment Licensor of the Year and Best Merchandise by Theme and Amusement Park Awards at The Economic Times Label Awards, 2019.

Imagica went to winning the award for Best Theme Park under the Infrastructure category at the prestigious FICCI Travel and Tourism Excellence Awards 2019 held in New Delhi in August 2019.


Promotions being an important part of any business. Imagica also took part in various campaigns and advertisements which could be seen on television, social media, and other mediums like radio, newspaper advertisements were also done to promote Imagica.

They also occasionally had billboards spread all-round the city in popular locations for promotions.

The OOH campaign became very famous which was broadcasted on over 19 channels across India.

They also sponsored various movies in India to familiarize Imagica to potential customers. 


Imagica is now a hot spot for any adventure freak in India. They are constantly dedicated to offering new rides and new attractions to provide each customer with the best experience.

They also are working on bringing new models of roller-coaster which would give a huge completion to International rides. Various tourists around the world visit Imagica and for them, they have specially dedicated staff to guide them around the park.

The hospitability of Imagica is top-notch allowing more visitors to come and have fun here.

Imagica located in Mumbai the heart of India has made India proud that they also have International standard rides and theme parks showcasing the development in India. 

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