Top 10 Best Wireless Mouse Brands in India 

Whether it is mainly a wired mouse or wireless, a mouse is one of the most useful gadgets of your PC or laptop. However, a wireless mouse always allows you to be free from the cables. So, before purchasing a mouse, you should know what elements are essential in a wireless mouse. If you don’t know, just shop for one of these mice that we have listed. In this post, we’ll talk about those necessary elements and helps you to choose the best wireless mouse in India. 

If you’re mainly an average internet surfer, then a mouse with standard three-button can be a good option for you. So, they are smaller in size and fits in your laptop bag easily.

Below is mainly the list of the Top 10 best handpicked wireless mouse in India.

1.Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsLogitech M235 is mainly one of the best selling wireless mice in India. It always comes with an advanced optical tracking sensor which gives resolution up to 100 Hz. So, it works on a radio frequency which required an external receiver. RF mousses are more receptive compared to Bluetooth mouses. It comes with a placeholder for the adapter which can be found in the right at the bottom of the panel.


2.Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsLenovo N100 is mainly the best wireless mouse for regular use, and it provides complete convenience to all types of users. It always comes in a water drop shape along with the anti-slip surface, which helps you in smooth navigation and command. The placeholder can be found under the lid, which can be opened and can safely place the USB Jack.


3.Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsLogitech M557 mainly comes with a high-definition optical sensor which gives smooth control. It can be used by both right-handed and left-handed, or if you use a palm or fingertip grip, the M557 is an excellent choice. The windows button always below the scroll wheel allows you to switch between apps and desktop with a single click, which helps you in increasing your productivity.


4.HP X3500 Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse Brands The HP X3500 is usually a good optical sensor based wireless mouse which comes with the usual three buttons which are two primary buttons (left and right) and one scroll wheel. It is mainly lightweight, stylish, and ergonomically designed, which gives more comfort to your palm. It works on Radiofrequency and uses a nano receiver which needs to connect with your PC or laptop.


5.Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsLogitech M590 is mainly a customizable multi-device wireless silent mouse. It is always considered the same as the Logitech M585, but it has silent left and right buttons that provide feedback without the noisy click. So, the buttons of this mouse are hardly audible, and it gives smooth movement on any surface.


6.TeckNet Raptor Prime SM268AG Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsIf you’re looking for a best wireless gaming mouse, then your search may end here. TeckNet Raptor is mainly the best wireless mouse in a friendly price range. It seems very sturdy and premium built. It comes 


7.TeckNet M003 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsTeckNet m003 is an ergonomically designed mouse for your hands which provides more comfort to your palm and fingers. The rubber gripped scroll wheel gives more grip to your hands. The Tru-wave motion sensor works effortlessly on almost all surfaces (Glass surface too). You just need to insert the nano receiver into an empty USB port of your PC or laptop and leave the rest work. It will instantly pair with PC, and you can start using it immediately after inserting a receiver.


8.Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsThe Logitech MX Anywhere 2 is mainly one of the best wireless mice. Its mainly compact shape easily fits in your hand and offers two additional buttons at the left side of the mouse. Apart from the mentioned two thumb buttons, the mouse only features the standard left/right buttons and a mouse wheel with a clickable button in it. The scroll wheel can be tilted from left to right for horizontal scrolling.


9.Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsThe Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is an inexpensive wireless mouse. It may not offers customizable buttons, but if you require a good wireless mouse in a low budget, then this can be the perfect choice for you. The Microsoft 1850 is ideal for both left or right-handed person, and if you are looking for a portable wireless mouse, then Microsoft 1850 is made just for you.

It mainly works on a nano receiver and lasts up to six months on a single charge. The good thing is basically that Microsoft is giving three years of warranty on this mouse. So, In the future, if any problem arrives in the mouse, then you’re well covered for three years.


10.Logitech G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse BrandsLogitech G 304 is specially designed for gamers which comes with LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. It mainly has a 1ms waiting time for its wireless connection and a 16000 DPI optical sensor for high-speed gaming. It is comfortable to use for all hand sizes. The buttons of this mouse are easily customizable you can map the buttons with ease with the help of Logitech’s programmable software. You can also customize the RGB lighting of the G-Pro logo according to your need and save it to the mouse’s onboard memory.

Once it saved, you can start using it on any operating system without changing the setting every time. So, the battery of this mouse lasts up to 9 months on a single AA battery. G304 always offers battery indicator light, which flashes red when the battery remaining 15%. It has two years of warranty.


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