United Colors of Benetton History And Marketing Strategies

Brand Name- United Colors of Benetton.
Luciano Benetton, Carlo Benetton and Giuliana Benetton.

United Colors of Benetton offers products mainly in the fashion domain with products ranging from Clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

The United Colors of Benetton is an Italian company the main strategy of their business is on clothing and controversial advertising. The brand is globally present in and around the world.

Their clothing line is not restricted only to the young generation but to the young and the old creating a style statement for them with their products.

How it all started

The company started with Luciano the present founder and chairman of United Colors of Benetton, who shared his business ideas with his sister Guiliana to sell apparel.

His sister worked in a knitting factory operating a knitting machine and had experience in producing apparel.

She teamed up with Benetton and started the business by purchasing a knitting machine in the year 1965.

She manufactured 18 colorful and vibrant sweaters and sold the apparel to local retail stores. This business to a business channel of marketing caught the consumer’s attention almost instantly and sales began to boom.


The company was launched in 1965 the business started to grow and Luciano’s brothers decided to join the business and each one of them had a designated department that they were in charge of.

Luciano looked after the marketing department and concentrated on conventional marketing communication through newspapers and magazines.

The brand produces products like clothing, undergarment, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories, and making them available in and around the world is the aim of the brand to survive the market demands.

The company was rapidly growing that they had to open up its exclusive retail store in 1969, with not just their brand but they sold their products under several different brand names. 

United Colors of Benetton Marketing strategies and successes

Quality and variety of products

The united colors of Benetton sell both women’s and men’s apparel, accessories, shoes, and fragrances to clients that are mostly fashion-oriented women and men between the ages of twenty to thirty-five.

As the brand mainly focuses its business on clothing for this they have a group of strong Italian individuals whose sense of fashion, design, and enthusiasm are evidently seen, in the United Colors of Benetton and the more style-orientated Sisley brands; in The hip site, the brand for teenagers; and in the sportswear brands, play life and killer loop.

The clothing line of the brand offers a wide range of products like cardigans, jumpers, jackets, coats, trousers, jeans, skirts shirts, blouses, and innerwear like vests, camisoles, nightwear, loungewear, and lingerie.

Apart from these, the brand offers accessories like bags, rucksacks, clutch bags, shoes, heels, boots, athletic hats, caps, colorful shawls, and scarves.

United Colors of Benetton also has a line of clothing for kids known as Benetton Baby which is extremely popular among customers.

And in every new season, the products are introduced in the market and have a unique design in line with the latest fashion trends.

The quality of the products by the brand is top notch and for them, material and the comfort of customers is the top priority.


the brand has a wide range of products mainly the target customers of the brand are youngsters. The price is strategically made keeping in mind the current marketing trends and competition of the rival brands.

The company has a reasonable pricing policy to attract the youngsters but they also have products that are decently priced for customers, to maintain the overall brand value and name.

The company also runs various offers and discounts to encourage customers to buy their products. This strategy of pricing by the brand is successful to bring the company to be listed among the top brands in the world.

Global presence of the brand

The Benetton Group is present in 120 countries around the world. Interestingly, Benetton’s sports goods brand, Prince, has a 30 percent global market share, and rollerblade in-line skates also have a 30 percent global market share.

Additionally, Nordica Skis, ski boots, and mountain wear have a 28 percent global market share.

The brand produces over 100 million garments every year over 90 percent of those are in Europe.

There are more than 7,714 employees in their over five thousand stores around the world providing top-notch customer services and additionally generating a total turnover of two billion euros from these retail stores.


The brand started its advertising campaigns with provocative ads that related to provocative and controversial advertising techniques and themes that would, for years to come, create memorable ads that give a shock value, also utilizing powerful photography to grab the viewer’s attention.

The y were all over the internet, media, newspapers, magazines, their first ad was published in 1989 to promote racial equality.

Then they went on promoting through their ads ideas like unity in diversity, stop-war campaigns, and infant mortality rates, stopping violence against women, AIDS awareness, and religious tolerance.

The brand also sponsors various sports teams since 1983 and is known to sponsor Formula One known as Benetton Formula, rugby teams called Benetton Rugby, basketball teams known as Treviso basket, and volleyball teams known as Sisley volley.

Along with this in India, the brand has collaborated with a company Devbhumi in the Uttarakhand state of India to empower over 60,000 rural women artisans and fight cultural hatred, and imbibe tolerance in the hearts of the people.

Their campaigns mainly focused on social and political issues instead of centering their marketing towards their product or image, thus they introduced the idea of a shock campaign.


The company has come a long way and the brand sees a huge potential in the Indian market and on the anvil are high street mega stores as well as outlets in malls across the country.

The company is also planning on the introduction of specialty stores dedicated to product categories like innerwear, men’s wear in India.

Their innovative idea of the advertisement has garnered a lot of attention among the consumers. They have received many awards for their promotion of love, peace, and equality around the world.

They have constantly provided quality products to the customers, they have been largely recognized around the globe for their exclusive products.

The youngsters find the clothes and accessories of the brand very attractive and it adds to their overall style statement.

The brand has been able to give a huge competition to its competitors as they not only focus on promoting their brand, but they work for social welfare which has brought them a good name in the industry.

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