Spykar Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name- Spykar.
Founder- Prasad Pabrekar.

Spykar is an Indian clothing brand that has a variety of products. They have provided clothing for the last fifteen years, the products are mainly for the present generation youth.

Spykar Lifestyle aims to offer complete styling solutions to customers through the Spykar Style Lab and has a wide reach to more than three million customers, influencing the youth culture across India. 

How it all started

Mr. Prasad Pabrekar was interested to venture into the fashion industry and came up with his clothing line.

He started his own company under the name Span Apparels and making use of his vast repertoire of technical knowledge in processing denim garments.

He started the company with great enthusiasm and vigor, he only had a handful of employees back then, and slowly built up a company with over 150 employees. And gradually the company gained popularity and is now known as Spicer.


Spykar was first launched in 1992. Spykar aimed at being the youth brand, serving the youth all over India.

Spykar understood the demands of the changing clothing market and provided the youth with the latest and relevant fashion wear.

The brand targeted to become one of the leading companies in the matter of producing the best jeans in the Indian market. They aimed to provide products that will be attractive to the youth.

The Indian apparel industry is known for its varied clothing and to set a strong foot in the market they needed to produce the best, jeans to fashionable types of denim, jackets, tees, shirts, trendy bags, belts, caps, wallets, socks, and other accessories like shoes, deodorants, and other items.

Spykar stands tall among them with an experience of over two decades of consistently creating hundreds of styles every year. It has a well-established track record of growth over the past 23 years.

Spykar Marketing strategy and its successes

Quality and variety of products

Spykar has a wide variety of products like shirts, t-shirts, non-denim tops, and bottoms for both men and women.

The products of Spykar have gained immense popularity over the years its products are constantly in demand for the past two decades of its existence.

They also have an array of other items which include fashion accessories like belts, socks, perfumes deodorants, and designer bags and wallets.

Though the brand started with its innovative pieces of denim and continued to design and redesign its products including the trendsetter cargo.

The main target customers of Spykar are the youth between fifteen to thirty years of age belonging to the urban and semi-urban youth.

The products, thus, had gone through a lot of changes in their design and pattern according to the changing trends in the country and also to keep up with their rival brands.

The quality of its products has been top-notch from the very beginning. 

The company has always strived to produce a product, having a global appeal and producing types of denim that are of international quality.

Spykar aims to continuously innovate, and to bring new styles, cuts, and fabric to the market, the company also has a team of young and competent designers and merchandisers, who are constantly working on the latest trends in the international market to upgrade their products.

The mission of the company is to experiment a great deal on new styles and accessories, making them trendy and accessible to the Indian consumer.

As Spykar Jeans designs specifically for Indian audiences, it has the best fits and designs in this department.


Spykar decides its prices keeping in mind the fluctuating Indian market. The target customers of the Spykar brand being the youth of present India, they have to price their products moderately to encourage them to invest in their products like jeans and accessories.

The prices of the products are moderate and not too high. They even give various offers and discounts over the year to increase their sales throughout the year.

Presence of Spykar in the market

Spykar is present in almost all the major metropolitan cities, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nasik, New Delhi, and Pune in India.

Spykar has a massive distribution channel they have exclusive brand outlets and provide their products in retail stores.

They have more than two hundred brand outlets, multi-brand outlets more than nine hundred stores, and large format stores in form of Shopper’s Stop, Big Bazaar, Globus, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Pyramids, and others.

The products of Spykar are easily found in the market for customers in the cities as well as in smaller towns across the country.

The company focuses on expanding its distribution channel to get more market share in the southern and north-eastern regions.

Spykar also understands the demands of specific regions and implements an appropriate strategy to gain a major market share.

To mark its recent achievement Spykar Jeans has also opened its first exclusive outlets at Glades Mall, London.


Spykar has been ruling the competitive market in India and for staying relevant they invested in various advertisements.

They have used various platforms like television, social media to promote their products.

Mainly the promotions are highly centered around the internet from Facebook to YouTube as their target customers are the youth who spend most of the time on their mobile phones it becomes an easy way to promote their products.

The company has recently launched a TVC which promotes their four-way stretch jeans, which will provide maximum comfort to its customers.

The taglines like denim side up, young and restless in their new digital campaign gained a lot of attention in social media.

As Spykar embodies the ideology of the young and restless, who follow their hearts and passions to accomplish their dreams, Spykar celebrates the inner power of the youth in India.

This adds to the brand value and the youth is attracted to the positivity and togetherness promoted by the company.


The Spykar brand has taken over fourteen percent of the market in the casual wear segment. The company has a massive turnover of more than three hundred crores.

They are extremely successful in the online domain, a massive amount of their products are sold on online e-commerce platforms.

The success of Spykar lies in the fact that they have minimal pricing which is an important factor for its huge sale in the market.

Spykar has built the brand from scratch by engaging in activities that enable optimal one-to-one communications than one-to-many, in the form of events and promotions, where it can connect with the youth at their level and gauge their responses and preferences faster than anybody else.

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