Pril Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand- Pril
Founder- Henkel

Pril is the number 1 hand dishwashing liquid in Germany which sells dishwashing liquids for removing the toughest grease problems.

It is offered by Henkel, a household name in Europe that sells Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, and Laundry and Home Care.

Pril offers consumers the best solution on the toughest stains ranging from grease to starch.

Pril provides products in the form of a dish wash bar and dish wash gel.

It uses a unique lime formula to clean out the toughest stains from the utensils and its skin-friendly formula makes dishwashing effortlessly easy and safe.

How it all started

Pril is an international brand that is nearly 60 years old. Dishwashing has been an exhausting chore as pre-soaking and cleaning of dishes were part of the daily routine.

In 1951 the former Henkel subsidiary Böhme Fettchemie developed a miracle which has helped to ease out the problem of dishwashing.

It first came to Germany then to other countries like Austria, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Italy, and GCC states.

It now does business in 22 countries and enjoys a significant status of a superior cleaner. It started as powder content then gradually developed into a liquid gel.


In 1951, the former Henkel subsidiary Böhme Fettchemie developed a small miracle for German housewives.

Pril originally came in powdered form but after having been on the market for almost a decade in 1959 it came into liquid form.

In 2000, Pril came to the GCC and was able to remove even the most persistent and serious spills.

In 2013, the enhanced Pril 3x Power was introduced which helps to wash off more dishes using lesser quantities. It has also launched Pril glass cleaner and Pril multi-degreaser.

Marketing strategy and the reasons behind its success

Marketing is important when it comes to business as the marketing strategies only help to determine the success of a product or service. Marketing helps the product or service reach consumers.

Unique and innovative formula: This brand has come up with a unique formula that has made revolutionary changes in the history of dishwashing.

The unique lime and vinegar and orange and vinegar formula both help to cleanse toughest stains with ease making the stains vanish in no time.

These two combinations act as strong cleaning agents. This formula removes stains in no time without having to rub the utensils for longer hours.

Skin-friendly: The formula used for cleaning the utensils is skin-friendly making it the best choice among the consumers.

It is safe to use and is free from harsh and harmful chemicals which make hands rough.

The solution is created in a natural way using ingredients like lime, orange, and vinegar.

Price: The pocket-friendly price does not burn a hole in your pocket. The price is kept low so that everyone can afford it and enjoy dishwashing.

Hygiene: Hygiene is very important when it comes to dishwashing. This dishwashing liquid is made in such a way that it helps to keep the utensils germ free.

The popularity of liquid dish wash: The introduction of Pril liquid gel has fetched more customers than the powdered form and bar form. People now can properly measure the quantity before using it for cleaning. It has also helped to figure out what amount of dishwashing liquid is ideal for dishwashing. 

Fragrance: Fragrance is important and you do not want your hand to be smelly and dishes to give a bad smell. The sweet lime fragrance provides the right kind of fragrance making it soothing to the senses. It also removes odour from utensils

Proper utilization of the dishwashing liquid: The new advanced gel formula has led to the proper utilization of the dish wash liquid. It has helped to reduce wastage of the dishwashing liquid which used to take place with dishwashing bar.

Quick and efficient: The unique formula helps to remove the stain quickly and efficiently without having to rub the utensils strenuously.

Availability of single drop bottles: Single drop bottles made it easier to use the dishwashing gel by stopping over spilling.

Anti-bacterial protection: Pril is the only dishwashing brand that comes with Anti-bacterial protection. It kills away from the harmful bacteria which stay in the leftovers. 

As the first eco-sensitive dishwashing detergent in India, it made quite a market.

Superior quality: In comparison to other dishwashers available in the market, Pril is known for its quality. 

One swipe clean: This mechanism helps to clean stubborn grease in just one swipe making washing utensils easy and effortless. So, now you can enjoy washing utensils at any time of the day.

Saving time: The advanced formula makes cleaning of utensils quick and efficient thereby saving a lot of valuable time.

Availability of sachet packs: Sachet packs have helped to solve the money problem. You can also carry it with you on picnics and other social and cultural events. It does not compromise on quality.

Remarkable awards won by the brand

-The brand is very popular among consumers due to its quality and affectivity.

-The Pril dish wash bar was voted the most popular debutante brand and the popular awards category of the FMCG Awards TM 2003 went to Pril.

-Pril has ranked among the Ten Most Trusted Household Brands in India by the Brand Equity Survey of The Economic Times in 2008. 

-The Product of the Year award in 2009/10 went to Pril Anti-Bacterial Neem for being the most innovative product. 


It comes with the tag line “One drop does the Job”. Gurmeet and Debina starred in the tamarind ad commercials of Pril in 2018.

Pril also produced an ad with the tagline “John Jal Gaya” in 2017. Sonali Bendre and Gargi Nandi starrer were a huge success in 2010.

The star power to promote Pril in India made Pril a household name. 


Pril is a product of Henkel who is doing good business globally. Henkel is a very old company in the market when it comes to dishwashers.

Pril is quickly gaining market and is providing stiff competition to its competitors like Vim, Dettol, etc. 

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