History And Marketing Strategies of Vicco Brand

Brand name- Vicco Cream.
Founder- Shri  K.V Pendharkar.

Vicco cream brand started by Vicco group of companies is one of the oldest beauty brands known to the customers.

Vicco cream is immensely popular in an Indian household and has always provided quality result’s to its customers.

Vicco group of companies also produce different ayurvedic products along with Vicco cream and its headquarters is situated in Mumbai. 

How it all started

Vicco cream is sold by the Vicco group of companies founded by Shri K.V Pendharkar in the year 1952.

It started as one of the first brands that focused on bringing changes in the history of beauty products.

They thought of a revolutionary idea of bringing Ayurveda into the world of beauty products.

Their product Vicco cream gradually became popular and thousands of Indian customers loyally use their products. And it became extremely popular among Indian women’s beauty products.

The company also manufactured other products like toothpaste and shaving cream which also became extremely popular in the Indian market.

Their products gradually became famous in many of the developed countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia. 


The product Vicco Cream was launched in 1956 in India. The company set its initial production firms in Dombivilli and gradually expanded its firms in Nagpur as well as Goa.

The main target of this company was to provide affordable cosmetics to Indian women preferably women who are going to be married.

As India is known for its wide spectrum of culture, race, and creed the cream became very popular in every household.

Marketing Strategies and the Reasons behind Vicco Brand Success

Product quality and Variety:

The product became extremely popular as the company has always provided quality products to its customers.

The Vicco cream has turmeric in it which is known for its healing properties and it is a natural antibiotic.

Turmeric is the correct ingredient for face cream as it not only enhances fairness but also treated blemishes, pimples, and dark spots making the skin fresh and youthful, bringing out the inner glow.

The Vicco cream is also known for its natural ingredients like the cream and the turmeric is free from any animal-based ingredients. The formulation of the cream is also certified by FDA.

Vicco group also produced a variety of ayurvedic products like Vicco Vajradanti toothpaste and powder also the Narayani cream and took over the Indian market rapidly.

The products became extremely popular among both men and women as they brought a variety of options to choose from.

Oldest in the business-

Vicco group of companies is one of the oldest beauty brands in the Indian market. Indians rapidly started using their products and it became a common household item.

Vicco cream became high in demand and came to India before any foreign beauty products.

Vicco group of companies became one of the oldest manufacturers of beauty products. And in no time it earned the goodwill of the customers.


Initially, the price of Vicco turmeric cream was kept low to make it affordable for the people of India.

As Vicco’s main target customers were women and the youth they priced their products in a way that they could easily afford products.

They also brought in different offers and discounts to attract customers. And people started getting the products at a nominal price.

Soon the product took over the market and people preferred buying this product and came into the good books of the customers. 

Widespread Distribution of the product-

The product was initially made for its Indian customers where they provided ingredients like turmeric and did not use any harmful chemicals.

The product also grabbed the attention of customers worldwide. Not only had the product become famous in India but also in other parts of the world like Asia, Australia, America, and Africa.

Because of this widespread distribution, the products became highly recognized and earned a good reputation which also became one of the reasons for its success.

The products were not only in great demand in the Indian market it also became a success in the markets globally.

Awards and recognitions-

The Vicco Company became successful in proving its quality and received awards and recognitions in the Indian market.

According to the Brand Trust Report 2012, Vicco was ranked 28th among India’s most trusted brands, a study which was conducted by the Trust Research Advisory.

Then it was again recognized in the Brand Trust Report in 2013 and was ranked 18th among India’s most trusted brands and subsequently in the report of 2014 Vicco was ranked 17th among the Indian brands.


The company realized that India is one of the fastest-growing markets for its skincare products and the target of most beauty companies were women aged 18-35 years.

They not only thought of bringing back the lost Indian history where herbs were one of the primary medicines needed to treat a person.

They rediscovered the lost and forgotten formulas from the history of Ayurveda and implemented them in their products.

The company used various platforms to advertise the product majorly on television’s where a woman is using the product to make herself look glamorous and youthful and the tagline ‘Vicco turmeric, Nahi cosmetics…Vicco Turmeric ayurvedic cream’ became very famous and grabbed everyone’s attention.


The company and its products were initially proved to be a great success in the Indian market.

Started by Shri K.V Phendharkar the company got a huge success and got various awards and acclamations. The idea of using natural ingredients in beauty products initially was a huge success.

The company also faced various competitions from many other beauty brands.

They had to face the new ideas of these companies which also attracted Indian customers but the company decided to stick to its brand value and the ingredient’s in their products.

They continued to hold their position in the changing demands of the customers.

They did not make any changes in the products and continued to provide the same promised quality to their customers. And Vicco cream became one of the bestselling creams in India and Abroad. 

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