History And Marketing Strategies of KFC

Company name- KFC.
Founders– Harland Sanders.

KFC is a global brand that specializes in making top-class chicken fries.

Its famous recipe formulated more than 75 years ago having a list of 11 secret herbs and spices scratched out on the back of his kitchen door is the main attraction of KFC in today’s world.

KFC now serves its delicious in more than 22,000 restaurants in over 135 countries and territories around the world.

How it all started

KFC aimed at hard work, hospitality, and generosity the main target of the brand. KFC believed in making chicken the right way, by using quality ingredients and freshly preparing them by hand every day.

They proudly welcome everyone to enjoy a seat and relish the exotic taste of their fried chicken.


The launching of KFC was started by a 40-year-old man, Sanders who ran a car service station in Corbin, New York, where he began cooking for customers.

He became famous and the word got to know about his delicious recipes, and soon enough, people were flocking to the station for his food rather than his car services.

Sanders closed down his service station and opened a restaurant that could cater to more than a hundred people.

And during this time Sanders perfected the secret ingredients that makeup Kentucky Fried Chicken – the same ingredients that are present in KFC today.

Later on, the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in 1952 in South Salt Lake, Utah, and it met great success.

Marketing strategy and KFC success

Quality and variety of the products

The products made in KFC go through a series of quality checks to retain its customers and the good name of the company.

KFC sells varieties of preparation in chicken like chicken wings, chicken popcorn, Chicken burger, chicken rice bowls, chicken strips, and many more.

The company is present in and around the world they have a different menu for different countries to satisfy the taste buds of the people and be familiar with their tongue.

The signature item of KFC being its chicken is present in every store in every county and all these chicken preparation are made with the secret recipe which KFC has been preserving all these years.

KFC is the best in its quality control which starts from the very beginning while choosing the raw materials in the manufacturing factories, the cleanliness, nutritional factors, and the process of making even the delivery to the outlets is kept under a constant check.

These factors become an important marker for KFC to survive in the market.


KFC being a global company has different prices depending on the geographical location of its stores. The targeted customers of KFC being the middle and upper-middle class.

Hence, price their products accordingly. There are different methods and factors responsible for KFC’S pricing strategy that they use for its products and its variants.

KFC uses the method of Optional an attempt to increase the amount customers spend once they start to buy at their stores. This is to increase the overall price of the product and the service at KFC.

Hence, customers can buy the items already present in their menu and can then can also choose from the menu, like drinks or desserts which go well with the chicken preparation that they previously purchased.

This results in customers paying for the main item and also for the add-ons which increases their sales.

KFC also has different buckets that the customers can choose from and also combos that are priced moderately and customers are encouraged to buy the product.

The geographical presence of KFC around the world

KFC is a global brand they are spread in and around the globe, there are more than 22,000 restaurants in over 135 countries and territories around the world.

This shows the popularity of the brand. KFC started from a humble background and now they are worldwide known and popular among the youngsters.

KFC is not only a huge success in the developed countries but it is also able to thrive in the market of developing countries like India where there is a huge demand for their products.

They are not only present in the important metro cities but have entered the suburbs of India which shows the popularity of KFC in and around the world.

Online presence of KFC

With the advent of technology and mobile phones with the internet lives of people has become easier and fast.

KFC to expand its business and take over the market by the storm made its very own website where the customers could online purchase the food and the products will be online delivered at the customer’s doorstep.

This step has increased the sale of KFC and profit margins are increasing day by day. 

Awards and recognitions

KFC has been a very successful company and received various awards KFC won the Marketing Excellence Awards in the year 2014, Gold for Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research, and Silver for Excellence in Direct Marketing category.

And at the Loyalty & Engagement Awards, KFC won the Silver for Best CRM Strategy along with Silver for Best Use of Consumer Insights & Analytics. KFC was recognized as the Relationship Marketing Agency of the Year at the Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2014, for its work with clients such as Courts, Pizza Hut and PUMA.


KFC took part in various campaigns to endorse their products they took the help of social media and other modes of communication to reach out to the people.

KFC is a global brand that had to invest in campaigning all around the world to introduce their products to the customers.

On television programs such as what’s My Line and also I’ve Got a Secret became extremely popular. KFC took a brilliant move where they hired the actor Henderson Forsythe to portray the Colonel in a television campaign entitled “The Colonel’s Way”.

And from then on various actors played the role of Sanders on-screen which added to the brand value of KFC.

The taglines like “North America’s Hospitality Dish” and the extremely famous “finger-licking’ good” slogan were trademarked in 1956.


KFC brought a revolution in the world of food lovers they are constantly striving for good quality products. KFC aims to retain its brand value and the faith of the customers in today’s world.

The company is spread across the globe is the second largest food chain selling exclusive chicken dishes in the world. KFC has been able to rule the market which is evident by the awards and recognitions it received.

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