Centuryply History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name: Centuryply.
Founder: Sajjan Bhajanka and Sanjay Agarwal.

Centuryply is one of India’s largest and leading Plywood Company which is strategically located all across India.

They are both the seller and exporter of plywoods and veneers. Centuryply has the position of the first ISO 9002 company for veneer and plywood India.

Centuryply is one of the largest sellers of multi-use plywood and decorative veneers.

They later on invested in various other sectors and also started selling furniture carefully crafted for the changing demands of the customers.

How it all started

Centuryply started its business in India in the year 1986 is aimed at providing the best ply to its customers.

They felt the need to follow the principles of providing excellent service to its customers and build a happy space for them at their homes and also at work.

They aimed at providing the best possible products where the customers can feel the security in investing in their products.


Centuryply was first launched in 1986 by Sajjan Bhajanka and Sanjay Agarwal in Kolkata. With the introduction of Centuryply in the market, the rival companies had to keep pace with them to hold onto their place in the market.

Later on, in 2013, the company launched its furniture stores under the sub-brand ‘Nesta’.

Then in the same year 2013, the company launched its subsidiary company ‘Century InfoTech’.

The idea of Century InfoTech is to offer interior design management services under the brand name ‘Nestopia’.

The company offered plywood products and exported its large range of products to over 20 countries.

The company has more than a 6.6-acre area where its ISO 9002 plant is located at Bishnupur near Kolkata. Also, they have their branches in Chennai, Delhi, and Guwahati in North East. 

Marketing strategy and its success of CenturyPly

Quality and price

Centuryply aimed at providing quality products at reasonable prices. They have different varieties of plywood, veneers, block boards, laminates and made furniture keeping pace with the modern age requirements. The quality, build and finish of the products attracted customers.

They soon were able to build a good name in the market. The customers found faith in their products and invested in their wide range of products especially plywood’s for which they are famous.

The prices of the products were kept reasonable to reach out to the diverse customers of India.

Wide range of products

Centuryply not only sold plywoods and veneers but also tried to penetrate the market by providing diverse products under one brand.

CenturyPly introduced boiling water-resistant decorative veneers along with the 7-year powder-proof guaranteed PF plywood and the revolutionary non-leachable Fire safe plywood.

They also put their foot forward in the Cement industry and own the top-selling cement brand in the North East under the name ‘Star Cement’.

Century Ply also has a power plant in North-East. They are the leading manufacturer of ferrous alloy in North East India under the name Shyam Century Ferrous Ltd which came into existence in the year 2001 in Meghalaya. 

Customer service

Centuryply gave a tough competition to their rivals as they aimed to provide quality products and excellent customer service.

To maintain customer loyalty they made sure that they tried to answer all their queries.

As they aim to continuously upgrade the product through innovations and convergence of new technology and to produce the best quality at the lowest cost.

This helped to retain their customer loyalty by giving the best customer service.

Selling products online

Centuryply takes a step forward by selling their products online and reach out to a larger number of customers.

They were aware that less number of people visited the stores and the company formulated a new method of retaining their customers by the digitization of their products.

Now the customers were able to segregate their choice and preference with a click on their mobile phones. The customer-friendly website was able to retain the good name of Centuryply.


Cenuryply took the help of television, social media, and other platforms to make customers familiar with their products. In the commercial, they used the tagline ‘Sab Sahe Mast Rahe’ which became famous and giving a hint of the durability of the product.

The campaign was successful in reaching out to the audience and sales of the company increased.

Century even has its YouTube channel where they updated about their products and their future missions.

The company invests 3-4% of its total turnover on marketing, of which 60-70% goes to television 20-25% is for digital marketing and the left is for radio. 

The brand also runs a campaign under the name ‘Century Heroes’ around Durga Puja in Kolkata. The campaign ‘Century Heroes’ was a huge success and has gained an immense amount of popularity.

The campaign gives recognition to the real-life heroes who work hard for the occasion of Durga puja and campaigning on these days gave them a wide reach to the audience.

The main target of the brand is to wonderfully craft spaces for its customers. The digital medium is able to micro-segment and target individual customers depending on their search.

The digital platform is an opportunity to remarket to consumers who are surfing for a product while TV targets new consumers and reach the rural and urban.


Centuryply holds the position of the third-largest producer of laminates in India. They were the first in India to launch Exteria grade laminate, used for building facades.

Centuryply became a household name over the years and they were able to keep in pace with the variety of requirements of the customers in India.

They are successful in spreading their trade in India as well as abroad. 

Centuryply took the market over by storm and invested in different sectors to create a monopoly in the market. The carefully crafted campaigns, advertisements reached out to a wide number of audiences.

Also through a digital website, the customers were able to select and order their products at their doorstep.

Centuryply has traversed a long path and still holding a strong position in the market.

They are best in customer service and preserving customer loyalty towards their brand. This is the reason for the long-term success and legacy of Centuryply.

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