Ajio Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name- Ajio
Founder- Mukesh Ambani.

Ajio is a newly developed app by the business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. This app was built as an online shopping app that comes with the trust and guarantee from the popular Reliance family.

This e-commerce platform is a one-stop destination for all fashion lovers in India.

How it all started

The Reliance group is known to have the largest retail venture in India. They have their very popular Reliance Trends a retail store that sells all kinds of fashion apparel for kids, men, and also women.

The huge successes of this venture led to the development of this app. Not only do they sell Indian wear, and their brand products, they have a huge collection of globally popular fashion trend products listed in the application.


AJIO was launched globally on 1st April 2016 at the Lakme Fashion Week with its headquarters located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Ajio is among Reliance Industry’s initial steps into e-commerce. They launched the app with a wide range of products from clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Marketing strategy and Ajio Brand success 

Popular parent company

Ajio app is a part of the reliance family they have garnered the trust of the customers for ages. They are known for their innovative ideas and successful ventures.

They are listed among India’s top private sector business houses and reaching out to over twenty-five hundred million customers in departments like telecommunications, financial services, media and entertainment, and healthcare sectors.

All these achievements had led its app to be a huge success.

Wide range of products

Reliance group is known for its innovation and its aim to serve the Indian customers with the best products is their motto.

The app has a variety of sections from casual wear, ethnic wear, party wear, formal wear, and Indie wear collections specially created by boutique designers from India and all over the world. 

Other categories like women’s clothing, fusion wear, lingerie, ethnic clothing, and regional wear are Ajio’s specialty.

The app also lists various accessories like bags and belts, jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and other trending items.

Other than that the online store also features a section called fashion week collections for those who want to shop for products, which are currently on the runways all over the world.

They are one step ahead, in the matters of the latest trends and fashions. Customers can even get any global fashion from Australia, Russia, and other international fashion houses from around the world.

Ajio has even collaborated with brands from Russia, Turkey, Singapore, the USA, and Australia besides other countries.

They aim to focus on high-fashion designer wear from international brands giving it at affordable prices. Making it different from other applications in India. 


Reliance group is known for its affordable price for every product. The prices of the products are made keeping in mind the Indian customers.

The prices are not too low or not too high it depends on the design and quality of the products.

Ajio app is headed by Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani. The company can serve the customers with the best price as they have tied up with various third-party logistics partners for home delivery.

All the factors make the overall range of products affordable while maintaining high quality, providing designer clothes and international brands.

The wide reach of the brand- Ajio is an online e-commerce platform. The company has a wide reach, delivering its products to more than 15 thousand pin codes all over India.

The company also has a facility where the customers can get their products from the retail store which operates in more than twenty-five thousand outlets across India.

Customer service

Reliance is known for its excellent customer service. Customers who buy the products from their app have the facility of easy returns and replace making it more reliable for its consumers.

Apart from this, they have employees who are specially trained to answer all the queries of the customers.

The application Ajio has a customer-friendly interface that allows the customers to easily browse through the products making it a lot easier for a wholesome customer experience.

They even run various offers and gives a facility of free home delivery.


The great Reliance group has received a lot of awards some of them which are worth mentioning like, Reliance Retail appeared in the list of Most Trusted Retailers as per ET Brand Equity (2016), Reliance Trends received the ‘Retail Marketing Campaign of the Year Award’ at the Asia Retail Congress (2011),

Reliance Trends received the ‘Innovative Retail Concept Award for Performax and the Retailer of the Year ‘Fashion and Lifestyle’ category at the Asia Retail Congress 2011.

All these awards show the popularity of Reliance clothing’s which an important reason for Ajio’s success is.


Reliance is known for its wide reach and its popularity in different ventures sets them apart from other brands.

They applied various method’s to promote their products like a massive promotion is done on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and from their official pages people were made aware of the application.

The tagline “doubt is out “became famous which is symbolic because their app provides a wide range of products for every Indian customer.

The campaigns try to give positive messages to the youth like, no matter where one is from, what one does, what one looks like, one has the right to dress according to their wish and innovate their look upon their wish.

The company shifts from the traditional way of promotion they want to bring a change in the society by promoting body positivity and selling International clothing at affordable prices.

They aim to connect to its customers emotionally which is another reason for the success of the Ajio.


Ajio has been able to give huge competition to the other rival e-commerce clothing platforms.

They were able to easily grab people’s attention with their varied products and affordable prices.

Ajio’s success mainly depends on its founder Mr. Mukesh Ambani and the huge legacy which he brings down with him, this sets him apart in any completion in the Indian market.

Ajio is now regarded as one of the top applications in the clothing department featuring the latest trends.

They have thousands of customers who faithfully order from the app, which is another reason for it to sustain itself in the Indian market.

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