Fogg Brand History And Marketing Strategies

Brand name- Fogg
Founder- Darshan Patel (Vini cosmetics).

Fogg is one of the top-selling perfume deodorants in India.

Fogg is a revolutionary product introduced in the Indian market, back then people only used deodorants which were usually alcohol-based and alcohol initially stimulates sweating, but may also temporarily kill bacteria, mainly they came in as aerosol sprays, which caused a lot of wastage.

Fogg’s idea of deodorant with no gas became extremely popular in India.

How it all started

The founder of Fogg Darshan Patel who is the promoter of Vini Cosmetics was yet to come up with his innovation in the world of the deodorant market.

The product idea which he was about to give is the reason for his immense success in India today.

Darshan Patel was once sitting in his Ahmadabad office, dressed in his trademark white shirt and trousers, this is where he first conceived the idea of Fogg.

He decided to address the problems of consumers where their deodorants did not last long. He then launched Fogg, a product without gas, which prevents the liquid from vaporizing easily, checks its wastage, and makes a deodorant bottle last longer.


Fogg was finally launched in end-2011 with the tagline Bina gas wala spray (deodorant without gas).

The market response was overwhelming. Media reports, quoting Nielsen data, have said that Fog is now the leader in the deodorant market with a 12 percent share.

And in six years since the launch of Fogg the market for deodorants in India has expanded four times to Rs 3,600 crore from Rs 900 crore earlier.

Marketing strategy and its successes

Quality of the product-

Fogg came into the Indian market giving a huge shock and came with a lot of promises.

The main attraction of Fogg Deodorant is that it lasts longer compared to other deodorants in the consumer market.

Fogg guaranteed at least eight hundred sprays per single bottle, which caused a huge stir in the market and encouraged the customers to buy their products.

Fogg came into being when the deodorant market contained products that were similar to each other.

Fogg became a revolutionary product that was liquid-based instead of typical gas-based deodorants in the market.

Fogg promises that their products are best in their quality, as it undergoes dermatological testing, therefore the consumers are assured of no side effects.

Fogg deodorants are not only restricted to men’s products but they have several variants of deodorants for both men and women.

Variety of the product-

Fogg comes with a list of different deodorant’s such as Fogg black collection fresh, Fogg fantastic four extreme no gas, Fogg majesty, Fogg Marco, imperial pack of 2, Fogg Marco deodorant, Fogg 1000 forever deodorant, Fogg royal imperial pack of 2, Fogg napoleon spray, Fogg blue series forest deodorant, ocean body, island body spray, Fogg victor deodorant, monarch Marco, Fogg black collection aqua, Fogg scent the commander and punches deodorant spray, Fogg fresh Fougere deodorant spray and Fogg rush deodorant spray all these for men.

On the other hand, women could also choose from a wide range of deodorants like Fogg delicious, paradise, radiate, Fogg black collection blossom, Fogg paradise and essence radiate pack of 2, Fogg delicious deodorant spray, Fogg I am queen Eau de parfum and others became extremely famous in the market.

People could now choose from this wide range of products, not only they are cost-effective but also served the different needs and tastes of the Indian customers.


Fogg understood the market of deodorants, the Indian market has a variety of customers, but to push the sale of their products they had to price their products reasonably.

The main target of Fogg was the middle-class Indians who would like to invest in their products but at a cost-effective price point.

The prices were initially started from rupees hundred and twenty for a bottle of Fogg perfumed deodorant.

This move was extremely successful because their prices were more or less similar to that of the other rival brands.

Now Fogg has even come up with the idea of pocket perfumes which costs only sixty.

This marketing strategy became a successful one and now Fogg is the top-selling deodorant brand in India.

Distribution of Fogg in the market

Fogg is an Indian brand and it is present in and around India. Fogg is very easily available to its customers.

They don’t have their stores around India but they have a strong and widespread network for distributing its products easily found in the Indian market.

Fogg takes the help of its parent company Vinni group which already has an established and powerful distribution channel.

Fogg doesn’t need an exclusive outlet for selling its products. Their distribution network has a massive amount of service from manufacturers, C and F agents, distributors, and retailers.

Fogg is easily available at every other shop, grocery store, mall, and supermarket. They also sell their products online with the help of various e-commerce platforms.


Fogg’s one of the most important marketing strategies is advertising its products and making them familiar to the customers.

Fogg took the help of different media, print, digital, electronic, and visual media in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, billboards, television channels, radio, and promotions on wheels.

Fogg even campaigned on various social media platforms and its products are advertised via its website, Twitter Handel, YouTube, and Facebook page. ‘Kya Chal Raha hai, Fogg Chal Raha Hai’ and ‘No Gas, Only Perfume’ these taglines became extremely famous among the customers.

Fogg took a great move from not conventionally promoting their products. The ads on the television for perfumes were mainly sexist.

Fogg’s new ad like giving Fogg perfumes as gifts in marriages and anniversary parties showed how the advertisements for perfumes can be done without being sexist.


Vini group is trying to bring a change in the world of perfumes with its various advertisements they also changed the mindset of people in India, previously people used to gift each other watches and other showpiece items for any occasion.

But with the help of Fogg people have now considered perfume as a gifting option.

These moves boosted the sale of Fogg in India. Apart from this, the idea of a perfumed deodorant became extremely popular and Fogg is ruling the Indian market since 2011.

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