History & Reasons Behind Doordarshan Brand Success

Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Company Name- Doordarshan
Founded by- Government of India

Doordarshan is an autonomous public service broadcaster owned by Broadcasting Ministry of India and one of Prasar Bharti’s two divisions. It operates 34 channels including sports channel, regional satellite channel, DD Bharti, DD Urdu DD Kisan and International channel.


How it all started

It began as an experimental broadcaster with a small transmitter and a makeshift studio in Delhi on 14 September 1959. Its daily transmission started with a five minute news bulletin read by Pratima Puri in All India Radio on 1965.

On 26th January 1967, Krishi Darshan debuted on Doordarshan, and it was the longest running program of Indian television. Doordarshan and All India Radio were placed under the management of separate directors-general in New Delhi. It became a national broadcaster in 1982. 



It was established on 15 September, 1959 and the broadcast was done through digital terrestrial transmitters. It provides radio, television, online and mobile services on Metropolitan cities and overseas through Radio India and Indian Network. The local and regional programs played on a time sharing basis for terrestrial broadcasting only. The channels are relayed by all terrestrial transmitters in India.  


Door Darshan’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Communication Strategy

Doordarshan is formulating the new communication strategy that aimed to boost the brand. It has high viewership for its news and entertainment programs. It hires the top ad agency, which entrusted the task of evolving in its communication strategy. It has shortlisted top ten agencies for the channel. To project Doordarshan’s strength the agency services are been taken so that they can position its brand. 

Organizational Structure and Government Control

Doordarshan somehow is a corporate body as it attached to the ministry of information and broadcasting. It is a halfway between the government department and a public corporation. It does not enjoy the administrative and financial independence of a public corporation. It operates much like a government department, a director general is appointed by the ministry to operate the channel.

In every condition, Doordarshan is answerable to the Parliament because Parliament set the guidelines for its programming and its budget is approved by Parliament. Doordarshan is an arm of the government which subjects the political and bureaucratic controls than any other department of the government is subjected to.

Prasar Bharati and Autonomy

Doordarshan has a little brand equity in the country. It is run by the state’s public service broadcaster, Prasar Bharati, which also handles All India Radio (Air). It allowed AIR and DD to operate autonomously but in reality the broadcasting agency is controlled by the government only.

Prasar Bharati signed a contract with American satellite service provider for 15 years to beam Doordarshan World in the US and Europe. The Indian Space Research Organisation was also offering the same service at a half cost. In 2013, a group of Indian Canadians requested to stay the DD link for Indian news. 

Location Strategy

Doordarshan planned that DD India should available in various delivery platforms like direct to home cable and through internet protocol. Local cable operators of the UK, U.S, South Asia, Australia and West Asia can be able to downlink DD India’s program. India has to first publicize it by marketing the channel and its programmes in those countries to ensure that the viewers are watching the channel.

Till now the channel is unable to gauge the number of viewers who watch the channel. As a result, the number of houses that are receiving a particular channel becomes a substitute for the number of viewers.


Doordarshan Campaign

Public Service broadcaster plays a vital role in ensuring the unity of diverse community as India has. The chairman of Prasar Bharati, P Surya Prakash claimed the campaigns in Doordarshan and All India Radio has managed to get rid the polio disease from the country. The campaign appears in every 10 minutes through radio and television and gives the message to take little babies to their nearest primary centers for polio drops.

The other campaign is for Swachh Bharat. There are 70 percent of households in India do not have toilets. The sustained campaign on Doordarshan and All India Radio give the message that most of the Indian homes will have toilets in next 5-7 years as a toilet is very much important for the security of women and for a healthy life of everybody. 

“Desh Ka Apna Channel”

On 17 November 2014, Vijayalaxmi Chhabra, the Director General of Doordarshan introduced a new slogan “Desh Ka Apna Channel” with the pink and purple color scheme, which means the country’s own channel. In 2017, Doordarshan transmitted through a network of nearly 1400 terrestrial transmitters with 46 studios for TV programmes. 

Brand Ambassador

The company has signed Amitabh Bachchan as the brand ambassador of the channel to endorse the public service messages. It is planning by the channel that Amitabh Bachchan may endorse the upcoming 10 campaigns about Doordarshan to reach in rural areas and promote the art and culture, archives and music, etc.   



Doordarshan and All India Radio are able to spread the message to the last man of the world. Doordarshan is struggling to hold its position after the reaching of private channels in televisions and radio. DD News channel replaced DD Metro which is formerly known as DD2 and it provides 24 hour news.

All Doordarshan channels are relayed by terrestrial transmitters. DD Sports broadcasts sporting events of national as well as international importance. It is the only channel which telecasts KHO-KHO and Kabaddi in television. The regional language satellite channels include two components. 

The programs in regional language are available through DTH operators and cable operators. An upcoming regional channel is DD Arun Prabha, established in 9th February 2019. It is a 24/7 satellite television channel placed on focusing the Northern Eastern Region. The programs, campaigns, sports, etc all focus only on social matters. It has all the elements that can be watched with the family.

It focuses more on the principles of the right things in life. There is no other channel played a seminal role than Doordarshan for shaping India. Through this channel, India comes to know about the importance of film, music, sports, etc. in their life.  


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