History & Marketing Strategies of Zee Tv

Company NameZee TV
FounderSubhash Chandra Goel

Zee TV is an Indian pay television channel and has owned by an entertainment company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, named Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Subhash Chandra Goel is the owner and launcher of channel Zee TV, India’s first satellite TV. He is also the owner of Essel group, an Indian Conglomerate.

How it all started

Subhash Chandra Goel’s field of industry includes film entertainment and television networks. He works with satellite communications, cable systems, theme parks, flexible packaging, family entertainment centres and online gaming. Because of his vision and efforts, Zee TV has lunched and it inspired other companies as well.

Zee entertainment enterprises is one of the India’s leading television, media as well as entertainment company that have largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming in the world. 


Zee TV has started on 2 October 1992, as the first Hindi-language subscription channel in India. After launching Zee TV, the founder brought Siti cable in operation in 1995 and started a new joint venture with News corp.

He also launched two new channels Zee News and Zee Cinema at the same year. Zee TV has announced first Cable Company in India to launch Internet over cable services in 2000. In a very short period, it became a big media and gave a tough competition to international media moguls and still it is maintaining its position. 

Zee TV’s marketing strategy and Interesting Reasons behind its success

  • The company uses competitive pricing strategy that helps to maintain an 18% market share of the Indian mass media industry. 
  • Zee houses are the world’s largest Hindi film library. It has channels that offer virtually everything you can look for on a TV.
  • News, sports, lifestyle, music or movies you will get all of them in Zee entertainment channel. 
  • The recent investments in the digital platform make it possible for online users so that they can access the Zee content. 
  • It is accessible direct to home satellite services that allow people to access program as per convenience. Zee entertainment is almost everywhere. 
  •  It is holding its position by its true Indian culture, heritage and modernisation entertainment brand.
  • The company has a lot of focus on promotions of its numerous channels and various programs. 
  • Zee News channel is cheapest in country which is much lower than most of the other companies.
  • Through its worldwide presence, it entertains over 5 million viewers across 167 countries. 
  • Because of its successful broadcasting of satellite television channels, the founder has awarded Exchange4media Indian News Broadcasting Awards (EINBA).
  • It owns an integrated range of business. The well-known brands of Zee includes Zee Action, Zee Cinema, Zee Premier, Zee Classic, Ten Sports, Ten Action+, Zee Studio, Zee Cafe, Zee Khana Khazan, Zee Salam, Zee Jagran, Ten Cricket, ETC Music, ETC Punjabi and Zing.
  • The company also has strong offering in the regional language domain with channels such as Zee Telugu, Zee Marathi, Zee Kannada, Zee Bangla, Zee Cinemalu and Zee Talkies. 


Zee TV Campaigns

The campaigns were promoted through across television, outdoors, print and radio. The brand thought of capturing the unbeatable spirit of Indian middle class people and driving the growth of country today. They execute the stories that motivate people to take charge of their destiny as well. 

The motive of Zee channel is to create stories and content, which fuels India’s aspirations. 

The media company has brought private satellite television to India and has 25 years of its operation in India. The new logo of campaign has brand thought “Aaj Likhenge Kal” that has heart-warming father daughter story in a long format brand film. The “Aaj Likhenge Kal” symbolises the choice and decisions of an individual, which determine the destiny and control over their future. 

The channel has an extensive library housing over 80,000 hours of television content. Zee TV released new media campaign that promotes mythological serials. The company use to paint trucks and buses to promote prime time serial telecast. In one month, the campaign of the channel spreads across major cities like Chennai, Calcutta, Bhopal, Mumbai, Lucknow and Delhi. The campaign includes epic Mahabharat Raath, reaching the mass people by road. The new campaign focuses on the new shows and give new look to the channel. The focus of the campaign is to rope the complete family in a place so that they can have some time of togetherness.

The channel get influenced by the progressive marketing campaigns, if people are appreciating such campaigns the it shows that they are willing to watch more powerful and better themes and stories. 

Tamannah, Jyothika (actresses) are the brand ambassadors of Zee TV. They are the first-ever brand ambassador of Zee Telugu and Zee Tamil channels. Advertising experts believe the real objective will be achieved the channel content becomes progressive as the advertising. The strategy of the campaigns is to connect the people with the channel. The progressive marketing channels campaigns will help the channel to walk the talk and create programs, which is progressive and inspiring.



The campaigns of the channels increase the expectations of the viewers and these expectations will put pressure on the content teams to improve their work constantly. Mr. Chandra, the founder of the channel was named “Global Indian Personality of the Year” on 2004 for his effort of making Zee TV channel successful. The campaigns can be small but it is the right step in the direction of increasing viewers.

The campaigns of Zee TV talks about two things; first, the unconditional love of father and about a woman who achieves her dream with her father’s support by defeating the challenges. The serials attracts people that much as they become a part of viewers life. There are attractive stories campaigns that influence the viewers to watch it. 

Zee TV is not about the borrowed glory but is all about the common story that creates a good image among India people so that they watch the channel daily.



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