History & Marketing Strategies of Yardley Brand

Brand Name: Yardley
Founder: Samuel Cleaver 

Yardley or Yardley of London is one of the world’s oldest firms in the world which produces perfumes, cosmetics and, other toiletry products. Yardley received its first Royal Warrant in the year of 1921, after almost 150 years of their inception.

The brand currently holds two Royal Warrants. Indian Conglomerate Company, Wipro currently owns the Yardley brand. The headquarters of the brand is situated in London.


How It All Started

Yardley started its journey with the Cleaver Family of London in the year 1770. William Yardley purchased the firm in 1823 from the founder Samuel Cleaver’s sons and the brand was named after him. The brand was renamed as Yardley & Statham in 1841 when William Yardley’s son took over and chose William Statham as his partner.

In 1951, the name of the brand was changed to Yardley &Co. after its exhibition in The Crystal Palace. In the exhibition, the Yardley & Statham exhibited various perfumes and soaps among which was Old Brown Windsor. This soap is considered to be one of the oldest products of the brand.


After the exhibition, Yardley & Co. kept launching new products. The brand’s signature scent English Lavender was launched in 1873. This perfume was extremely popular among the Victorian People. In the 1880s, it was imported to the USA and did not take much time to become a household name.

The brand had grown extremely popular in the early 1900s and a new shop was opened on Bond Street of London in 1910. Though mainly known for making various products for the women population, Yardley launched English Blazer in 1991, a range of grooming products for men. 


Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind Its Success

Product quality and Variety: Yardley is considered to be one of the leaders in Women grooming products and accessories. The brand has evolved so much over the two hundred years and has introduced many innovations to its products while keeping the quality of the items consistently high.

The brand offers products mainly under three categories such as Bath and Body, Eau de Toilette or light-scented colognes and Body Fragrance. Many of the products under these categories are made with natural fragrances such as Lavender, Rose, Dahlia, Lily, Rhodium, April Violets, etc. As an example, the lavender that Yardley uses to make its iconic perfume English Lavender is specially grown in the south region of England.

Yardley also sells various other products such as body washes, soaps, hand creams, Talcum powders, and body lotions. Because of the natural fragrances as well as a large variety of products, Yardley has risen to fame very easily. 


One of the Oldest: Yardley introduced itself for the first time to the world in the early 1820s. After that, almost 200 years have passed and the women grooming market has changed and evolved a lot. Also, many popular fragrance companies have made their way to the market. But still, Yardley has been one of the household names as no other company or brand could tarnish their popularity.

The main reason behind it is, in their long history Yardley has always been known for its quality products that are available at an affordable price. Also, being one of the oldest in the business, Yardley has made a huge base of reputation. Because of this enormous reputation as well as popularity, consumers always go for Yardley’s products rather than trying other new brands.


Widespread Distribution: Even though the majority of the raw materials for the products are provided from the United Kingdom, Yardley sells its products globally. Many people in various countries of Asia, Europe, America, and Africa use many of Yardley’s products. Yardley also has its own website, from which anyone can easily buy and get access to its products from various platforms such as Android and iOS, etc.

Because of this widespread distribution, the brand has gained a lot more recognition and reputation which helped its products to be highly successful and made Yardley globally popular. 


Long-Lasting Fragrance and Reasonable Price: The products of Yardley are made with genuine ingredients which boost the longevity of the fragrance. Yardley mainly targets women between the age group of 25 to 40. So to make the products more successful, Yardley keeps the price of the products reasonable and quite affordable. 

A product with high-quality and reasonable price will surely attract everyone which will increase the product and brand recognition even more.


Celebrity Endorsement: Indian Multinational Conglomerate Company Wipro has acquired the rights of Yardley recently. After acquiring the rights, Wipro made the renowned Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador for Yardley.

With her, Yardley has captured more eyes of the Indian female population who were previously unknown about the brand. Because of this, the customer base of Yardley has increased even more and the brand has become more successful than ever.  



In the year of 1967, the famous English model and cultural icon Twiggy became the face of Yardley. A lot of new products such as Twiggy Paint, Twiggy Eyelashes were sold along with many other cosmetics products with her as the spokesmodel. In the 1960s, England experienced a youth-driven cultural revolution named Swinging Sixties with London as its centre. Yardley became a symbol of this revolution because of its fashionable products. 

After Wipro took over the brand, famous Indian actress Katrina Kaif was made the brand ambassador for Yardley. After that, the actress has been a part of the brand’s ad campaigns. In 2012, Yardley London launched a campaign after 16 years to support its new body and bath products that appeared in fashion weeklies and women’s monthly magazines. The advertising was launched to assist the brand in driving sales and broaden the customer base.  



After starting its journey with the Cleaver family and then being sold to William Yardley, the Yardley brand has experienced many ups and downs. But still, it is one of the most recognized and popular brands in the whole world. Many other new brands have come to the market and caught the customers’ eyes but one is yet to tarnish the name and the fame of Yardley. With Wipro, the brand has grown more and will keep growing until it becomes the best in the business. 


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