History & Marketing Strategies of Xolo Brand

Brand Name: XOLO
Founder: Lava International 

Xolo is one of the most popular Indian mobile device brands. The brand manufactures numerous types of personal electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and, other electronic accessories such as power banks.

The headquarters of the brand is located at Sector 64 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Xolo was the first mobile brand in India which launched smartphones with Intel processors. The parent company of the brand is Lava International. 

How it All Started

Xolo started its journey in the year of 2012 with the launch of XOLO X900. As of now, the brand not only releases mobile phones with different operating systems but also tablets and power banks. From the beginning, Xolo was more online oriented and still now; the brand releases its products through the online marketplaces. 



The first Smartphone launched by Xolo was the XOLO X900 in April of 2012. This was the first Smartphone of India which featured the Intel processor. The brand later partnered with AMD Company and launched the XOLO Win Tablet. It was the first tablet launched by the brand.

The first 4G-enabled Smartphone of the brand was XOLO LT900 which was launched in 2013. In July of 2015, Xolo launched its first Smartphone with dual camera which was named XOLO Black. The popular XOLO Era series was launched by the brand just a month later. The first Xolo Chromebook was launched in 2015.

Marketing Strategies and the Reasons behind Its Success

Amazing Product Quality: Producing high-quality product is very important for any new brand or company to be successful. Keeping this in mind, Xolo has always manufactured its electronic products with great care and precision. This has boosted the quality of the products and made them last longer than the Smartphones of other brands and companies. As a result, many Smartphone users ditched their old phones and went for Xolo. 

Uniqueness: Since its inception, Xolo has always tried to bring something new to the Smartphone market of India. XOLO X900, the first smartphone launched by the brand, was the first mobile phone in the Indian market which featured the Intel processor. Xolo was also the first brand in India which manufactured the tablets powered by Windows 8.1. The smartphones of the brand are now launched under the Era, Omega, Olay, Black, and Q series. Among these, the Era series is the most popular one among the customers of the brand.

Price: Price of a device is as important as its quality. As most of the Smartphone users in India belong to the middle-class society, Xolo has tried to target them from the beginning. The mobile phones under the Era series are most popular not only because of the quality of the products but also the price. The Black series is more popular among the higher-class society as the phones are priced somewhat higher than the Era series.   

R&D Department: Every brand needs a strong R&D department to become successful in the market which is evident in the case of Xolo. The R&D department of the brand consists of experienced and educated people who are working continuously to improve the quality of the products and trying to make them more innovative. 

Social Media Presence: As this is the era of Social Media, every brand and company is trying to promote its products through various social media platforms. Xolo has acquired a large number of followers on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which has helped the brand to become more popular than its rival brands and companies. Through these platforms, Xolo keeps its followers updated about the new products of the brand. 

Partnerships: The brand has established partnerships with numerous global leaders in the Electronics market such as MediaTek, Broadcom, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Microsoft and AMD, etc. These partnerships have helped the brand to gain more customers as well as exposing it to the International market.

Promotion: Xolo is continuously launching many ad campaigns to promote its products. Most of the advertisements of the brands usually show the numerous features of the products. The brand has also appointed Irrfan Khan as the brand ambassador. Another famous Bollywood actor, Ayushmann Khuranna was also appointed by the brand for the endorsement of its products. This strategy has helped the brand to gain more new customers. 

Availability: Nowadays, most of the people use online markets to buy electronics products. The mobile phones and tablets of Xolo are currently available on all the famous online marketplaces such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. This has helped the customers to get access to the products of the brand quite easily.


Xolo Campaigns

Renowned Bollywood celebrity Ayushmann Khuranna was signed in 2013 by Xolo to endorse numerous products of the brand. In 2014, Xolo signed another famous actor of Bollywood, Irrfan Khan, as its brand ambassador. Working with these two celebrities had helped the brand to gain a large number of new customers. In all its advertisements, the brand has used the tagline of ‘The Next Level’.

In the year of 2014, Xolo announced a partnership with the famous English football club Liverpool. This partnership lasted for 3 years and ended in the year of 2017. As the popularity of football is continuously growing in India, the main aim of this move from the brand was to attract football lovers, especially the fans of Liverpool. With this partnership, Xolo became the first brand of India to associate with a football club. 

The brand has launched several Smartphones by partnering with various online marketplaces. The first dual-camera phone of the brand was launched by partnering with India’s most popular online marketplace Flipkart, whereas the Xolo Era series was launched by partnering with Snapdeal. Both of these were launched in the year of 2015. 


Lava International launched the Xolo brand to bring something new and unique to the mobile phone market of India. Thus, the brand has always tried to understand the needs of the customers and launched its products accordingly. Because of the hard work of the R&D department and the increasing popularity of the products in India, the brand has also started to export its items to the UAE.  

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