History & Marketing Strategies of Woodland Brand

Company Name- Woodland
Founder- Aero Group

Woodland started in Quebec, Canada, and entered the Indian market in 1992. Since then, it has created a name in outdoor adventure sports shoes sector. Currently, it has an asset base of over USD 100 million. 

How It All Started

Woodland’s parent company, Aero Group, is a famous name in outdoor shoe industry. It was founded in 1950s in Quebec. Upon the dissolution of USSR into several independent states, the Aero Group was unable to export its shoes to Russia because of political constraints. It was then that the company started the brand label ‘Woodland’ for the Indian market. Their logo signifies care for the environment, and the company stands by its motto of being eco-friendly.

Their first leather shoe, entirely hand-stitched, was launched and became an instant hit in the market. Till date, it remains one of the highest selling shoe models of the company. In fact, that shoe gave the brand Woodland far-fetched recognition. Since then, Woodland has created thousands of designs, and has become a renowned name in outdoor adventure shoe market. It is a perfect example of how a brand with a solid idea and clear ideology is capable of capturing the market and become successful.


Outdoor adventure shoes were not a fascinating segment in the Indian market in 1992. In order to tap this unexplored territory, Woodland opened its doors for customers in three small shops in New Delhi. Their first model for the Indian market was the G-0092. It was a big hit and continues to remain one of their best-sellers. 

Their products reflect their ideology of being environment-friendly and adopting sustainable practices. Their introductory range of shoes was a clear indication of this approach in their design and colours. The earthy appeal and ambience of their first stores was perfectly in-sync with their ideology. Since then, the company has come a long way, and become synonymous with outdoor adventure gear. Currently, Woodland has more than 300 stores in India, spread across several cities and towns.

Woodland’s marketing strategy and reasons for success

-The brand logo represents outdoors and environment. It successfully reflects the basic ideologies of the company to urge people to go outdoors for adventure. At the same time, it focuses on the underlying objective of the company to use sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This seems to have hit the right cord with the target audience.

Since its inception in 1992, Woodland has come a long way and started manufacturing a wide array of products for men and women. Their diverse offerings include not only footwear, but also apparel and accessories like bags, caps and gloves. In short, they have become a one-stop solution for all outdoor adventure needs. 

-The quality of their products is unmatched. They focus on product quality and ensure that their customers get products worth every penny they spend. Durability of their products gives them a distinct edge over their competitors. Even with heavy usage, their shoes can last more than five years or more. 

-Woodland is very intuitive to their customer’s needs. Their recent foray into manufacturing kid’s wear and yoga range. This clearly shows that the brand is in tune with the latest requirements and trends in the market. 

-Their designs never compromise on comfort. The design and fit of their footwear are the major reasons of their popularity. They are created for the modern audience and their classic yet contemporary designs appeal to youngsters and seasoned veterans alike. 

-Their pricing is quite competitive for their better quality and premium designs. Although the cost of a Woodland product will be higher than average, its comfort, durability, appeal, and finishing would be much better than most other similar products. Thus, Woodland gives a great value for money. 


Woodland’s campaigns

Woodland taps the spirit of adventure enthusiasts with its thoughtful marketing and promotional campaigns. They leave no potential platform untouched when it comes to their brand promotion.  Some of their campaigning strategies are:

  • A dedicated team for handling their social media accounts makes sure that their products are highlighted on every online platform. In addition, they are well-connected to their customers online and very responsive to the comments and suggestions that they receive. 

  • A distinct campaigning strategy for Woodland is their involvement in creating in-store activities. This way, every person visiting their stores gets to interact with their team and learn more about their products and philosophies. By these initiatives, they propagate their motto of conserving the environment and form a connection with their customers. 
  • They can be seen at almost every adventure sports rally or outdoor event, for example, Raid de Himalayas, Rally of Odisha, Coffee Day Rally, Desert Storm, and Royal Rajasthan Rally. By being present at these events, they display their commitment to outdoor adventure and create a feeling of trust among their customers. 

  • Their conventional promotional campaigns cover newspapers and television. With their catchy taglines, festive sales, and other special offers, they manage to catch and retain the attention and interest of their customers. They also promote gender equality by their print and media advertisements in which women and men are the equal focus of their products.



Woodland has not only established a name for itself in the sector of outdoor adventure gear, but has also become synonymous with it. This was possible only because of their clear business plan and 360-degree marketing. Right from their logo that signifies their dedication to outdoor adventure and eco-friendly practices, to the unmatched quality of their products, they have managed to set the bar in the market very high. Their dedication and customer-centric approach is evident in their campaigns and product-quality. It is no surprise that the brand has created a loyal customer base in India. 

The company has managed to create trust in its customers and continues to deliver to this trust. With more than 300 stores spread across urban and semi-urban locations in India, Woodland is expected to grow exponentially in the coming few years. The credit solely goes to their commitment to make premium-quality footwear and accessories. 


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