History & Marketing Strategies of Wild Stone Brand

Brand Name: Wild Stone
Founder: McNROE Consumer Products

Wild Stone is a brand mainly famous for its grooming products such as perfumes, soap, and shaving products. Known for its quality products, Wild Stone is considered to be one of the top three deodorant brands India. 

The products of Wild Stone are targeted for the men population. Because of the brand’s continuous offering of new products its popularity is growing excessively day by day. 


How It All Started 

The brand was started in the year 2005 under McNROE mainly for the middle-class group. The products were targeted for the male group ‘who loves living life on the edge’.  The brand was released with the tagline of ‘wild by nature’. But after a few years, it changed the tagline to ‘barely legal’. The brand’s current tagline is ‘It happens’. 


Since its inception, Wild Stone has marketed itself as the masculine and mysterious brand of India. The brand had started at first as a perfume brand. But after its initial success, it has expanded its wings and started making a variety of other male grooming products. 


Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind Its Success

  • Product Quality: Quality of any product is very important to increase the sell of it. Keeping this in mind, Wild Stone’s products are made with brilliant ingredients which boost the overall quality of the product.

    The better the quality of products, the more the consumers will purchase them. Also, if a brand continuously provides quality products, the trust of the consumer base also increases.  Because of this, the popularity of Wild Stone is growing day by day.


  • Price: With the high quality of a product, the price of it naturally increases. But that is not the case with the Wild Stone products. The brand has always considered adjusting the price of its products so that anyone can buy and use them.

    The target age group of Wild Stone is usually from 16 years to 45 years even though people over 50 can also use it. Because the teenagers are also a part of the age group, the price of Wild Stone products is considerably lesser than many of its rival brands. This brilliant pricing strategy gives the brand a better opportunity to sell its products than other rival companies and brands.


  • Variety: Variety and innovation play a big part in the success of a product or brand. With a large variety of male grooming products, Wild Stone has shown why this idea is absolutely correct. Wild Stone offers soaps, Talcum, shaving products, perfumes, deodorants, etc and the brand also has different collections of these products.

    This large variety gives the audience a freedom to choose the item that is perfect for their taste and personality. This is a big reason for the customers to lean toward Wild Stone than buying any other brand products.


  • Celebrity Endorsement: One of the most famous and successful actors of India, Ranbir Kapoor is the brand ambassador of Wild Stone brand. Because of the enormous popularity of the actor, Wild Stone has made itself known to many consumers who never had bought its products before.

    This move has helped the brand to get more consumers of its products and made them more successful. 


  • Customer Service: The customer service of Wild Stone is extremely active and thoroughly interactive. The customers can send all their queries and complain about the products of the brand between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and everything will get answered instantly. Because of this active nature, the trust of the customers grows which has helped Wild Stone to reach an enormous customer base.



Famous actress Taapsee Pannu had featured in one of Wild Stone’s early yet famous advertisement which was titled as ‘Dil Beimaan Hai’. This ad depicted Taapsee to be attracted to the actor because of the sweet fragrance of Wild Stone.

The men’s perfume category advertisements have always followed the imagery of a man leading the dream lifestyle. Even though Wild Stone started to walk on the same path, but after some time, it has taken a different approach to this. Its new ads are witty and humorous in nature.

One of the most recent campaigns which took the internet by storm is ‘#GoodChoiceSister’. This campaign humorously shows how a man should never use talcum powders meant for women. The consumers of India have gradually evolved and always look for products that suit their personality and style. This campaign was meant to evoke that same mentality but with a witty touch.

The Kunaal campaign is Wild Stone’s most famous and widely recognized campaign. In various advertisements under this campaign, a person Kunaal is shown to attract his boss’s daughter and wife with the fragrance of Wild Stone, resulting in his boss’s jealousy. This campaign was made with the tagline of ‘Lok to notice karenge’. 

With the brand’s ‘JustFriendsNoMore’ campaign, Wild Stone promoted its new range of deodorants. This range included Red, Forest Spice, Ultra Sensual, Legend, Hydra Energy, and Edge. This ad campaign has also showcased all other products under the Wild Stone brand. This ad depicts the transition of friendship to a budding relationship which was possible because of the fragrance of Wild Stone perfumes.  

2019 is the year of the Cricket World Cup and Indians are known for their love towards this particular sport. Wild Stone took this opportunity and turned it as its advantage with a series of fun advertisements featuring the famous actor Ranbir Kapoor. These short ads show how Ranbir Kapoor’s friends from other countries start cheering for India in the world cup after getting attracted by the smell of his perfume.



McNROE started the Wild Stone brand solely for male popularization and its main aim was to become the iconic male fantasy brand. The brand has grown rapidly over the last three to four years and achieved widespread awareness. Wild Stone is now considered to be one of the leading brands in the Indian Deodorant market and has a national market share of 7.4%. With its strong growth across different grooming categories, the brand is definitely set to succeed.


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