History & Marketing Strategies of Whirlpool Brand

Company Name- Whirlpool
Founder- Fredrick and Louis Upton

Whirlpool is a corporation company, based on American multinational manufacturer of home appliances. It’s headquarter is placed in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States and is the world’s largest home appliance maker.

How All It Started

Louis Upton worked as an insurance salesperson before he founded the Upton Machine Company. It was founded on 11 November 1911. Louis’s uncle Emory Upton, owned a machine shop afterwards. By getting an investment of $5,000 from a retailing executive, they started to produce electric motor driven wringer washers.

Their first customer was the Federal Electric division of Commonwealth Edison, who ordered 100 machines at a time, but a fault in gear transmission led them to lose their customer. After the machines were recalled, Federal electric doubled the order and remained their customers for three years. 

In the late 1980s, Whirlpool entered the Indian market being a part of Global expansion strategy. It founded joint venture with the TVS group and established the first whirlpool facility in Pondicherry, manufactured washing machines.


In November 1995, the Whirlpool brand was launched along with a new 310-liter refrigerator. In 1996, Whirlpool Washing Machines Ltd emerged with the Kelvinator India Ltd and the company changed their name from Kelvinator of India Ltd to Whirlpool of India Ltd. The company also provides services in area of product development, to Whirlpool Corporation USA and other group of companies.

In 1998, the company launches range of state of the art non-CFC Frost Free Refrigerators and in 2002, they launched a Magic Cool Series of Air Conditioners both windows and Split type. In 2001, they launched a coffee grinder bag dryer and voltage stabilizer. They did many new categories launches of their existing appliances as well as new appliances. 

Whirlpool’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Product Strategy

Whirlpool provides high quality products as it is associated with commitment towards its consumers to maintain its brand name. The products are designed in such a manner that they are occupy less space and can be operate faster as they are equipped with latest technology. Their qualitative products with energy saving modes make them eligible for “Energy Star Level”.

Whirlpool has various brands working for it like Acros, Estate, Kitchen Aid, Roper and many more. The company also provides many service options to its esteemed customers. The technology of washing machine makes it most trusted branded, which is loved by most of its customers.


Pricing strategy

The company has setup a unit that decides and analyzes the various expenses that incurs during the production and the possession of the goods by the consumer. The pricing policy of the rival business firms helps in determine and set the actual pricing policy of the brand. 

Whirlpool has created a consumer base for its products by deciding competitive pricing policy for some of its products. The company has also gone for value added pricing strategy to realize the importance of brand and high qualitative products to the customer. 


Positioning strategy

Whirlpool has entered in rarest Indian market by grabbing smallest customer. The company has adopted various platforms for its product selling. Apart from direct selling, they have collaborated with some government institutions to provide air conditioning, also with some private organizations, food outlets, companies and much more. It shows a good presence on the e-commerce platform. From customer satisfaction to strong distribution network, Whirlpool has shown more compatibility. 


Promotional Strategy

Whirlpool uses a complete 360-degree communication which ensures a good communication of its products with consumers. Being home appliances brand Whirlpool has always tried to reach the maximum audience through its product’s advertisement. The company has organized many marketing and public relation events like sponsoring for cooking shows, etc.

Whirlpool has invested hugely in social media marketing, as it involves a direct campaign that connects a company to the targeted audiences. The company organized seminars to promote their products by providing related information. They have decided to execute an improved, innovative and visionary promotional strategy. 


Whirlpool Campaign

Whirlpool has specially targeted the females for its products, as they know the importance of homemakers and home appliances used by them. Here are some promotional slogan and campaign helping the brand to spread worldwide; 

“Every Home Everywhere”

A very consumer friendly promotional policy is reflected by Whirlpool, which includes a slogan ‘Every Home Everywhere’. The company is determined to treat every customer with special care and so in order to create and maintain their consumer base they started executing innovative strategies of execution.


Whirlpool has launched ‘#SensingYourWorld’ as an innovative new brand campaign in Italy. This campaign was conducted to listening to their consumers to promote the intuitive nature of its premium appliances. The campaign reinvents the iconic “Goddess” that has become synonyms with the brand. It is shown in the campaign that Goddess is presenting a symbol of 6th Sense Technology, which allows its premium appliances to sense, anticipate and connect to consumer’s lives for providing them the freedom to focus on the things that matter to them most.

Brand Ambassadors

In India, the company has signed famous celebrity couple Ajay Devgan and Kajol as their brand ambassador. The actor and actress are in the various whirlpool advertisements shown all over the television channels and on radio, newspapers, hoardings, magazines and even on the vehicles in rural areas.

Now the company has also signed in actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Kirti Sanon as new brand ambassadors in order to increase the brand affinity among the new age Indians. Being the new brand ambassadors both can also be seen in other upcoming TVCs and campaigns of Whirlpool.


In order to penetrate in new markets, the company has also dropped its product prices as part of various schemes. Over the past decades, Whirlpool has launched a wide range of premium products and innovations, both developed indigenously as well as from the global range. The new range of whirlpools premium appliances is delivering new standards of appliances and aesthetics designs to complement the lifestyle of the young Indians. 

The excellent performance of the products defines the commitment of the brand to delighting their customer with meaningful innovations, global technology and designs. 



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