History & Marketing Strategies of VIVO Brand

Company Name: Vivo
Founder: Shen Wei

Vivo Communication is the Chinese technology company which is under the ownership of BBK electronics which masters in the design as well as the manufacturing of the smartphones and smartphone accessories all over in China, software and online services as well.

The primary job of the company is software development for the phones which is distributed with the help of Vivo App Store. It was first founded in the year 2009 and by the year 2015, Vivo took the rank among the top 10 smartphone makers. It became successful in achieving a market share of about 2.7%.

Vivo has gained extreme popularity in the smartphone industry within a few years of its launching in the Indian market. The models of the brand are extremely popular and have some stunning features which have made it quite popular among everyone.

The competitors Vivo in the market are Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus, Xiaomi, HTC, and Nokia. During the initial stage when the company just launched, it didn’t gain much importance, but with proper strategies and media coverage, the brand became extremely popular in the gadget market.

Beginning of the company

Vivo came into existence during the year 2009 and since it has been founded it got the opportunity of expanding in about 100 countries. Company’s international expansion started in the year 2014 and during this time the company got the chance of entering into the Thai market. Later on, the company made exclusive launches in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

With the launch of its first flagship device X5 Max in the month of December 2014, Vivo made a notable entry into the Indian market. The X5 variant was although one of the slimmest devices during that time, it couldn’t achieve much success during that time due to its price of around thirty thousand.

Right after the flagship launch of X5, Vivo once again came up with the launch of Vivo Y series in the early 2015 and V5 series in the middle of 2015 gave huge fame to the company. Later on, Vivo became the mode of promotion during the IPL cricket league. Due to overwhelming responses from the customers because of the quality and the specifications of the device, Vivo became one of the largest selling smartphone brands after Xiaomi and Samsung.

Launch of the brand

Vivo from the very beginning was into the manufacturing of smartphones in the global market. Later on, for the purpose of additional promotion, IPL cricket league started the promotion of the brand which helped the brand in achieving real recognition in the market. Today the brand is having extreme popularity in the global market.

The devices of the company are extremely good in quality and high in demand. Vivo always emphasized on maintaining the quality of the products by prioritizing the requirements of the customers.

This strategy helped in maintaining the proper customer base. It is true that the company had to face bad times during the initial stage due to pricing and some other issues, but with proper promotional steps, Vivo became successful in winning the popularity among the smartphone industry.

The company then started to gain extreme popularity in terms of mobile specifications and model designs and it started to get feedbacks for promotion in many of the events. Today Vivo sponsors many of the shows, events, and also games. 

Marketing strategies and reasons behind its success


  • Variation in the range of products

Vivo always prioritized on developing of the devices whose specifications will be extraordinary as compared to other popular brands. Due to the increasing demand of the consumers for new specifications and the look, the brand always prioritized on providing unique features and stunning looks to every single model of Vivo.

Even the price point was made so that everybody can afford their products. Some of the close contenders of Vivo like Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung also brings devices which have amazing specifications but with a high price range. So Vivo brings products by keeping in mind the needs and priorities of the customers.

The brand always gave importance to improved specifications, better battery life and build quality which a person mostly looks for while buying a smartphone.


  • Priority on choice, quality, and budget

Although due to the technology advancement people have ideas on what kind of specifications a smartphone must have and other crucial things related to the smartphone market. But still, there are many people who are completely ignorant in this field. There are many local brands which try to copy the designs and the features from the market and fool the people by charging high for those devices. In this way, these local brands try to misguide customers. 

Since Vivo has become extremely popular in the market due to its exclusive features and aggressive price point, the customers started to trust the brand. This strategy helped in maintaining and highlighting the strengths of the brand.


  • Idea on market

It is would be ethical to say that people are not interested in smartphone devices which are coming to the market. In order to maintain the increasing demand and the determination of fulfilling them, the company has always tried to maintain itself with the upcoming technology and improved features. This particular strategy helped the company in acquiring the faith of the people. This helped the company in becoming popular among the smartphone market.



In the matter of advertising and promotion, Vivo has always been active. It has acquired the 360-degree strategy for marketing as well as the promotion of its products with the help of different conventional and traditional medium which are ATL, BTL, print media, television advertisements, and also celebrity endorsements.

The on the ground activity of the brand has made it popular in China as well as India. During the year 2016, the brand paid 200 crores for the purpose of promoting its brand in the Indian Premier League.

The brand also brought some of the famous celebrity faces from the industry like Ranveer Singh and Aamir Khan for the promotion of the brand.  Also, they tied up with Times OOH for the purpose of displaying their smartphones on Mumbai metro media. The idea behind the strategy was to grab the attention of the urban population who are perfect tech savvy as well as price-conscious consumers.


The smartphones of the brand have gained extreme popularity within a few years in the smartphone industry with time due to its promising features, stunning designs and price range. Therefore the company became extremely popular in the global market.


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