History & Marketing Strategies of Virgin

Company: Virgin Group
Founder: Richard Branson and Nik Powell

Virgin Group Ltd. is a multinational venture capitalist and combination of the different business entities of British. This family-owned company is an internationally recognized capital investor brand.

The investment of the company is based on various sectors such as Telecoms & Media, Travel & Leisure, Music & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, and Financial Service.

How It All Started

In 1970, the company has been founded as the Mail Order Record Retailer. Later Richard Branson and Nik Powell established the Virgin Records at Oxford Street, London. After the grand success of Tubular Bells by the 1st Virgin Artist Mike Oldfield, it has received a few more opportunities which allow the company to grab the limelight. 

The company is here today just because of the strong determination, passion and hard work of Branson. It was in 1984 when Branson has founded another way to serve the company on behalf of Virgin and it is the introduction of Virgin Atlantic. 



Virgin is a huge company dominating the world with its number of platforms. It takes time and obtains a master-class kick-start in every kind of business. Virgin is probably the only company which has excelled its experience in all forms to cater to the daily needs of the people. It has started its journey with a recording studio and now providing its first-class services of holidays, cruise tours, hotels, airlines, mobile, and lots more.  

The logo of the company is kept simple with only the letter “V” and as per Branson, it is the indicative mark of the company that depicts the Virgin seal of acceptance. 

Virgin Group’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reason behind its Success

Virgin Atlantic is followed by Virgin Galactic, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Trains, Virgin Limited Edition, Virgin Holidays, Virgin America and Virgin Australia.  

In 1999, Virgin group launched Virgin Mobile, the wireless service available in Colombia, Australia, Ireland, Chile, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, France, etc. As he was interested in social works, Virgin Unite was established in 2004 for dealing with these problems. The company also plays an integral role in addressing environmental problems at the same time.  

Being the global brand, it even associates with a number of environmental programs and sponsors them. Recently, the company has added one more feather to its hat with the launching of Virgin Orbit in Seattle. In fact, it is even included another channel on Virgin TV for broadcasting in the UK and it is named StarzPlay.

-The company is focused on delivering long term service to the people. That’s why it is always looking for capital investment which will be profitable for the long term. Furthermore, the company even wants to improvise the existing sectors. The company remains always ready to collaborate with the like-minded investors for offering better solutions to the people. Three ways investment is preferred by the company – (i) Sector Expertise (ii) Experience of understanding the current market scenarios and (iii) highly skilled management teams.    

-The company always tries to capture new customer, this is an international company and its customers are from various countries. So the consumer belongs in a different kind of market group so the company orchestrates research about its consumer preferences. This allows the company to avail products which are more preferred by the consumers. The company can improve its product quality after getting feedback from the consumers.  

-While it has thought of investing in Virgin Atlantic and other travel sectors, it provides the company with a unique personality. This able it to garner a quick reputation for its services and helps it to stand alone from the crowd. Since then, the company always searches for the uniqueness that will earn its global recognition as it is today.   

-The company always chooses the signified location where the product by the company can meet the consumer. The Virgin Group can deliver its service and products to its consumer at any location in the world within a little time achievable via electronic purchase and corporal delivery the product by using cargo planes.

-In 2017, the group launched its three-year marketing strategy based on the delivering impact in the areas of Communities, People, and Environment. The success of the company attributed to the whole workforce of the company their talents is everyday challenged by the ever-changing customer environment.


Virgin Campaign

To get more and more consumers, the campaign must be prioritized in business, and a successful ad campaign increased the sales and makes more profit for the company. So the promotional campaign plays an important role in the growth Virgin Group too. While preparing for shooting for TVC it focuses on mixing of creativity and tenacity with simplicity  

The first join ads campaign by Virgin Holiday and Virgin Atlantic launched in 2018. The campaign created by AMV BBDO and the holiday portion was painted by the top-notch destination- Las Vegas. On the other hand, the Atlantic portion was showing a surreal experience of traveling with Virgin

Virgin Holidays depicts the fantastic as well as a joyful picture of Disneyland where the fun-filled rides are welcoming your kids. Another demographic is also visualized through this specific TVC ad which is unity. In the ad, it was shown that a place becomes utmost happy destination when unity is there and the ad also shows the people from different backgrounds on the basis of sex, ages, ethnicity and lots more.


Virgin Group is very active in social media; the company has 300k Facebook followers, 153k followers in its Instagram page and 240k Twitter followers 1,753,415 followers in the Google Plus page. The company launched various kind of social campaign on its official website. 

Virgin group has different kinds of portfolios for the different countries and different products. The group also launched its ads campaign in the billboard, newspaper, and magazine. It also promotes shows to create public gathering and make them aware of the service and product it’s provided. 

Being a single business venture, the company has expanded its presence into huge marketing sectors. Thus, currently the company has more than 200 different sectors and its businesses flourished over 20 countries around the world. 


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