History & Marketing Strategies of Tresemme Brand

Company Name- Tresemme
Founder- Edna L. Emme

Damaged, dull and frizzy hair is some of the very common hair problem people face nowadays. It was the Tresseme Shampoo that solved all these hair problems at the very first use. The duet of Tresseme Shampoo and the conditioner is one of leading hair care products in the market today.

Tresemme is a leading hair care product and is associated as an American Multi-National Brand. 

How It All Started

The products of Tresemme were firstly manufactured by Godefroy Manufacturing Company, situated in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. The product was cleverly named with the surname of its founder Edna L. Emme that is ‘Tres-aime’, which means ‘well-loved’. The intention of its manufacturing was to only distribute their products within beauty salons.

The brand was bought by Alberto- Culver in 1968 and after some time it was again owned by an Anglo-Dutch Multinational consumer goods company, Unilever.  



The brand Tresemme was founded by Edna L. Emme in 1948. After-acquired by Unilever, the product line of the brand developed added more products on its list. The brand gets more popularity because of its good quality products that help it to reach the supermarkets and pharmacies of the world.   

Tresemme’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Product Strategy

Tresemme creates products that are suitable for different types of hair that include dry shampoos, crème & milk, mousse, hair sprays, Shampoos and conditioners, and other styling sprays. The major numbers of products are used in hair salons of the United Kingdom, United States, Asia, and Canada. It is used particularly for hair care treatment of hair damage. The products of the brand do not contain any harmful chemicals and for this reason, it is being loved by the majority of the population.

The various types of its products that are named as- Cleanse and replenish, Instant Refresh, Beauty-Full Volume, Perfectly (UN) Done and Keratin Smooth. These products come in a sachet as well as in bottles also. The brand is more concerned to make local as well as an international market base.

Place in Marketing Strategy

The brand has reached local markets as well as the large retail outlets such as Big Bazaar, Reliance, and D Mart. Its distribution channels include wholesalers and sales agents who have employed to promote the concept of the product to reach customers of all over the world.

To lead in hair care product industry, it placed sensitive price of their products so that it should be affordable for the middle class as well as for low-end potential customers. 

Price Strategy

The prices of the Tresemme products differ from place to place according to the customers. The consumers those are living in the Indian border, buy the products at a high price that includes tax rates of the country.

On average, the 600ml costs Rs. 295, the 200ml bottle is about Rs. 135, 100ml costs near about Rs. 68 and 8ml sachet costs Rs. 3. To attract more traders it gives discounts to its retailers as well as customers.

Promoting Strategy

The company has detailed promotion strategy that includes the agents to promote the products all over in India as well as on other countries. They give impressive discounts to the retailers so that they get attracted and stock the product more than they use to stock before.

The promotions of its products are done frequently all through the year but on some special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or New Year; they place new discounts or offers. The brand guaranteed its users that they will always want to use it again and again. 


Tresemme Campaign

In 2004, the company has spent US$17 million on advertisement campaigns. The promotions are regularly done on TV, on print media, PoP Displays and PR activities like events or hair styling fests and sampling promotions.

The company has created a team called “Runway Insiders”, which includes a British Model and DJ Harley Viera Newton, to give a personal point of view to the women and also show them how they can get various professional looks at home. 

Multi-Phase Digital Campaign

In this campaign, the brand follows the backstage activity of Fashion Week Fall held in 2012. The aim of this brand is to engage women with her inside look. This campaign was the biggest digital push for the brand.

This campaign was a long promotional commercial, its first nine episodes focused on Fall Fashion Week and also focused on personal perspective of Nikki Reed, the“Twilight” Star that shows how she is doing conversation with hair stylists and fashion designer. Except for YouTube channel, this campaign extended through some selected sites that appeal 18 to 36 old customers.

A Virtual Hair Salon on YouTube

Tresemme wants to give special importance to make ‘ramp ready experience’ product for its customers. It launched an interactive salon on its YouTube channel. The video shows step by step approach to have ramp ready hairstyles at home.

Global Print Campaign

The global print campaign builds with NYFW partnership and introduced a new visual signature that makes Tresemme fashion focused and high-end product. It helps to reposition the brand by providing tips and inspirations to their customers and also how it creates a look that translates the style from the runway to the street.    

 Brand Ambassadors 

Tresseme has signed Diana Penty, Tricia Gosingtian, and Jacqueline Fernandez as its brand ambassador. The campaigns help the brand to gear up for more products and become more popular. 

Awards owned by the brand

The brand has owned 5 Awards for its products that are Allure Best of beauty Award on 2010, Elle Beauty Award 2011, Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2010, Allure Reader’s Choice Breakthroughs 2011 and Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2011. 



The aim of this brand is for helping women to get salon which gives them home like comfort. Tresemme has propelled the truth that every woman deserves to feel and look fabulous. It focuses more on creating salon-like quality hair care and styling products, which do not have high prices like a salon. They tested their products before reaching the market and inspired products that help customers to create their own hairstyle and experience that feels like salon treatment every day. 

It gives independence, self-reliance, and confidence to step up and meet the next challenge. The brand understands the power of hair that boosts your confidence and so they create such products, which give power to the women to walk tall today. 

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