History & Marketing Strategies of Tide Brand

Company Name: Tide
Founder: Procter & Gamble

Tide is one of the famous laundry detergents in India. This detergent is known for the ability to remove dirt and sticky stains of the clothes. Most of the products from this brand are really effective in regaining the white color of old shirts or t-shirts. Due to its effectiveness, the brand has now become one of the household items of general Indian households.   

With the introduction of Tide, the company offered an effective solution to thousands of Indian housewife for cleaning any kind of stains. Through its several kinds of detergent products, Tide helps Indian housewives in keeping the clothes of her family clean for a longer period of time.   


How it all started

Tide detergent was first introduced in the US market in the year of 1946 as the 1st heavy-duty detergent. This detergent was specifically designed and artificially synthesized for machine cleaning purposes. The brand achieved the country-wide distribution capability on the year of 1949. Right after it was launched, the brand becomes the favorite of the country.

In the year of 1968, the company introduced its brand new Tide detergent that could easily remove stains from your clothes. Following the popularity of liquid detergent in the foreign market, the brand introduces the liquid version of Tide in the US market in the year of 1984. In the following years, the brand continued to develop its product to increase its effectiveness.



In the year 2000, Procter & Gamble launched its world-renowned detergent in the detergent market of India. After its launching in the market, the brand becomes one of the largest Brands by Value within two to three years. In the year of 2006, Tide became the leader of the mid-tier laundry market.  And by the year of 2011, the brand became the biggest brand under the detergent categories. In the same year, the brand became India’s first 1000 crore brand. 

Tide products in India include Tide Detergent and Tide bars. All Indian products have Fabric Whitening Agents that clean the fabric without the need of bleaching them. The brand is one of the oldest detergent brands and could be considered as the world market in 23 countries.  


Tide’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

Correct Target Audience:

In general Indian households, every decision regarding household products are taken by Indian women. Their main priority would be to take care of their family in an effective but in a cost-efficient manner. Understand this point; the company started its marketing policies targeting Indian homemakers. Tide released the washing bars that would provide them the wash quality that they want. The company also released products that would attract the attention of Indian homemakers.

For example in the year of 2009, the brand launched its new products under the name of Tide Naturals. This new product comes with the benefits of lemons and sandalwood extract that would hands soft while giving effective cleaning experience to the Indian homemakers. These made the brand more popular among Indian homemakers. 


An effective solution to the problems:

One of the reasons why Tide became a successful brand in India would be its effectiveness. Due to the unique topographical features of our country, clothes of Indian get dirty very quickly and constant washing damages the fabric.  Therefore, the demand for an effective detergent was in the market for a long time.

Understand the needs and demands, the company launched its detergent that proved to be the solution to problem general Indian household were facing. Its whitening effects on the old white cloths and effective cleaning of color clothes become the reason for its instant popularity among Indian households.  


Attractive packaging of the detergent:

The effective use of packaging is one of the time-proven marketing tools for this brand. Its bright yellow-orange color pattern makes the brand one of the most recognizable brands among all other brands. 

Its packing attracts more attention to the product which increases its popularity among the Indian masses. The brand continues to develop new packaging techniques that would attract the attention of the customers.


Effective segmentation of the product:

Most of the Indian likes to buy cheap to moderately priced stuff for their day to day uses. Understanding this point, Tide segmented its products under several categories. Presently, Tide is available under popular, premium, mid-price and super-premium category. Its affordability has exposed the brand to most of the population across the whole country. This boosted the popularity of the brand even further thus making it one of the most popular brands in India.  


Tide Campaigns

Generally, Tide likes to employee 360 degrees of integrated campaigning for its every product. In one of the recent campaign under the name of #TideWhite, the brand attempts to share the celebratory moment of India. The advertisement would highlight the proud moment of Indian history and promises to make India brighter in his own way. Through the campaign, the brand encourages general masses of India to share their proud moment on social media under the campaign name. 

Another Tide campaign under the name of #TideGivesExtra that features leading actress Anita Hassanandani, Shraddha Arya and Sai Tamhankar went to different stores to promote Tide Plus. Through this campaign, the brand wants to convey that with the help of Tide detergent, homemaker would not only clean the clothes but it would provide extra cleaning along with extra fragrance. In another marketing campaign under the name of #CollarUpWithTide tries to aim at the pride of the Indian women.

In this marketing campaign, the brand collaborated with actress Namrata Shirodkar, Drashti Dhami, Jasmin Bhasin, and Mouni Roy to encourage Indian homemakers to take pride for achieving whitest collar. These campaigns make the brand popular among the general mass of India. 


After the launching of the brand in India was able to create a permanent position in Indian households. Tide has always tried to develop new products that would provide an effective solution to the Indian homemakers for cleaning their dirty clothes more efficiently and easily. With the increase in the popularity of the brand, it has also gained the trust of the Indian people as a leading detergent in the Indian market. And to maintain this trust, the company strives to rediscover itself and its products.  

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