History & Marketing Strategies of Tata Salt

Brand Name: Tata Salt
Founder: Tata Chemicals

Tata Salt is a brand launched by Tata Chemicals who sells iodized salt. It was the first iodized salt brand of India. 

The brand is now considered to be the biggest packaged salt brand of India, with a market share of almost 24%. The headquarters of the brand is situated in Mumbai, India. 

How It All Started

Tata Salt started its journey in the year of 1983, as a part of a movement which was held to counter the iodine deficiency diseases in India. Since then, the brand has received a lot of awards and gained recognition.

Tata Salt was ranked 316th among the most trusted brands in India. But the brand slowly but surely has improved their position since then. The brand had ranked as the 2nd most trusted brand in the year 2015, according to the Brand Trust Report released by Trust Research Advisory.


Tata Salt released their first product in 1983 in India. Gradually the brand has become famous and expanded their business by exporting their products to other countries. As of now, it exports the products to some countries in Europe and the African continent. 


Marketing Strategies and the Reasons behind its Success

  • Famous Parent Company: With a famous and strong parent company, the job of being recognized for a brand gets much easier. This financially strong parent company also helps with the funding for the new brand. This helps the brand to spread its wings more comfortably. The same happened with the Tata Salt. Because the brand was released under Tata Chemicals which is a part of the renowned Tata Group, it was easier for the brand to capture the attention of the consumers.


  • Quality and Price: Good quality of any product helps the brand gain the valuable trust of the consumers. Following this sense, Tata Salt has produced the best quality salt from the beginning of their journey. Even though the quality of the products is high, the price of those has always been affordable. This pricing strategy has also helped the brand get more customers from every class.  


  • First in the Business: Tata Salt was the first brand in India to produce and sell iodized salt. For over 30 years, this brand has sold their products and gained recognition. This strong base of recognition and customer loyalty has enabled it to become the biggest salt brand in India. Being the first one in the business definitely has helped them achieve this grand success. 


  • Experienced R&D Department: The R&D department of Tata Salt consists of highly educated and experienced staffs. Their high experience and education help the brand maintain the high quality of the products. The better the quality is, the more the products get sold. Without a strong R&D unit, Tata Salt could never reach this amazing height of success.


  • Advertisements and Campaigns: All the Tata Salt campaigns and ads are based on improving the health of a person or on the theme of patriotism. One of the biggest campaigns of the brand was ‘Desh ka Salaam, Sarhad Ke Naam’, which was launched to give show respect and love to the Indian army. One of its famous advertisements ‘Ghul Mil’ depicts India’s unity in diversity. It has also released some more campaigns to aware the people of India about some health issues like high blood pressure which is very dangerous and life-threatening for any human being. This kind of campaigns has helped them get more recognition and fame which resulted in getting more and more consumers.


  • Strong Workforce: Tata Salt’s employee base is very strong. More than 5000 employees work under the brand. Because of this enormous strength, it has been easier for the brand to reach the requirements of the products without any issues.


  • Wide Distribution: Without good distribution selling of a product can be very tough. Tata Salt is now available in every store of every city in India. Because of this strong distribution facility, the brand has gained more consumers than its rivals in the salt market.  



In their various advertisements, Tata Salt has claimed to be the salt that represents the whole country with the tagline ‘Desh ka Namak’. The brand has recently released a new advertisement named “Ghul Mil’. This advertisement praises the intact unity of the nation, India, and talks about how people from different background blend with each other and live in harmony just like Tata Salt dissolves completely in the water which confirms its purity. 

Tata Salt has released many campaigns. Some of them are light-hearted and some of them bear a strong message. Tata Salt’s one of the most famous campaigns was ‘Desh ka Salaam, Sarhad Ke Naam”. This campaign was dedicated to the Indian Army Jawans who were performing their duty and protecting the country’s border at Siachen.

Siachen is situated in the north side of India and is known for its cold and harsh conditions. Thus by forging a two-way communication through social media, this campaign captured the gratitude, love, and respect of the civilians for their protectors, the Jawans.

Two Guinness World Records were created by this campaign, one under the category of ‘longest line of postcards’ and the other one under ‘loudest indoor shout’ category. The brand also partnered with the radio station 92.7 FM and started a week-long radio campaign called ‘Big Paigaam’ which panned across over 35 cities in India. 

Other than this, Tata Salt has also launched a campaign named ‘#TakeItLite’ to highlight the brand’s core promise ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh ka Namak’. This campaign was launched to create awareness on high blood pressure or hypertension and the symptoms it comes with. Another famous campaign of the brand was ‘Sehat ki Chuski’ which won two awards at the 31st MAA Worldwide Globe Awards. This gave the brand a worldwide recognition and it gained more fame. 



Tata Salt started their journey in 1983 to produce iodized salt to counter the iodine deficiency diseases. It was a risky journey because Tata Chemicals was trying a new path to expand their business with their salt brand.

Because of the hard work of the members of Tata Salt, it is now the leading Salt brand in the Indian market. They are also expanding their business outside of India and trying to reach the market of other countries. This will make the brand more known and maybe one day it will control the global salt market. 

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