History & Marketing Strategies of Tanishq

Brand Name: Tanishq
Founder: Titan Company

Tanishq, a division of Titan Company, is one of the famous jewelry brands of India. Considered to be one of the fastest-growing jewelry brands, Tanishq is known mainly for its exclusive and unique designs as well as the superlative product quality. The brand offers diamond and gold jewelry ranging from traditional mangalsutras and thalis to modern earrings, bracelets, rings and, chains.

The products of Tanishq can be bought from their stores which are spread across the country as well as from their online stores. The headquarters of the brand is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

How It All Started

Titan Company launched the Tanishq brand in the year of 1994 to earn the company’s own foreign exchange focusing on exports. The first store of Tanishq was opened in 1996 making them the first Indian Jewelry retailed brand.

The start of Tanishq’s journey was not smooth. But after its managing director Xerxes Desai chose Bhaskar Bhat to succeed him, the net worth of the brand started to grow at an excellent pace. By 2003, Tanishq cemented their place among the top five retailers in India, and more than 40% revenue of the Titan Company was made up by it.


The journey of Tanishq started in 1994 with the launch of 18k gold watches studded with expensive stones. But soon the brand grew into a 22k jeweler and offered a brilliant range of diamond and gold jewelry which kept the perfect balance between traditional charm and contemporary appeal.

After getting the success in the early 2000s, Tanishq opened stores outside of India, in the cities of some Middle East countries and in New Jersey and Chicago in the United States. But the stores were closed after a few years.

For Femina Miss India, Tanishq made all the pageant crowns in 2007. It also had launched Mia, a sub-brand especially for the working women in 2011. In 2012, Tanishq reached a landmark after launching its 150th showroom. In 2014, the brand started exporting its products to the United Arab Emirates.

It launched another sub-brand under the name of Rivaah which targeted the wedding segments in January 2017. Another sub-brand named Mirayah was launched by Tanishq in the month of April of the same year. In December 2017, the brand launched the products for men for the first time with Aveer sub-brand.


Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind Its Success


  • Strong Back up: Tanishq is a brand under the Titan Company which is under the famous and influential Tata Group. The brand was launched in collaboration with the Government of Tamil Nadu. Thus Tanishq has a strong backing of not only Tata Group but also the Tamil Nadu Government which has definitely helped them getting the important resources to function without any problems. 
  • Perfect Mix of Products: Tanishq is mainly known for its exquisite wedding and diamonds collection. But that is not it. It also has low-priced daily wear jewelry products which simple but stylish at the same time. This has given the brand an opportunity to reach each and every class in society and made them well known to the people of the country. 
  • Vast Geographical Presence: Tanishq has more than 150 stores in over 100 cities across India. This is actually a huge feat to achieve as a jewelry brand. Because customers usually try to feel the jewelry before buying it. Thus the more the stores of a brand, the more the customers get access to its products. This widespread presence of Tanishq stores has definitely helped the brand to achieve more success than its competitors. 
  • Awards: Over the years, the brand has won many awards for the quality of the products, its designs, also in the categories of marketing. These awards have made them gain enormous reputation which has increased the trust of the customers in India. Because of this trust, most consumers go for the products of Tanishq because they are well assured of its quality, which creates problems for other companies. 
  • Promotion: Without excellent promotional activities a brand cannot reach to the customers as much as possible. Keeping this in mind, Tanishq actively keeps promoting its products through advertisements on TV and print ad campaigns. The brand also has a strong Social Media presence, where it keeps its customers updated about any new products it has launched or will be launching. During the time of various festivities, Tanishq provides gifting options which attract the customers more as festival time is the main shopping time for Indians. 
  • Association with Celebrities: Celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, etc are known to every Indian. Tanishq is associated with them and other famous celebrities. With the support of celebrities, the brand wants to get closer to the audiences and their potential customers. This is definitely working and the proof of it is the ever-increasing customers of Tanishq. 




Tanishq has been very active about campaigning and promoting their products. Their ‘#HeeronMeinHeera’ campaign was creative and educative in nature. With this campaign, Tanishq wanted the customer to set some pointers before buying any diamond jewelry. For promoting its sub-brand Mia, Tanishq made an ad campaign named ‘best at work’ as this sub-brand was launched for the working women.

With the ‘#WomenofGold’ campaign, the brand wanted to inspire women to achieve their dreams by breaking all the stereotypes and challenging every societal norm. Many famous celebrities like Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan and Deepika Padukone have appeared in some Tanishq advertisements.

Swayaham is a brand new collection of Tanishq consisting of gold and studded jewelry which covers regional, non-bridal, bridal, occasion wear, fashion, etc categories. To promote this exciting new collection, Tanishq released an ad campaign which depicts Deepika Padukone reminiscing about the memories of her achievements while going through a keepsake box.  


After its inception in 1994, Tanishq had to struggle at first in the market. But the strong and determined attitude of the members of the brand has made them successful. They have always cared for their customers and provided them products with prime quality at an affordable price.

Because of this attitude, Tanishq is also getting success in the other countries which will help the brand to gain more confidence and release more products with innovative designs. 


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