History & Marketing Strategies of Syska Brand

 Company Name: – SSK
Owner : Mr. Govind Uttamchandani and Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani 

How It All Started 

The SSK Group took off with the support and blessings of Guru Nanak Marketing, a company that is involved in the distribution of T-series Audio cassettes, audio video and CDs systems for the whole of Maharashtra. A strong vision and a stronger conviction made the way for SSK’s growth.

Understanding very early on that diversification is the mantra to success, management team decided to widen the scope of their business enterprises and enter different markets. Today, they have a strong grip in the Electronic Appliances, Mobile, Retail, Variable Data Printing, Agriculture and Real Estate industries. The Group is looking for expansion plans.



Brand Syska was founded on 15th May 2012, and within a short span of time it has been able to create a specific market of its own. Syska means Shree Yogi Sant Kripa Anant. The owners of Syska wanted their brand name to connect with the Almighty and should also be of deeper significance, so the name was derived.

Syska is a well-established and recognised brand that has spread its product presence to various parts of India. It started its operations from Pune in Maharashtra and later established its headquarters over there.

Team Syska is a set of vibrant and skilled pro active employees. The Group’s top management ensures that the company’s workforce is motivated to perform beyond expectations and aim higher. Expertise and enthusiasm are an integral part of the company. The Company is confidently moving towards even greater success with set of skilled team. Syska Group is rapidly expanding and diversifying into various categories.

Syska recently made an announcement about its partnership with Suyin Optronics and Biometronics to set up a first of its kind camera modules factory in India. Syska also entered the wires and cables business and roped in Amitabh Bachchan as the brand ambassador. Syska is in line with government’s mission of Make in India and has made a total investment of over 350 crores to set up manufacturing units in various parts of the country.

Syska led lights is the prime product of the company it delivers new generation lights which is energy efficient and cost effective. Syska LED products are highly energy efficient, brighter and more durable.

Marketing strategy and Interesting Facts behind its Success.



Syska is one of the leading members of LED market in India. It offers features like quality tested products, reliability, durability and aesthetic designs. Innovative products have given Syska a greater competitive edge in the consumer market due to its excellent service, quick delivery and advanced technology. The product is crafted in such style in order meet international standards.



Syska has various manufacturing plants in India and its automatic overseas facility is in Korea. Syska has also marked its presence in international market which include places like Africa, Middle-East, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. It has an extensive and powerful distribution network as it takes help of its parent company to distribute its products.



Syska has superior product quality and fair prices which has helped manage to overcome most of its rival brands. It faces competition from several rival brands dealing in similar products. Syska has adopted affordable pricing policy so that it can gain advantage over competitor in the consumer market. Prices are so affordable that consumer can easily buy it. Moreover, all its products are energy-efficient with a two-year warranty and hence it is beneficial to buy Syska product in the long term as it automatically starts cutting cost price.



Syska is a reputed brand that has adopted intensive marketing policy to create positive visibility in the consumer market. It has launched trendy and informative ad campaigns via print media and electronic that can be viewed on popular channels of television, magazines, radio, newspapers and billboards in highly populated areas. Syska also went social through social media platforms and has launched awareness programs of products via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, its own website. As part of the promotional campaign, the brand offers discounts on product prices at periodical intervals.


Syska Campaigns

Syska is known for creating logical campaigns for its product. Its commercials have such an impact on customer that it has become first choice of the consumers. Few campaigns are mentioned below: –

  1. Syska…Harr Shaam Aapke Naam!

Starring celebrity brand ambassador Mr. Irrfan Khan. The advertisement is currently being aired on television channels and movie screens. The campaign seeks to highlight the unique features of the innovative LED lights introduced by Syska in the Indian market during the festive season.

  1. Syska… Wire less nahin… Wire more!’

Starring celebrity brand ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to unveil their new product. The campaign attempts to highlight the unique features of the innovative product line introduced by SYSKA in the Indian market that will define differenlty the category of Wires. The communication has also already rolled out on news channels. SYSKA launched the teaser on wires and cables in the month of July 2018

  1. Digital Campaign Lit by #LightOfLove

The key objective behind the conceptualisation of this digital campaign was to showcase and spread awareness of love in the form of LED lights. The brand focuses on the root of digital to convey the message strongly among digital audience who spend most of the time on social media and other digital platforms. It ensured that the digital campaign expresses an emotional angle through LED lights and celebrates the love of light, the SYSKA way. The creative script aims to deviate from the traditional concepts of romantic love, it celebrates all forms of love. Syska LED plugged into this emotion with a sweet, heartfelt film that turned the spotlight on the abiding bond between two old friends who have stood by each other through the years.


Syska LED is one of the most trusted LED brand in India. Backed by innovation and latest technology, they are continuously introducing new range of products to meet the needs of the consumers.

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